Pray you don’t Pay at the Pay ‘n’ Display


In 1998, six (6) municipalities (East York, Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, Toronto & York) amalgamated to form the present City of Toronto, as we know it today. Following the amalgamation, there was efforts by the City of Toronto to have a uniformed Municipal Code and City By-Laws, which in many cases meant that former municipalities’ municipal codes and by-laws had to be deleted in favour of an updated City of Toronto Municipal Code and By-Laws. From time to time. new by-laws are put into place (in areas that were once captured by a former municipality – prior to the amalgamation) in order to address a specific situation or concern, unique to the area. In order to be fair, the Municipal Code and City of Toronto By-laws must be applied equally and consistently applied throughout the new City of Toronto. Eleven (11) years have elapsed since the amalgamation and one would expect that old by-laws, in former municipalities, would have been addressed by now, either being deleted or at least amended, changed or modified to ensure that they are in line or at least consistent, with the City of Toronto’s Municipal Code or By-Laws.

It was reported by City of Toronto Councillors, that motorists are receiving parking tickets that they don’t deserve; at pay ‘n’ display parking facilities in the former City of North York.

A municipal bylaw passed before the 1998 amalgamation which strictly prohibits the owners of multi-residential properties from charging for visitors, parking. Pay-and-display lots have been operating at buildings in former North York, including two locations owned and operated by the Toronto Community Housing Corporation.

Residents (living in buildings owned and operated by the Toronto Community Housing Corporation and others) have had their guests/visitors receiving parking tickets, due to the old pay ‘n’ display parking in the former North York.. In response, the City of Toronto is taking court action against these buildings, located in former North York, who issue these parking tickets undeservedly.

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