TTC To Reduce Service and Raise Fares In New Year

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The cost of tokens will rise 10 cents, to $2.60 and will soon be rationed by the TTC to prevent hoarding and allowing customers to purchase them at the 2011 rate

TTC will be less frequent, more crowded and even more expensive for a ride in 2012.

The TTC decided to have their first town hall meeting on Thursday, November 24, 2011 where people could speak for a full 60 seconds of their experiences related to the TTC.  They were in for an unexpected surprise.

Although the Chair of the TTC, Karen Stintz wanted people attending to be candid, she decided to hold back on the upcoming service reductions to streetcar/bus routes in the new year.  It was only after the details of the cuts were leaked to the public by the Toronto Environmental Alliance, an environmental group, that Stints admitted that their were upcoming cuts, cuts to service she refused to advertise to the public before the town hall meeting.  The plans of Stintz were exposed.

Tokens and passes to use Toronto’s public transit system will cost more starting Jan. 1, while cash fares will remain at $3 a ride.

Toronto Transit Commission members voted for the fare increase Wednesday evening at City Hall.

The cost of a monthly pass will rise five dollars, to $126, while tokens will rise 10 cents, to $2.60.

The TTC said the increase is expected to bring in aproximately $50 million a year, if the transit authority maintains its ridership levels.

More than 70 riders signed up to give deputations against the fare hike and proposed service cuts on Wednesday.

Metropasses will increase by five ($5.00) dollars in price in 2012

Some Routes Temporarily Saved

TTC chair Karen Stintz said earlier Wednesday that lower than predicted fuel costs could save some of the city bus routes slated for cuts — but only for a month or two.

Stintz said low diesel costs have meant $5 million in savings that will be reallocated.

“What that means is that we’ll be able to keep service as it is for the month of January, and then starting [in] February we’re going to look to keep service on our busiest routes,” she said. “So we won’t be able to maintain all the service under the current ridership growth standards, but what we’re trying to do is keep the service during the peak times to be comparable to what it is now.”

The TTC will ensure that streetcars and buses will arrive less often, more crowded and will be more expensive to ride.

Beyond January and February, Stintz said new buses are needed to maintain service.

“We’re going to ask council to increase our capital budget by $45 million so that we can buy the buses that we need,” she said.

Toronto city council will make that decision in January.

All TTC Fares are increasing in 2012, other than the $3 cash fare, which will remain status quo
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