Worst Roads Survey 2010

Update: see previous post October 30, 2009- Ontario’s Worst Roads – 2009 (CAA Survey)

The Canadian Automobile Association (hereinafter the “CAA”) is conducting its’ annual Worst Road Survey in the Province of Ontario and is opening up the opportunity to Ontarians to participate in this yearly survey. They started developing the Worst Road list in 2003 and have put this list out on an annual basis ever since. This year, for the first time, in addition to the Worst Road survey, where the CAA and the Ontario Road Builder’s Association (hereinafter the “ORBA”) create a list of the 20 Worst Roads in Ontario, they want you to vote on the Best Roads in Ontario as well.

This survey serves as an important tool. We all know of motorists who have suffered as a result of highways, roads or streets in need of repair. Due to the disrepair of Ontario’s highways, roads or streets, motorists are involved in accidents (leading to injuries and deaths) and also suffer minor and major damage to their automobiles.

Everytime the CAA makes this list public, it has the effect of prodding different levels of government (normally the Municipal level) to make the necessary highway, road or street repairs (repair or patch the ruts, cross-cracks or potholes or worse) in order to restore safety to our highways, roads or streets.

The CAA’s definition of “Worst Road” and “Best Road”:

Worst Road– A Worst Road is any road or paved infrastructure, including bridges, which you feel is ‘in need of desperate repair‘. It could have damaging pot holes, need resurfacing or be unsafe and contribute to frequent accidents or a danger to both motorists and pedestrians.
Best Road– A Best Road is again any paved infrastructure which you vote for as being a pleasure to drive thanks to it being congestion free, free of damage to the pavement or curbs, litter free and safe for both drivers and pedestrians.

The CAA is encouraging CAA Members and the general public to vote for the Worst and Best Roads.

Worst and Best Road Survey – cast your Vote

Status of Top 20 Worst Roads 2009

Update: United Counties of Leeds and Grenville decide to go cheap on road repaving option and instead of using liquid asphalt cement (liquid AC), they use the chip-and-seal surface treatment on rural roads.

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