The McGuinty Liberals have been busy!


The Ontario Government has been very busy of late, proposing changes to the Highway Traffic Act and the Provincial Offences Act. Other changes have already taken effect, which were not advertised by the McGuinty Government.

February 20, 2008 The Safer Roads for a Safer Ontario Act, 2007 (Sections 14 & 15 came into effect on February 20, 2008 and as a result, subsection 50.2 and 55.1were amended to allow for vehicle forfeiture orders under the Civil Remedies Act, 2001. This shall allow the Government to seize your vehicle if you have had your licence suspended two (2) or more times in the previous ten (10) years for an alcohol related driving offence.

Sections 21 and 22 which came into effect the same time that The Safer Roads for a Safer Ontario Act on October 13, 2007. Section 172 (subsections 1- 21) was amended to include harsh penalties for street racing, which includes an administrative licence suspension and roadside impoundment of the vehicle (s) involved in the racing, larger fines and longer suspensions upon conviction. See new Regulation 455/07 (Races, Contests and Stunts).

June 18, 2008 The Government Efficiency Act, 2002(see Schedule “P”). Sections 12 and 17 came into being, Section 32 was amended which does away with the air-brakes endorsement requirements and now require specific endorsements to drive certain types of vehicles under certain circumstances. The Government Efficiency Act, 2002 received Royal Assent on November 26, 2002. This Act served as an omnibus Act, modifying, amending and repealing several pieces of Ontario Provincial legislation.

October 13, 2007Bill 203 Safer Roads for a Safer Ontario Act, 2007.

The Legislative Assembly of Ontario gave Royal Assent to Bill 203 which is now in effect and has been enacted Chapter 13 of the Statutes of Ontario 2007.

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