Toronto Police Parking Enforcement Officers Expected to Meet Daily Quota


Parking Enforcement Officer eyeing cars with the goal of ticketing them

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We’ve always known that Toronto Police parking enforcement officers working under the Toronto Police Service are under pressure to issue parking tickets, everyday on every street in Toronto.

There’s making your quota and “making your quota” – according to the exemptions there are a number of situations, in which parking tickets are issued by Toronto’s Parking Enforcement Officers and in which the tickets are eventually cancelled.

It has been revealed that parking enforcement officers have a daily quota.  The quota, which varies, requires parking enforcement officers to issue so many tickets on a daily basis, during their shifts.

One parking officer said he had to write 57 tickets a shift and would target any vehicle to meet this standard.

Parking Enforcement Officer issuing parking ticket

Some parking enforcement officers are more creative than other ones.

These officers already know that certain vehicles, in certain situations, are exempt based on the city’s parking cancellations guidelines.

Certain other vehicles, are exempt from the parking tickets they issue.  Here is one set of vehicles that are most often provided an exemption, even after the parking ticket is issued:

Official Vehicles and Utility Vehicles
(includes Canada Post, Bell Canada, cable companies, public utilities and communication companies and most City of Toronto vehicles)

There is no legal exemption for this. However, Parking Tag Operations may consider withdrawal of parking infractions 1, 2, 5 (excluding rush hour) and 6 and do,  if the parking infraction is accompanied by a work order and a letter from a management official on letterhead explaining that the vehicle was being operated by a staff member while performing duties for the company and that no other parking was available, and the situation was of an emergency nature. Note: Official vehicles and utility vehicles are required to park legally whenever possible.

The quota's imposed upon parking enforcement officers, make it easy for some officers to be more overzealous than others.

In order to meet their quotas, parking enforcement officers will issue parking tickets to these vehicles, all the time knowing are exempt; but in this way they can report to their supervisor that they have issued the correct amount of parking tickets on their shift and have fulfilled the quota imposed upon them.

Issuing tickets to vehicles that are known in advance to be exempt, is a great way to meet the daily quota’s imposed on these Toronto Police parking enforcement officers by the Toronto Police Services.

The City of Toronto issues approximately 3 million parking tickets a year (most of those issued by Toronto police parking enforcement officers), which generates about $80 million dollars in revenue for the city each year.



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