Toronto Parking Tickets: City Can’t Collect on Out-of-Province Licence Plates

Update: see previous posts – March 6, 2011 Toronto Parking Tickets – City of Toronto’s Auditor’s 2010 Report, June 8, 2010 Drive Away Parking Tickets, February 1, 2010 Toronto wants to Rake in Millions from Motorists, April 18, 2009 Parking Tickets issued to non-residents of Ontario cannot be collected by the City of Toronto,

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If this tour bus, with a New Jersey licence plate, was parked in front of a fire hydrant and received a $100.00 parking ticket, the City of Toronto would have no way of collecting on this $100 fine, if the company didn't choose to voluntarily pay the fine.

Of about 115,000 tickets given to cars with out-of-province plates last year, only 15 per cent were paid. That dismal rate costs the city about $3 million per year.

  • Total fines racked up by Top 24 out-of-province drivers (2008 to August 2012): $592,070
  • Fines racked up by the Top 10 out-of-province drivers, and where they’re from (2008 to August 2012):

1. New York: $36,735 (1,088 tickets)

2. Alberta: $35,980 (1,062 tickets)

3. Florida: $33,965 (1,053 tickets)

4. Quebec: $33,685 (692 tickets)

The City of Toronto will not be able to collect on the unpaid fine of $30, if this out-of-province licence plate (Quebec) owner, neglects to pay the parking ticket issued for "Park - Fail to Display Receipt In Windshield".

5. Quebec: $32,075 (782 tickets)

6. New Brunswick: $29,455 (837 tickets)

7. British Columbia: $29,355 (754 tickets)

8. Alberta: $28,505 (944 tickets)

9. Illinois: $27,730 (779 tickets)

10. Illinois: $26,620 (816 tickets)

  • Tickets given (2008 to July 2012) for having a “For Sale” sign in the window of a vehicle parked on the street — a little-known $15 violation: 2,042.
  • Tickets given in 2011 for parking in a front yard without a permit (a bylaw meant to protect green space and on-street spaces): 452, up from 13 in 2008.
  • Tickets given in 2011 for parking in a fire route: 25,098, down from 36,824 in 2008.

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