Sticker snafu hits Toronto on-street parking system


Nathan Philips Square which contains Toronto's City Hall. The parking ticket counter at Metro Hall at 55 John Street will close today and be temporarily re-located to the main floor at Toronto's City Hall at 100 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5H 2N2
Toronto’s City Hall at Nathan Philips Square. Motorists who purchased six-month stickers that are about to expire should renew them online or in person at city hall, says a City of Toronto manager. photo by

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The city says a “delivery problem” involving the sticker suppliers means they won’t arrive until December.

Many of the tens of thousands of Toronto motorists with overnight on-street parking permits are receiving temporary paper renewals after a city administrative problem.

The same problem also saw renewal notices, telling people to reapply if they want to replace six-month permits expiring Wednesday, mailed out later than usual.

Vince Loffredi, a City of Toronto manager, said temporary renewal permits were mailed last Thursday to motorists who paid for a full year and are automatically mailed the second six-month sticker.

Drivers who bought six-month stickers that are about to expire, and want to renew, should renew them online or in person at city hall and they will get the paper renewals to be cut out and displayed in windshields, he said.

Parking enforcement has been instructed to not give tickets to drivers with expired stickers and no temporary permit until Dec. 12. That shouldn’t affect parking revenues, the city says, because drivers with expired permits normally get a one-week grace period.

Drivers who do not have a permit and are buying one for the first time won’t be affected because those permits are in stock.

The city expects to receive, and send out, the Dec. 1 to May 31 renewal stickers before the end of December.

The city says the problem happened when its staff decided to cross-reference parking information with other city records as part of a review of the permit process, and that took significantly longer than expected.


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