T.T.C.: Riders opt for 12-day Closure of Pape Station

Update: see previous posts – April 19, 2013 T.T.C.: Hires Six (6) New “Group Station Managers” to Improve Customer Service,

Pape Station has been under construction, for what seems like years and TTC riders are tired of the constant delays.
Pape Subway Station has been under construction, for what seems like years and Toronto Transit Commission riders are tired of the constant delays. About 25,000 TTC riders use Pape Station everyday.

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A TTC survey showed riders prefer a one, longer closure over a series of weekends.

TTC riders were asked the following questions, with respect to what feels like the never-ending construction project at the Pape Station:

Survey respondents were presented with three (3) options and asked to select one of:
1. Close the station for six consecutive weekends
2. Close the station for 12 days straight
3. Do not close the station (continue with current schedule).

TTC riders at Pape say they prefer to have the pain of a station closure delivered in one 12-day dose, rather than over the course of six consecutive weekend.

An online survey earlier this month found about half of the 2,842 respondents preferred a construction closure of 12 straight days over staggered weekend closures or keeping the station open during construction but forcing riders to use a less convenient, second exit.

The work will likely take place in late May or June with most of the construction to be completed by Sept., said TTC spokesman Brad Ross. However, some of the renovations will progress later into the fall.

The Pape modernization will provide more accessibility, bike parking, sliding doors, fresh finishes and landscaping. It started in 2009 and was supposed to be finished last year but utility work has delayed the completion, said Ross.

The TTC’s new customer service charter promises the work will be finished by the end of the year.

About 25,000 people a day use TTC’s Pape Station.


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