Postal Workers on Strike in Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto’s GTA, Scarborough and Montreal


There will be no mail pick-up, no mail delivery, no mail processing during the strike.

If you live or work in Toronto, Scarborough or Montreal, the rotating postal strike has come to your city,  for one day.

There will be no mail picked up in Toronto, Scarborough or Montreal on June 14, 2011 before 11:30 p.m

If you are thinking of sending in your traffic or parking tickets through the mail, you might want to wait a day.  If you are waiting for your trial date through the first class mail and expected it on June 14, it isn’t going to be received.  The rotating postal strikes have come to Toronto, Scarborough and Montreal.

Beginning in 11:30 p.m. in Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, Scarborough and Montreal postal workers will walk out on strike for 24 hours, commencing on June 13, 2011.  This involves about fifteen thousand (15,000) postal workers (Urban Operations) who take the mail in in corporate retail outlets, who pick up the mail from Canada Post red boxes and retail outlets, who drive the mail to and from the sorting plants and those who deliver the mail.                

The rotating strikes have been taking place across the country over the last eleven (11) days.

The rotating strike in CUPW-STTP’s  Toronto, Scarborough and Montreal locals (Urban Operations),  followed Canada Post’s announcement that mail delivery would be reduced from five (5) days (Monday to Friday) down to three (3) days (Monday, Wednesday & Friday).  In addition, most letter carriers were informed that they would not be working on Tuesday and Thursday. Clerks in the postal plants were informed that they would be working on a reduced hour schedule.  Temporary workers were not able to work.

Mail volumes in Canada historically and traditionally decrease in June, July and August every year.

It is believed that Canada Post is attempting to provoke the Union to go out on a National strike to encourage the Federal government to impose back-to-work legislation.  So far, the Union has been very disciplined and has maintained sporadic rotating strikes in various locations across the country.  The Union has consistently encouraged Canada Post to negotiate in good faith over the last eight (8) months, rather than waiting for the Federal government to intervene with draconian legislation and appoint a judge or arbitrator to resolve outstanding issues between the parties.

It appears that Canada Post will take any and all necessary steps, including locking out all CUPW-STTP workers (Urban Operations), coast to coast to coast, in order to draw the Minister of Labour into the debate, with the ultimate request for back to work legislation of all CUPW-STTP workers.

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