TTC chair Karen Stintz Pleads Guilty to Stop Sign Ticket

Update: see previous post – June 28, 2013 TTC: Chairperson Karen Stintz Fighting Traffic Ticket for Running Nonexistent Stop Sign on Bike

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The Chairperson of the Toronto Transit Commission plead guilty to running a stop sign.
The Chairperson of the Toronto Transit Commission, plead guilty to running a stop sign.

TTC chair Karen Stintz fought the law and the law won.

The Toronto Sun has learned Stintz pleaded guilty Monday to failing to stop for a stop sign on her bike. The Toronto councillor had insisted she would fight the infraction when police issued her the ticket in June.

Stintz initially thought she could battle the $110 Highway Traffic Act violation because the intersection written on the ticket didn’t have a stop sign.

But Stintz confirmed she pleaded guilty to an amended charge and received a suspended sentence in Old City Hall on Monday.

“The officer admitted in a written statement that there was no stop sign at the intersection where he gave me the ticket but he claimed that he had evidence that showed me going through two additional stop signs,” Stintz told the Sun on Tuesday.

“The prosecutor that they hired from Vaughan — they brought in an outside prosecutor — threatened to withdraw the ticket that they issued (for) Duplex and Berwick and issue me two new tickets that I would then have had to get a new (court) date, hire a lawyer, defend myself and again taxpayers’ money would have had the outside prosecutor come back from Vaughan to fight it.

“We agreed in the interest of just moving forward that I pleaded guilty to an amended charge with a suspended sentence.”

The charge now says she blew a stop sign at Duplex and Anderson Aves.

Because it was a suspended sentence, Stintz won’t have to pay the $110 fine that was on the original ticket.

On June 27, when she got the ticket, Stintz took to Twitter and encouraged Toronto Police to to focus on drivers blocking transit lanes rather than cyclists on residential streets.

On Tuesday, the Eglinton-Lawrence (Ward 16) councillor didn’t offer up any more advice on Highway Traffic Act enforcement.

“I am pleased with the vigour in which the police enforce the bylaws of this city and I trust that they will enforce those bylaws equitably to all,” Stintz said.


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