Streetcar Rear Ends Other Streetcar at Spadina Station – Five (5) Injured

Update: see previous post May 13, 2011 T.T.C Buses Crash Into Each Other – 14 Injured (including Driver)

Spadina Subway Station Streetcar track into Tunnel

Yesterday, a bus hit another bus head-on at the Wilson Subway Station and fourteen (14) people were sent to the hospital.

Today, it wasn’t TTC buses colliding, it was two (2) streetcars.

At the Spadina Subway station about an hour ago, at approximately 6:00 p.m., two streetcars collided in the underground.

TTC Streetcar arriving into Spadina Station from tunnel

One streetcar driver rear-ended another streetcar in front of him.

The force of the collision sent five (5) passengers to the hospital with injuries. The casualities included three (3) adults and two (2) children.

Toronto Transit Commission Streetcar
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  1. Hi Les:
    Perhaps the TTC will review the space within the tunnel and put in mirrors or a lighting system to warn or alert the driver behind, when it is safe to move forward in the future.

    Remember to always

  2. I KNEW this would happen at Spadina sooner or later. I’ve seen a few close calls in the underground tunnel myself !

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