Should Paying $ 850.00 An Hour, to a Law Firm, Concern McGuinty?


It was recently revealed that the Ontario Government was involved in a nine (9) year civil suit, spending over 23.4 Million Dollars and winning 3.5 Million Dollars, plus interest and costs.

During this period the Ontario Government had retained a Bay Street Law Firm in Toronto to represent the Province, charging lawyer fees up to $ 850.00 an hour (about 100 times greater than the minimum wage in Ontario).

One can’t help wonder if the law firm wanted to take advantage of its client, known to have deep pockets and a fairly good credit rating.

Given the enormous bill confronting the Ontario Government, someone may ask why the Ontario Government didn’t approach this Bay Street Law Firm and ask them to lower their fees, upon receiving the final bill?

This same Bay Street Law Firm attempted to squeeze court costs of $ 30,975.00 dollars from another veteran litigator, who knew this firm was overcharging him and he said “no”. The matter went to the Superior Court of Ontario and the Judge hearing the matter, reduced the whopping fee of $ 30,975.00 to $ 7,500.00, a reduction of over $ 23,000.00.

Challenging your lawyers fees is outlined in a page in in a page titled “Challenging Your Lawyer’s Fees”. This page goes over each step of the process and informs you how to save money when you discover you are being overcharged. You have to wait for your lawyer’s final bill and at that point you have 30 days to challenge your lawyers fees at a Superior Court in Ontario, in front of an Assessment Officer or Master. More often then not, people who challenge these fees are rewarded with a reduction in the fees they will have to pay. In the example above, the senior litigator was able to shave off over $ 23,000.00 of the original invoice he was presented with. This happened in the Province of Ontario’s Superior Court. hopes to help motorists fight their tickets, without the need for expensive lawyers or paralegals and to win, thus avoiding hefty increases in their auto insurance premiums.

In the economy facing all of us at the present, we have to learn to defend ourselves without the expensive assistance of expensive lawyers and expensive paralegals. Knowledge is power and if you follow the simple steps outlined in fightyourtickets, you will acquire as much knowledge and experience as you will require, to represent your own matter(s), with a successful outcome.

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