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The purpose of this site is to empower individuals, without any legal training, to successfully challenge tickets they may have received. All information is free of charge and at your fingertips. This site is designed to empower you to FightYourTickets and to win as often as you take up the challenge. Share it with your friends and relatives and help everyone access justice for free!

In order to have the know-how, we must all learn about the system that was invented by different levels of Government (Federal, Provincial, Territories, Municipalities and Cities) to ticket and fine motorists and motor vehicles. Upon learning and understanding the system, it is then possible to challenge your speeding or parking tickets, etc., and to win them every time.

There are three (3) major sections to the site, Tickets, Law and Statistics. The Tickets section is designed to walk you through all the procedures dealing with all motor vehicle tickets received, up to and including a page on Insurance Rates. The second section, deals with the Law and will inform you of the Canadian Judicial System, up to and including Legal Definitions. The last section provides some revenue statistics with respect to tickets and the City of Toronto; although research will show that many cities in Ontario rely heavily on the revenue from tickets to support their expenditures.

The site will be updated as soon as possible when new relevant information becomes available or when established laws or by-laws are modified or deleted or when the Courts change the landscape. Any comments, suggestions, ideas or criticisms are appreciated and will be reviewed. Please read the Terms of Use before undertaking any of the methods outlined on this site.

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  1. A well-researched, helpful website containing experienced content. Author must be, or should be either a lawyer, or paralegal. Extremely well don!

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