Tickets as a Revenue Source

Information you’ll find on this page:

  • Source of Revenue that fines generate for the Province of Ontario.
  • Number of Parking Tickets Toronto issues yearly.
  • Does the City of Toronto want the recipients of parking tickets to have his or her day in Court?
  • The City of Toronto has eliminated night court (preferred by those who work in the day) and has 80 million reasons, why it doesn’t want the tickets it issues, contested by yourself  in Court.

Parking Enforcement in Toronto

Information you’ll find on this page:

Parking Enforcement employs approximately 8, 514 Law Enforcement Officers to generate parking tickets, here is the breakdown:

  • 304  Green Hornets, who make between $48, 500 and $52, 918 annually.
  • 2, 500 Municipal Law Enforcement Officers (also known as M.L.E.O’s)
  • 5, 710 Toronto Police Officers, who, as first class constables make $ 72,865  to  $ 82,695 annually.
  • The Policing budget for the City of Toronto is $ 829 million annually.
  • A chart showing how many tickets that Green Hornets, MLEO’s and Police Officers issued in  the years 2006 & 2007.
  • Ticket fine increases in March 2008 in the City of Toronto.
  • Do motor vehicle operators who have Diplomatic Immunity ever have to pay for any ticket for any offence?

Tickets in Toronto

Information you’ll find on this page:

  • Tickets issued in the City of Toronto contribute how much to the City coffers?   80 million a year.
  • What is the City’s Annual Budget for Policing?   829 million a year.
  • How many parking tickets did the City of Toronto issue in the years 2006 & 2007?   Close to 3 million.
  • How many ticket recipients actually challenge their tickets in Court?   Only 6.08 %.
  • The top grossing tickets in Toronto.
  • The top seven (7) traffic violations in Toronto and how much revenue they ended up generating for the City?.
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