Toronto Police Paid Duty for Construction Jobs To Discontinue

Update: see previous post – September 21, 2010 CRA review Toronto Police’ “Paid Duty” and “Free Parking”

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Paid Duty at a Construction Sites was voted out by City Council on Sept. 26/11

In 2009, Toronto police worked 40,919 paid duty assignments, earning $65 an hour taking in $29 million dollars in the paid-duty program.  Construction companies at 19% was the largest client of the Toronto police (the Toronto Police Association runs this paid-duty program).

Based on the number of complaints that the City of Toronto received, City Council voted to end this (paid duty for Construction jobs) on September 26, 2011 by a 44-1 vote, to end police paid-duty at construction sites.  Off duty police will no longer receive $195.00 or $220.50 or $246.00 or $252.00 to stand in front of a construction site when council’s decision is implemented.

Paid Duty Officers are hired on an hourly basis, with a three (3) hour minimum; i.e. even if required for only one (1) hour, the minimum of three (3) hours pay will be paid.

Police receive anywhere between $65 to $84 an hour, for a minimum of 3 hours, to stand at construction sites.











The current hourly rate of pay (subject to change by the Toronto Police Association at anytime) is:

Constables$65.00 (minimum $195.00)
(All classifications)
Sergeants$73.50 (minimum $220.50)
(When in charge of 4 or more police officers)
Staff Sergeant$82.00 (minimum $246.00)
(When in charge of 10 or more police officers; a Police Sergeant and a Staff Sergeant will also be required.)
Staff Sergeant$84.00 (minimum $252.00)
(When in charge of 15 or more officers; a Police Sergeant and a Staff Sergeant will also be required and the Staff Sergeant will be paid at $82.00 per hour rate.)


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