Police Lay 400 Charges Against Cyclists/Pedestrians

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During a three (3) day blitz, between August 23 – 25, 2010 inclusive, Toronto Police were busy laying charges against cyclists and pedestrians. According to Police, during the weekend of August 21 & 22, 2010, 250 cyclists and pedestrians were provided with cautions with regard to a number of Highway Traffic Act offences, prior to the blitz. To date this year, there have been thirteen pedestrian fatalities and eight (8) of those fatalities involved jaywalking.

The three (3) day blitz took place at the usual locations within the 54 and 55 divisions of the Toronto police:

Intersection at Broadview Avenue and Danforth Avenue, O’Connor Drive, Victoria Avenue and other streets within these divisions.

See the Toronto Police News Release:

Results For 54–55 Divisions Bicycle And Pedestrian Enforcement Campaign

Highway Traffic Act Charges Laid:

Disobey Red Light and Stop Sign                 – 211 charges
No-Horn – Bicycle                               –  84 charges
Improper Bicycle Lighting                       –  32 charges
Pedestrian Fail to use Crosswalk                –  28 charges
Bicycle with 62cm wheels ride on sidewalk       –  27 charges
Pedestrian Disobey “Don’t Walk” Signal          –  12 charges
Pedestrian Disobey Red Light                    –   8 charges
Cyclist Fail to Stop for Police                 –   7 charges
Bicycle – Unable to keep Both Hands on Handle Bars- 1 charge

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