Toronto: Invest in Infrastructure for Cyclists


Bike lane on Sherbourne Ave south of Bloor.
Bike lane on Sherbourne Ave south of Bloor.

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Almost two-thirds of Toronto residents think the city should invest in bicycle infrastructure downtown, a new poll reveals.

The Forum Research poll provided exclusively to the Toronto Sun, found only around one-third of those polled cycle in the city but more than 60% think the city should spend cash on separated lanes on major streets and other bike roadwork.

The poll — conducted between May 1 and May 5 — also found around 50% are opposed to licensing cyclists while 40% agree with the idea and 10% don’t know yet.

40% of those surveyed agreed that cyclists should be licensed.
40% of those surveyed agreed that cyclists should be licensed.

“While relatively few use their bikes as primary transport, Torontonians recognize the importance of having a mix of transportation modes in this city, including bicycles, and even those who don’t ride have an interest in bike infrastructure,” Forum president Lorne Bozinoff said in a statement.

Here’s a rundown of the bike poll:

On bikes:

“Do you agree or disagree bicyclists should be licensed in the city?”

  • Agree – 40%
  • Disagree – 50%
  • Don’t know – 10%

“Do you agree or disagree the city should invest in more bicycle infrastructure downtown, including separated lanes on major streets?”

  • Agree – 61%
  • Disagree – 33%
  • Don’t know – 7%

“Do you ride a bicycle in the city?”

  • Yes – 32%
  • No – 68%


On your bike ride (answers from those who bike in the city):

“Do you commute to work or school by bicycle in good weather?”

  • Yes – 44%
  • No – 56%

“How often do you ride a bicycle in good weather?”

  • Every day – 8%
  • Several days a week – 27%
  • Once or twice a week – 31%
  • Less often than once a week – 25%

The poll was an interactive voice response telephone survey of 822 Toronto residents. Forum considers the results accurate +/-3%, 19 times out of 20.

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