State Farm App Monitors Driving Habits Year Round

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Insurance companies have always felt stifled by laws that provide citizens and their customers privacy.  The Constitution in the United States and the Charter in Canada has always been an obstacle which insurance companies wish would just go away.

Apparently, the State Farm Insurance company has managed to convince their newest customers that if they trade in their privacy, when it comes to their driving habits, 24/7, they would receive a discount on their auto insurance.

State Farm calls it “New Driver Feedback” app that uses your smartphone’s accelerometer and GPS to monitor your motor vehicle’s acceleration, cornering driving habits and braking driving habits, everytime you step into your vehicle.

State Farm denies that it collects this information and stores it, somewhere.

It was recently revealed that Apple collected data, with respect the location of WiFi hotspots and cell towers around an iPhone user, not the actual iPhone.  iPhones store information for up to a year, and Apple plans on correcting this issue.

The app that State Farm uses can be found for free in the iTunes App Store.

Driver's who have auto insurance with StateFarm are voluntarily allowing StateFarm to track their driving behaviour in exchange for a reduced auto insurance rate. Trading in privacy for a saving on auto insurance.
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