School/Community Zones Blitz Continues Until September 16/11

Update: see previous post – September 6, 2011 School Begins – Slow Down and Be Cautious

The back-to-school blitz, which police have named “Getting Them Back Safely is Everyone’s Responsibility” began the first day of school on September 6, 2011 and continues until this Friday, September 16, 2011.

The campaign is dedicated to educating pedestrians as well as motorists, paying particular attention to children’s safety. Parents and caregivers should review pedestrian safety with their children, regardless of their age, and reinforce the basic guidelines of “Stop, Look and Listen” when crossing the street.

The Toronto Police Service enforces the law vigorously against motorists who speed or exhibit aggressive driving behaviour, in particular within school and community safety zones.

Police and Parking Enforcement Officers across the city will be paying attention to those motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians who commit offences in the vicinity of school zones.

Stop for Pedestrians
As the school year continues, days will become shorter and darkness comes earlier. There are 600 pedestrian crosswalks in Toronto and children, parents and elders will be using them at night. Motorists/cyclists must be patient and stop at flashing pedestrian crosswalks to allow those pedestrians to cross safely to the other side of the street.

Along with roads and streets surrounding schools, there are also pedestrian crosswalks, which are used by students and parents, during the day and in the evenings.  Motorists and cyclists must watch for children, parents and the elderly who use pedestrian crosswalks.

It is vitally important that parents/caregivers lead by example when it comes to road safety.

Here are some traffic tips to help promote the safe arrival and departure of children at our schools:






Traffic safety tips: Motorists

Motorists who are caught speeding in any community safety zone, will find that the fines associated with the offence are doubled

1. Slow down and be patient in school zones
2. Be prepared to stop
3. Look for pedestrians before making a turn
4. Do not obstruct school−bus loading zones
5. Obey all traffic and parking regulations

Traffic safety tips: Pedestrians
1. Plan your route and take your time
2. Remain alert to your surroundings − be predictable and visible
3. Walk your child to school − park a block away and walk to avoid congestion.
4. Cross at controlled locations when possible
5. Avoid crossing mid−block
6. Use pedestrian crossovers properly

















source: Toronto Police Service News Release


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