Prince Albert to Replace 50 Year Old Parking Meters with Technologically Advanced Parking Meters


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Parking Meter - Prince Albert

Prince Albert is replacing its 50 year old parking meters.

Mayor Jim Scarrow says the new meters accept toonies, loonies, and digital prepaid cards.

The cards will be available at City Hall in 20 dollar increments. Scarrow says the new meters have one key advantage, “Regardless of how long you stay in the parking spot, as long as there’s funds in your meter card, you won’t get a parking ticket. That’s because your meter will be actively deducting amounts appropriate for the amount of time you’re in that parking spot.”

Scarrow says he isn’t sure yet, how the new cards will affect parking turnover in the down town area, “We would likely be doing a study of the number of meter cards that are being purchased; but I would think that will represent a small amount of the payment method that will be used by most people.”

As for cost, Scarrow says the city isn’t paying out anything, the contracting company will simply take a percentage of the earnings until the meters are paid for, and then the city will resume full collection of parking funds.

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