St. John’s, Nfld. & Labardor – City Owned Off-Street Parking Lots Increase Fees 100% Effective March 1/11


St. John’s, Nfld. & Labardor  – City Owned Off-Street Parking Lots Increase Fees From $60 to $120 Effective March 1/11

On December 13, 2010 the City Council met, discussed & adopted the following:
City of St. John’s 2011 Budget

St. John's Mayor Dennis O'Keefe

His Worship the Mayor called upon Deputy Mayor Duff, Chair of the Finance and Administration Standing Committee, to present the City of St. John’s 2011 Budget.

During her presentation, a copy of which is on file with the City Clerk’s office, Deputy Mayor Duff noted that the City has seen unprecedented growth over the past decade and feels that this balanced budget allows the City to provide the type of services residents expect to see in a world-class City.

Happy New Year – On Tuesday, January 4, 2011 during their City Council meeting, the City Council moved a motion to raise the City owned “off-street” parking lots monthly fee to $120.00 from the former $60.00 monthly fee.

Councillor "Bruce Tilley" supports raising the parking fees 100% and hopes that commuters begin to Carpool.

City Councillor Bruce Tilley defends the decision to gouge residents by arguing that the 100% raise in the monthly fees for parking are still the lowest prices in town and that he hopes that this huge hike in fees will encourage commuters to carpool.

If councillor Tilley believes in carpooling, then it would also make sense for several motorists to take a taxi, rather then parking individually.

Taxi drivers are finding it tough to pay for the rental of a car and the fuel associated with the shift.  Many make less than minimum wage in St. John’s.

When you get into a taxi and the driver turns the meter on, it starts at $3.25.  The last time their was a fare hike was three (3) years ago in 2007 and then three (3) years before that in 2004.

Taxi Driver's are overdue for a Fare Hike, from the current starting fare of $3.25, which was the last increase in 2004.

It appears that a request for a fare hike happens every three (3) years.  The Taxi association is expected to approach St. John’s City Councillors with this request in mind.  A “fair increase” would go to City Council and it would then be put to a vote.  The driver’s are already a year behind and it looks like a fare increase in the new year is imminent.

The next increase that can be expected for motorists is the rising cost of metered parking. Currently the cost for an hour metered parking is $1.00 – but the City Council will probably raise it 50% shortly to $1.50 per hour. (see the Downtown St. John’s Parking Study which has influenced City Council to raise all the parking rates).

Here are the locations of the 2 Hour Meters, 4 Hour Meters and 12 Hour Meters:

Two (2)-hour meters are located on the following streets:

  • Duckworth Street
  • Water Street from Waldegrave Street to Prescott Street.

Four (4)-hour meters can be found on the following streets:

  • New Gower Street
  • George Street
  • Springdale Street; Cavendish Square
  • Church Hill
  • Cathedral Street
  • St. John’s Lane
  • Bates Hill
  • Holloway Street
  • Steers Cove
  • Bishops Cove
  • Becks Cove
  • Bairds Cove
  • Adelaide Street
  • Water Street east of Prescott Street to Temperance
  • West of Waldegrave Street to Springdale Street.

Twelve (12)-hour meters can be found on the following streets:

  • Harbour Drive

Where is the free parking?

Parking is free after 6 p.m. on weekdays, all day throughout the weekends, and on statutory holidays. In addition, several off street parking lots offer hourly and daily rates for parking.

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