T.T.C’s Fines Increase effective October 12, 2009


During a horrific recession, one of the worst ever experienced in Ontario, the TTC quietly, without any loud advertisements or fanfare, dramatically raised all the Set Fines (by doubling them or higher) on January 21, 2009. Those hugely increased fines/tariffs will be implemented, and imposed on riders, beginning today.

TTC By-law No. 1.  Amended TTC By-Law No.1 Update (Revised – January 21, 2009). The last time the By-Laws were updated by the TTC were fifteen (15) years ago.

Last year the Toronto Transit Commission’s (the T.T.C) Special Constables issued about five (5) thousand tickets, which resulted in the collection of  $600,000.00 in fines (mostly for smoking infractions, of which there were 937 charges laid);  the other most common infractions were for entering a station illegally, failing to pay the proper fare and littering.  Based on last year’s numbers, and the sharp increase in its’ fines, it stands that the T.T.C may rake in close to a million dollars in 2010 for the City of Toronto.  The monies collected on these fines (Part 1 matters under the  Provincial Offences Act) are allocated to the City of Toronto, not the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC).

Anyone observed smoking anywhere on TTC property, even in open-air stations like the Scarborough Town Centre Station or Kennedy Station or outside on bus platforms or in any street bus shelter, or at the end of a streetcar or buse “loop” where the vehicle turns around at the end of the line or you can expect to receive a fine (due to a contravention of Section 3.32 of By-law No. 1) totalling $ 235.00 (at Ontario’s minimum wage rate of $9.50 per hour, that would be equivalent to 24.73 hours or slightly in excess of three (3) days work).

Based on the huge increases in the fines, there will be alot more court dates and trials being sought by riders on the TTC. Apparently the economic reality facing riders in Toronto, has not curbed the enthusiasm of the Toronto Transit Commission, who made the conscious decision to raise the fines, most over 100%. For instance, smoking went from $95.00 to $195.00; altering a ticket or a pass (Alter Fare Media) previously attracted a fine for $ 75.00,  the fine has been increased to $ 345.00 (with the victim fine surcharge and court fee = $ 425.00). In a four (4) year period, between 2004 and 2008, 726 charges were laid for fare-related infractions.

It must be noted that it will be the duty of the TTC’s 103 “Special Constables” who earn approximately $ 70,000.00 a year to enforce the transit rules and to issue infraction tickets in relation to a breach of the TTC By-Laws (as well as the 36 Toronto Police Officers who patrol TTC property). The TTC announced on January 29,2009 that it has a six (6) year plan that includes hiring an additional 73 Special Constables by 2011. In theory, these Special Constables are suppose to reasonable in their approach and to exercise their discretion and not to issue a ticket for a violation of a TTC By-Law, unless the passenger has been given a direct order to correct his/her behaviour to comply with the By-law, and refuses to immediately comply with the direction of the Special Constable. Other TTC employees (transit drivers (subway, bus & streetcar), fare/ticket collectors and operators, supervisor’s, maintenace workers, administrative staff etc.) will not be expected or called upon to enforce the transit rules and/or regulations or to issue infraction tickets.

I have prepared a list of offences and the set fines associated with each and each is numbered from 1 to 59. The minimum fine now levied is $195.00 and the maximum fine is $ 495.00. Here is the breakdown of the set fines:

There are 3 fines of $ 495.00 (see No.’s 18, 52 & 56)
There are 17 fines of $ 345.00 (see No.’s 2,3,4,5,6,8,10,13,14,17,29,30,31,34,49,58 & 59)
There are 38 fines of $ 195.00 (see No.’s 1,7,9,11,12,15,16,19-28,32,33,35-48,50,51,54,55 & 57)

In addition to the Set Fine, each fine will then have the Victim Fine Surcharge added on to it and, in addition the Court Fee of $5.00 will be added on top, which will provide the total amount payable (alot more than just the fine):
The $ 195.00 offence will in fact cost the rider a total of $ 235.00
The $ 345.00 offence will in fact cost the rider a total of $ 425.00
The $ 495.00 offence will in fact cost the rider a total of $ 610.00

Here is the Schedule “B” – Toronto Transit Commission – PART 1 of the Provincial Offences Act – By-Law No.1 : Regulating Use of the Toronto Transit Commission transit system:

Various TTC Infractions and the corresponding Set Fines:

1. Refusal to Pay Fare = $ 195.00 Fine
2. Alter Fare Media = $ 345.00 Fine
3. Travel with Altered Fare Media = $ 345.00 Fine
4. Alter Identification Card = $ 345.00 Fine
5. Travel with altered Identification = $ 345.00 Fine
6. Invalid Fare Media = $ 345.00 Fine
7. Failure to comply with conditions of use of Fare Media = $ 195.00 Fine
8. Invalid Identification Card = $ 345.00 Fine
9. Failure to comply with conditions of use of Identification Card = $ 195.00 Fine
10. Failure to surrender Fare Media or Identification Card = $ 345.00 Fine
11. Obtain more than one transfer = $ 195.00 Fine
12. Improper use of Transfer = $ 195.00 Fine
13. Unauthorized sale, exchange or give away of Transfer = $ 345.00 Fine
14. Unauthorized sale or attempt to sell Fare Media = $ 345.00 Fine
15. Allow animal on transit system during prohibited times = $ 195.00 Fine
16. Failure to control animal on transit system = $ 195.00 Fine
17. Enter or exit transit system through non-designated entrance or exit = $ 345.00 Fine
18. Unauthorized crossing or entering upon subway tracks = $ 495.00 Fine
19. Project body beyond platform edge or platform safety markings = $ 195.00 Fine
20. Improper Operation of Motor Vehicle on TTC Property = $ 195.00 Fine
21. Operation or storing of unplated vehicle on TTC Property = $ 195.00 Fine
22. Roller-Skating, In-line Skating or Roller-Blading on TTC Property = $ 195.00 Fine
23. Wearing Roller-Skates or In-line Skates in or on TTC Property = $ 195.00 Fine
24. Unauthorized use of bicycle on TTC Property = $ 195.00 Fine
25. Unauthorized Object  (bicycle, ski,ski poles,sleigh,tobaggan or other large object) on TTC Property during    prohibited times = $ 195.00 Fine
26. Bring or attempt to bring internal combustion engine vehicle on TTC Property = $ 195.00 Fine
27. Failure to comply with posted sign = $ 195.00 Fine
28. Failure to comply with painted markings = $ 195.00 Fine
29. Failure to comply with instructions of a proper authority = $ 345.00 Fine
30. Obstructing or interfering with a proper authority = $ 345.00 Fine
31. Providing false information to a proper authority = $ 345.00 Fine
32. Unauthorized display or sale of written or printed material on TTC Property = $ 195.00 Fine
33. Unauthorized sale or attempt to sell or solicit on TTC Property = $ 195.00 Fine
34. Unauthorized recording for commercial purposes = $ 345.00 Fine
35. Placing foot or feet, laying on or soiling a seat of a vehicle = $ 195.00 Fine
36. Lying down on TTC Property = $ 195.00 Fine
37. Litter on TTC Property = $ 195.00 Fine
38. Failure to properly dispose of waste on TTC Property = $ 195.00 Fine
39. Failure to wear shoes, boots or sandals on TTC Property = $ 195.00 Fine
40. Unauthorized use of digital or audio device = $ 195.00 Fine
41. Loiter on TTC Property = $ 195.00 Fine
42. Cause a disturbance on TTC Property = $ 195.00 Fine
43. Urinating, expectorating or defecating on TTC Property = $ 195.00 Fine
44. Improper language or gestures on TTC Property = $ 195.00 Fine
45. Behaving in indecent or offensive manner on TTC Property = $ 195.00 Fine
46. Shining light on operator or passenger = $ 195.00 Fine
47. Fighting on TTC Property = $ 195.00 Fine
48. Interference with ordinary enjoyment of transit system = $ 195.00 Fine
49. Interfere or obstruct operator’s control of vehicle = $ 345.00 Fine
50. Travel on exterior of vehicle = $ 195.00 Fine
51. Leaning out of window in a vehicle = $ 195.00 Fine
52. Unauthorized use of transit system equipment = $ 495.00 Fine
53.  —————-    Blank   ———————–
54. Holding or forcing a vehicle door open = $ 195.00 Fine
55. Delaying the closing of a vehicle door = $ 195.00 Fine
56. Improper use of passenger assistance alarm = $ 495.00 Fine
57. Smoking on TTC Property = 195.00 Fine
58. Possession of a weapon while on TTC Property = $ 345.00 Fine
59. Possession of any dangerous thing, object or material while on TTC Property = $ 345.00 Fine

In accordance with TTC’s By-Law No. 1, any passenger or rider that acts contrary to the following Code of Conduct will be fined, in accordance with the 58 listed Set Fines above:

Section 3. Conduct on Transit System (this section can be found in the revised TTC By-law No. 1. )

3.1 No person shall:

a) travel on the transit system with an animal during peak hours; or

b) travel on the transit system during non-peak hours with an animal unless the animal is:

i) on a leash and in the control of the person provided that the animal does not inconvenience or jeopardize the safety of other passengers or TTC employees; or

ii) in an enclosed container that remains secured at all times while on the transit system provided that the animal does not inconvenience or jeopardize the safety of other passengers or TTC employees.

3.2 Section 3.1 does not apply to prohibit a guide dog or service animal from accompanying any passenger with a disability provided that the guide dog or service animal remains under the control of the passenger at all times while on the transit system.

3.3 No person shall enter or leave TTC property except through a designated entrance or exit, as the case may be.

3.4 No person shall cross or enter upon any subway tracks on TTC property, unless instructed to do so by a proper authority or in the case of an emergency.

3.5 Every person shall remain a safe distance behind the platform edge or, if marked, the platform safety markings until it is safe to enter the TTC vehicle. For greater certainty, no person shall encroach, enter or cross an area beyond a platform edge or, if marked, the platform safety markings until such time as it is safe to enter the TTC vehicle or upon the direction of a proper authority.

3.6 No person shall operate a motor vehicle on TTC property except upon roadways, parking areas or any other areas designated for use by motor vehicles.

3.7 No person shall operate, park or store an unplated vehicle, save and except for a TTC vehicle, on TTC property.

3.8 No person shall roller-skate, in-line skate or skate-board in or on TTC property.

3.9 No person shall wear roller-skates or in-line skates while in or on TTC property.

3.10 No person shall operate a bicycle on TTC property except on the portion of the TTC property consisting of a roadway which is intended for public use for the purpose of arriving at or departing from TTC property.

3.11 No person, unless otherwise authorized, shall:

a) save and except as permitted in accordance with Section 3.10, bring or attempt to bring in or on TTC property a bicycle, skis, ski poles, a sleigh, a toboggan or other large object which may inconvenience other passengers or jeopardize the safety of other passengers or TTC employees:

(i) during peak hours; or

(ii) during an emergency as determined by a proper authority;

b) bring or attempt to bring a vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine into a TTC subway station.

3.12 Notwithstanding Section 3.11(a)(i):

a) a person may transport the bicycle on a bus at any time provided that the bus is equipped with a bicycle rack and the person properly secures the bicycle to the rack: and

b) a person may, without riding or pedalling, walk the bicycle while on TTC property to and from a bus at any time;

3.13 No person, unless otherwise authorized, shall do any act in contravention of instructions,

a) on any sign erected on TTC property;

b) on any painted markings on TTC property; or

c) of a proper authority who considers them necessary to,

(i) ensure orderly movement of persons;

(ii) prevent injury to persons;

(iii) prevent damage to TTC property;

(iv) make available a seat in the designated priority seating area to a person who is disabled or has a physical limitation requiring priority seating; or

(v) permit proper action in an emergency.

3.14 No person shall wilfully obstruct or interfere with a proper authority in the performance of his or her duties or the exercise of his or her rights, powers and privileges under this by-law.

3.15 No person shall knowingly provide any false information in any statement, whether in writing or otherwise to a TTC Special Constable or a peace officer investigating an offence under this by-law or any by-law of the TTC.

3.16 No person shall:

(a) display, offer, distribute or place handbills, signs, notices or any form of written or printed matter on or in TTC property without authorization.

(b) shall sell or attempt to sell any merchandise, article or other thing or solicit members of the public for any purpose on TTC property without authorization.

(c) Subsections (a) and (b) do not apply to any person or corporation operating an undertaking, occupation or business on TTC property pursuant to an agreement with the TTC.

3.17 No person shall operate any camera, video recording device, movie camera or any similar device for commercial purposes upon the transit system without authorization.

3.18 Nothing in this by-law prohibits the posting of signs, official notices and information or the use of any camera, video recording device, movie camera or any similar device on TTC Property by the TTC or anyone authorized by the TTC.

3.19 No person shall:

(a) place his or her foot or feet on a vehicle seat or lay thereon any object or substance that may soil it; or

(b) lie down on a bench, seat or floor of any TTC property.

3.20 No person shall litter or deposit any household, industrial or commercial waste in or on TTC property, unless otherwise authorized.

3.21 All waste, litter and refuse, including recyclables, shall be placed in the proper containers for such purpose located on TTC property.

3.22 Every person while on TTC property shall wear shoes, boots, sandals or other similar footwear.

3.23 No person shall, without authorization, operate any radio, recording device, digital music or audio device, musical instrument, or similar device in or on TTC property unless the sound is conveyed to that person by an earphone at a sound level that does not disturb other passengers or TTC employees.

3.24 No person, unless otherwise authorized, shall loiter in or on TTC property.

3.25 No person shall cause a disturbance or act contrary to the public peace on TTC property, including but not limited to:

a) urinating, expectorating or defecating, except in facilities specifically intended for such actions;

b) using profane, insulting or obscene language or gestures;

c) behaving in an indecent or offensive manner;

d) shining any type of light at an operator of a TTC vehicle or any other passenger;

e) fighting; or

f) behaving in a manner which would interfere with the ordinary enjoyment of persons using the transit system.

3.26 No person shall place himself or herself in a position or perform an action likely to interfere with the operator of a TTC vehicle having proper control of the TTC vehicle or likely to obstruct the vision of the operator.

3.27 No person shall walk between the intercar doors of a rapid transit train or subway train unless otherwise authorized.

3.28 No person shall:

a) ride, hang or stand on any exterior portion of a vehicle; or

b) lean out of or project any part of his or her body through any window of a vehicle.

3.29 No person shall, without authorization, handle, interfere with or operate any part of the mechanical, electrical, electronic or safety equipment of a vehicle or any part of the transit system, except devices which are intended for passenger use, and then only in accordance with posted instructions.

3.30 No person, except in the case of an emergency, shall:

(a) hold or force a vehicle door open; or

(b) hinder or delay the closing of a vehicle door.

3.31 No person shall interfere with or activate a passenger assistance alarm device on TTC property without reasonable cause.

3.32 No person shall smoke in or on TTC property or carry a lighted cigar, cigarette, pipe, other tobacco product, or any other lighted smoking equipment or material while in or on TTC property.

3.33 No person, unless authorized, shall enter or remain on any TTC property that is in possession of:

(a) a firearm, air gun, air rifle, pellet gun, pellet rifle, gas charged gun, gas charged rifle, imitation firearm, an offensive weapon or a prohibited weapon; or

(b) explosives, pyrotechnical material, flammable material, offensive or toxic material, or any other dangerous thing, object or material.

3.34 A proper authority may refuse passage on the transit system to:

a) a person behaving or appearing to behave in a manner that would interfere with the ordinary enjoyment of persons using the transit system or that may result in harm to themselves or others.

b) a person whose conduct is or is likely to be objectionable to other passengers;

c) a person carrying hand luggage, a parcel or any object or thing that does inconvenience or is likely to inconvenience other passengers or TTC employees; or

d) a person who alters their identity through the use of a disguise intended to obscure or otherwise alter their appearance.

The TTC states that the objective for increasing these fines, is to inform riders that their actions not only affect their fellow passengers but also the entire TTC service. The TTC readily admits that most TTC passengers are not aware of the transit bylaws or that their actions constitute an “infraction”. The TTC would have us believe that the period of time between the updating of the new TTC By-Law’s and the implementation of the new By-Laws (Jan.21/09 to Oct.12/09) was a  “grace period”  utilized to educate the public about the new transit rules and new expectations.  I have spoken to dozens of regular riders and not one of them can recall ever being notified of new rules that would be implemented or that the rules ever changed.  To say “I didn’t know or wasn’t aware” of the TTC’s new rules, after being charged, will not assist you.  Unfortunately, ignorance of the law, or the TTC By-Laws, is not a valid defence to the charge(s) in the Courts.

What happened to the new subway cars, that were supposed to be released in 2009? (See YouTube Video)

What if the TTC just disappeared? (See YouTube Video).

See some of the stories related to the huge increases –CBC, Transit Toronto, Globe and Mail, CTV Toronto, Toronto Star, National Post.

Update:October 14, 2009 – Is there a decline in North American civility?

Update: November 18, 2009 – Fare Hikes for T.T.C effective Sunday, January 3, 2010 (46 days from now)

Update: November 23, 2009 – T.T.C announces tokens will not be sold at Collector Booths (will sell adult tickets instead).

Update: November 26, 2009 – Primary Executive, Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D., Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario orders the T.T.C to release statistics of Suicides and Attempted Suicides on T.T.C property between the years 1998 to 2007 inclusive. On T.T.C property between 1998-2007 there were 150 suicides and 100 attempted suicides – this means that on average, on T.T.C property there are 15 suicides a year and 10 attempted suicides a year. Anyone that talks to T.T.C workers will know that while on the subway, if an announcement is made that “trains are delayed, due to electricial problems” this is code for “there has been a suicide – normally meaning that someone has jumped in front of subway train” at a station before the station you are standing at, waiting for that train.

Update: December 30, 2009 – TTC fares rise as of Sunday, January 3, 2010, see below:

Current FareNew Fare
Weekly Pass$32.25$36.00
Regular Metropass$109.00$121.00
Weekly Pass$25.50$28.00
Regular Metropass$91.25$99.00

GTA Pass$47.00$52.00
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