Tragic Accident on Christmas Eve, Results in Death of 37 Year Old Mother of Three on Christmas


On Christmas Eve, 37 year old Jennifer Salandy was visiting her Grandmother, who had suffered a heart attack the night before and was recovering at the Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket, Ontario.

She left the hospital at around 3 p.m. and proceeded to the hospital’s East parking lot, where she was exiting to see her husband, Winston and three (3) young, ages eight (8), six (6) and four (4).

Jennifer Salandy was driving a Pontiac Montanna van at the time that she attempted to leave the hospital’s parking garage. To leave the garage in her van, she had to scan her parking ticket at the exit of the hospital’s parking lot.

The driver’s window of her van wasn’t functioning properly, so she opened her door on the van and got out enough to stick her ticket in the machine. It was at this time that her foot apparently left the brake pedal and her van rolled forward.

The door that was open on her van, hit a cement pole and she found herself stuck between the door of her van and the van. Her neck was trapped which had the affect of suffocating her.

Someone passing by witnessed this scene and immediately contacted the York Regional Police.

Medical attempts were made to save her life, however the injuries were severe that she passed away (as a result of a catastrophic brain injury) approximately twelve (12) hours later on Christmas Day at approximately 3:15 a.m.

A funeral service will be held for Jennifer Salandy on Wednesday in Newmarket, at the Taylor Funeral Home at 524 Davis Drive.

Update: December 26, 2010 – Trust fund set up for kids of woman crushed in hospital parking lot

Update: December 27, 2010 – Family stricken as their ‘angel’ killed

Update: December 27, 2010 – A similar type of “accident” occurred in November, 2010 in Toronto

Update: December 28, 2010 – Mom of three killed in freak vehicle mishap

Update: December 31, 2010 – Trust Fund announced for Salandy children.

Southlake Regional Health Centre President and CEO Dan Carriere
vows to read the official report from the York Regional Police and take action if changes can be made to prevent a future tragedy in the hospitals’s parking garage; like the one that led to the death of Jennifer Salandy.

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