Two Day Heavy Vehicle (Heavy Trucks-Rigs) Safety Inspection Blitz

Update: see previous post – August 19, 2010 OPP Targets Trucks (Commercial Vehicles) on Highways, October 29, 2010 Driver Reading Book Charged with Careless Driving, September 9, 2010 Operation Air Brake / Brake Safety Week, December 3, 2009 OPP begin using ALPR, June 27, 2009 Ontario’s “Commerical Vehicle Impoundment Program”(CVIP), March 2, 2009 Truck Driver’s Protesting Section 68.1 of the Ontario Highway Traffic Act – Implemented Effective January 1, 2009

The Heavy Truck Safety Blitz (Commercial Vehicles) will take place, starting this morning at 8:00 a.m.

Toronto Police (54 & 55 Divisions) are teaming up with the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) to conduct a Heavy Truck Safety Blitz at the City of Toronto Works Yard on Leslie Street, south of Lakeshore Boulevard East.

Trucks, Tractor Trailer Rigs, Buses etc., will be pulled over. An MTO Inspector will look at all of the paperwork and make sure it is in proper order. The licence of the Vehicle Operator will be looked at, hours of work, the pre-trip inspection sheet. The roadworthiness of the vehicle will be totally inspected (brakes, tires, lighting, wheel nuts, bolts on the airtank, springs, windows must be clear, load security, etc,. etc.).

It is expected that numerous tickets will be issued during this two (2) day blitz.

This “safety blitz” will take place over two (2) days.  Police will be conducting this heavy truck safety inspection blitz (includes buses) to ensure the driver’s of these heavy vehicles are properly licenced and vehicle equipment is in proper order.

Results of Blitz:

14 Highway Coaches
39 Heavy Trucks
98 Commercial Vehicles

Defective Vehicles (plates seized due to major defects):
–   2 Highway Coaches (one from Maryland, USA)
– 10 Heavy Trucks
– 18 Other Commercial Vehicles


  • 51 Other Defects/Document Offences
  • 32 Operate Unsafe Motor Vehicle10
  • 12 Insecure Loads
  • 10 Permit Operation of Unsafe Motor Vehicle
  • 7 Improper Driver’s Licence
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