TTC: Passengers Can Now Board Streetcars Through Rear-Doors

Update: see previous post – October 12, 2009 T.T.C’s Fines Increase effective October 12, 2009
Inside the new streetcars that we are still waiting for from Bombardier. TTC Riders can now board  streetcars through the rear doors, via the Proof-of-Payment rules (if asked, you’ll be expected to show your transfer or Metropass or fare of some type). This policy goes into effect today.

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It’s a small but significant change and, a sign of things to come for Toronto transit riders. In a move to speed up service, the TTC will allow streetcar riders to board through any door on all 11 routes every day, around the clock, starting Monday.

But once customers get inside those doors, there are new proof-of-payment (POP) rules and more fare inspectors on the system to make sure they’re being followed.

It’s the same kind of system used by GO Transit and being recommended across the TTC in 2017 when the Presto card is scheduled to be available on all vehicles.

Proof of Payment (POP) is required at all times.
Streetcars are marked with a special POP decal. Proof-of-Payment is required on all streetcar routes – if you can’t prove payment, TTC can issue a summons if you cannot produce proof of payment, and even stiffer penalties will be applied against repeat offenders.

“When you’re on a streetcar you must have proof of payment. You must show a Metropass or a transfer. No matter where you board, if you intend to take the streetcar or any other mode, take a transfer. It is your receipt, your proof of payment,” said TTC spokesman Brad Ross.

“We want people to have that so they’re not subjected to a potential fine,” he said.

The fines for fare violations on the TTC range from $235 to $425.

It is not going to solve the TTC’s crowding issues. But all-door boarding is a quick, cheap means of speeding up streetcars and improving the dignity and comfort of riders, said Jessica Bell of the TTCriders group.

“Every rider has experienced the frustration of not being able to cram into the front of a streetcar, even though they can see space at the back,” she said.

The TTC is overhauling its entire fare system in preparation for Prest and to encourage riders to pay electronically. In addition to POP on all TTC vehicles, the transit board is considering a single cash fare and on- and off-peak fares.

Ross stresses that there will be transition pains. The TTC is looking for an electronic solution for Presto riders who get short-turned on streetcars, for example. For the time being, riders are being told not to tap their cards a second time when they board the next vehicle. The driver on the short-turning car and in the next car to arrive will announce that instruction so no one is charged twice.

Often streetcars bunch up and passengers enter and exit both the front and rear doors of streetcars.
Often streetcars bunch up and passengers enter and exit both through the front and rear doors of streetcars.

How POP will work on streetcars:

  • If you have a Metropass: Board through any door. Your pass is your proof of payment.
  • If you’re using cash, tickets or tokens: Board through the front door and pay your fare. Be sure to get a transfer. It will be your proof of payment.
  • The TTC tentatively expects to have all its streetcars equipped with Presto readers by Dec. 17 or the end of the year at the latest. If you’re using Presto, board through any door and tap your card on a reader. If you’re transferring to a bus, take a transfer, because it will be another year before buses are Presto-ready. If you’re transferring to a second streetcar, tap your card when you board the second car. It will register only one payment for the entire trip. Fare inspectors carry handheld card readers to check that Presto users have paid.

Property of Ontario Motor Vehicle Tickets

Watch our Proof-Payment video on YouTube this YouTube video will open in a new window. to learn about how to use POP in our system.

Proof-of-Payment is any of the following:

  • Valid Transfer
  • Metropass
  • Weekly Pass
  • Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Weekly Pass
  • Day Pass
  • E-Ticket
  • Convention Pass
  • Validated TTC Ticket
  • PRESTO card (after tapping when boarding)

Customers with POP can board through any door. Customers paying with tickets, tokens or cash should board through the front doors and get a transfer.

PRESTO customers transferring between streetcar and subway should tap when boarding the streetcar and again on entering the station. One fare will be charged.

PRESTO customers transferring between streetcars should tap when boarding each streetcar. One fare will be charged.

PRESTO customers whose journey includes bus transportation will require a transfer. Customers should board at the front door of the streetcar, tap and take a transfer.

Customers riding the new streetcars can board at any door, pay their fare at a Fare and Transfer machine and get their POP receipt.

Proof-of-Payment is required on all streetcar routes.

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