Speeding Tickets Issued Between January and March, 2012

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Radar - Two Toronto Police operate radar trap - Bernard Weil Toronto Star

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The snow and ice are on the way, creating dangerous driving conditions on the roads.  Motorists will be using the roads more often, as there are relatives and friends to visit over the holiday season.  Unfortunately, many motorists will wait until the last minute to visit with someone, hoping to make up the time by travelling at a rate of speed on the road, which will inevitably exceed the posted speed limits. This will lead to speeding tickets and auto insurance increases.

Darkness, snow and ice on roadways, construction, R.I.D.E, radar traps and other obstacles may make the ride alittle longer and speeding up to make up for lost time will only place you and others in harm’s way.

Speeding, along with all the other infractions for which you will be ticketed, will drive up your insurance rate. Insurance companies don’t give two hoots about how many points you have or have lost. They look at the tickets. And them thar tickets can cost you big bucks.

Do you know that 50% more speeding tickets are handed out between June and August as between January and March?

R.I.D.E pulling over motorists

The first ticket you get may lull you into a false sense of invincibility because often the first one doesn’t have a big impact on your insurance bill. But get yourself another, or get caught on a major ticket (speeding over 50 kph, school zone infractions, or speeding in a construction zone,) and watch your rates head upwards. And not just for the next year! Nope, you’ll likely have to pay higher rates for upwards of three years.

Minor tickets like disobeying a traffic sign usually spikes insurance rates by about 10-15% depending on your insurance company’s rating system. Major tickets — like careless driving, driving under suspension or impaired driving — will send your rates up between 30-50%, if you can even get insurance. Some companies just cancel your insurance because you’re high risk and then you have to head to a high-risk insurance company where you’ll pay three times what you were paying before.

If you don’t want your car insurance eating up an incredibly large piece of your budget pie, take you foot off the gas and pay attention to the rules.


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