Quebec: Reciprocal Agreements with the State of New York and Maine


Motorists with motor vehicles registered in the Province of Quebec should be aware that the Province of Quebec has reciprocal agreements regarding traffic violations and have the ability to share information regarding driver’s licence information with the State of New York and Maine.

This means that if you are ticketed in New York or Maine and you have a Quebec licence plate on your vehicle, it can affect your Quebec driver’s licence.  This also applies to drivers from Maine or New York who are ticketed in the Province of Quebec; tickets received in Quebec can affect their driver’s licence in Maine or in New York State.

If you receive a ticket for a driving offence that involves demerit points in New York or Mainel and you are ultimately convicted of that offence, you will receive demerit points on your Quebec driver’s licence and vice-versa.

Child Support and Child Support Court Orders:

Quebec has reciprocal agreements concering child support issues with New York and Maine and vice-versa.



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