Parking Tickets issued to non-residents of Ontario cannot be collected by the City of Toronto.


In the City of Toronto, approximately 2.8 million tickets (and growing) are issued each year and the City collects the fines associated with almost 82 % of all tickets issued, representing annual revenues of approximately $80 Million.

Although the Province of Ontario has reciprocal agreements regarding traffic violations with other Provinces and Territories within Canada and with States within the United States of America, this does not extend to parking tickets issued by the the City of Toronto, to cars improperly parked. See Reciprocal Agreements within Canada and the U.S.A, which includes the Canadian Driver Licence Compact.

If a visitor to Toronto receives a traffic ticket for a moving violation, given their status as Non-residents, they can fight their tickets, without having to attend and dispute the ticket in the court room where the trial is taking place.

Recently the City of Toronto revealed that it has a low expectation that out of town drivers, who receive parking tickets, will actually pay their parking fines.

In 2008 the City of Toronto issued 113,781 parking tickets to out of Province motor vehicles. The City only had 16% of those out of Province motorists pay their parking fines. On average the parking fine amounted to $30.00.
The 16% collected in parking fines equalled about $546,148.80 (based on 18,204.96 $30 parking tickets), which represents a loss of approximately $2.9 million in potential revenue to the City of Toronto’s coffers.

Given that the City acknowledges that 84% of motor vehicles visiting from outside of Toronto don’t pay their tickets and there is no mechanism available to legally force them to pay (given that other jurisdictions will not share the vehicle’s owners name and address and other particulars), the City is now considering placing a friendly reminder on those improperly parked vehicles, rather then a ticket, which will has a 84% probability of never being paid.

Conversely, if an Ontario resident drives to another City in Canada and illegally parks their vehicle, apparently the motor vehicle’s owner information will not be disclosed by the Ontario Provincial Government, because there is no reciprocal agreement allowing exchange of information over simple parking matters and therefore that City will have no information (name, address, DOB, licence number, etc) to utilize on the parking ticket or in an attempt to collect the  resulting fines and costs, through a default system.

Update: March 19, 2008 – No escape from EU traffic fines

Update: January 9, 2009 – Foreign drivers ‘not prosecuted’

Update: February 5, 2010: An auditor’s report has revealed that as of December 2008, City of Toronto books showed about $103 million in unpaid fines.  About $7.5 million in unpaid fines can be attributed to tickets written to out-of-province motorists for tickets issued in 2007 and 2008.

Update: September 27, 2010 – EU urged to adopt foreign driver prosecution system

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  1. Hello! I’ve been following your site for a long time now and finally got
    the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Humble Texas!
    Just wanted to say keep up the excellent job!

  2. Just curious. Will non payment of parking tickets have any recourse in future visits to Canada? Such as being denied entry into Canada, or.having your car impounded or towed. Also as I am from NY, I noticed on the ticket they don’t have information such as my name, registration information, or VIN #. Only the make and licence plate# is on there. So am I safe to assume that I could simply get new tags for my vehicle and it would wipe the slate clean for my car? Thanks

  3. Hey,

    I rented a car to visit my friend in Connecticut and on my way back to Toronto, I decided to stop by and see the beach. I parked my car at Cummin beach in Stamford, Connecticut for 30 minutes. When I came back I saw the parking ticket on my windshield for $ 60.00 US (for not displaying the city permit to park at Beaches or community parks). I hunted down the parking enforcement personnell and came to know that I require a city permit to park my car anywhere in Connecticut at parks and beaches. I am thinking about appealing it but when I contacted the Connecticut parking violations office (the representative was so rude over the phone). They advised me that appeal will be turned down and I will be paying for the ticket. Is there any way for me to get out of this mess by not paying a cent ? Since I rented the car I don’t want the rental company to charge extra $40 for paying the parking ticket for me.

    Any advice??

  4. Hi
    I parked in front of a water hydrant in Toronto and get a ticket for 100 $.
    I am from Germany with a BC registered car. I have a work permit for Canada for one year. Should i pay the ticket or not? Can there be problems apear if I want to renew my insurance in BC?

  5. Hi, I got a Montreal parking ticket on an Ontario plate. I parked and went on foot to check the sign given this was in front of a school with lots of traffic behind me. There was a 15 minutes parking allowed sign which had another confusing no parking sign for maintenance during a specific hour. As I went back to the car to move it, an agent was putting a ticket under my wiper blade. I explained to him the situation but he allegedly couldn’t cancel it.
    I will be exchanging my Ontario plates to Quebec within 6 months since I am in the process of relocating.
    Should I fight this ticket or just ignore it. Appreciate your assistance.

  6. Hi,

    I got a Toronto parking ticket on a NY registered car. Is it safe to ignore it?

    Do Toronto and NY still not have a parking tickets agreement?


  7. Hi Jess:

    The Province of British Columbia doesn’t have a reciprocal agreement
    with the City of Toronto in Ontario with respect to parking tickets.

    If you provided them with the particulars on your B.C. driver’s licence
    (ie – the address that your vehicle is registered to and your residential
    address in the city that you live in, in B.C. or your driver’s licence
    number) to the City of Toronto when you made application for your
    temporary parking permits, the City may possess enough information to
    pursue you when your convicted in absentia.

    In cases where someone has an Ontario licence with Ontario licence plates
    and they neglect to pay their parking ticket or to challenge their ticket
    through the courts and the Justice of the Peace deems that the person who
    received the ticket doesn’t dispute it, then it is “deemed not to dispute”
    and the person who received a $30.00 parking ticket. The $30 ticket will
    have the court fee of $5 added, as well as the victim fine surcharge of
    $10 and if you don’t dispute it, then additional costs of $5.00 for a
    default conviction are also added to the total payable (in this case the
    total payable would be $50.00). If this isn’t paid, then the next time
    that the vehicle owner (with the licence plate that was placed on the
    parking ticket) attempts to get a licence plate validation sticker, they
    will be required to pay an outstanding parking ticket fines that remain
    unpaid, before they can receive their licence plate sticker.

    You haven’t stated the parking fines in your information, so I’ll assume
    they are $30 parking tickets and with the math above applied, you would
    end up owing $150.00.

    If I were you I would ingore these tickets until someone brought them to
    my attention later down the road. Just make sure that you tuck away an
    extra $150.00 for that unexpected/expected expenditure, in the event that
    you are contacted with a demand for payment. The City of Toronto may hire
    a collection agency to pursue the unpaid debt, if they have your information,
    and this may have a negative effect on your credit rating, with a derogatory
    comment on your credit file.

    Many motorists in Vancouver would rather receive a $35 parking ticket then
    pay the $2-$6 an hour in the parking meter and our prepared to take this
    risk, especially if they are going to be parked for the entire day.

    But, I’m not you. You’ll have to do a risk assessment for yourself and
    decide whether or not your in a position to risk not paying off the tickets.

    Next time, remember to always

  8. Hi,

    I have BC plates but have recently received 3 parking tickets in Toronto. I was considering ignoring them, but remembered I have purchased a temporary parking permit in Toronto for the same car, which means they have some of my info. Can they get me if I don’t pay the tickets??

    Thanks for your advice!


  9. Hi Ger:
    When you rented the car from Enterprise with Quebec plates, you signed
    an agreement that stated that any/all parking tickets you received
    while renting the vehicle would be your responsibility.

    You used a credit card to secure the rental car and also authorized
    Enterprise car rental agency to charge your card for any outstanding
    charges or in this particular case, charges for parking ticket fines.

    If you don’t challenge the ticket or pay it and are subsequently
    convicted. The courts in Quebec will add another $20 or $30 onto your
    parking ticket conviction and rather than paying the original $30
    you will now have to pay a fine of $50 or $60.

    In addition to this charge, Enterprise will add an administration fee
    (for having to pay your parking ticket fine) of anywhere from $50 to
    $100, on top of the parking ticket fine and court imposed fees of
    $50 to $60, which could potential mean that you will find a surprise
    payment on your credit card of anywhere up to $160 months down the road.

    If you aren’t going to challenge your parking ticket, pay it or you’ll
    be paying alot more later on your credit card.

    Remember to always

  10. Hi,
    I am a resident of Toronto, using an Ontario drivers license, and currently renting a car from Enterprise which happens to have Quebec plates. I got a $30 parking ticket. If I don’t pay it, what are the financial consequences?
    Thanks for your advice.

  11. Hello Admin,

    I have an AB plate and received a parking ticket from Vancouver, BC.
    I pleaded my case over the phone with the City of Vancouver but they will not budge.
    Can I ignore this ticket? Please advise. Thank you.

  12. Was in Toronto and received a parking ticket. I am from Michigan. Do I need to worry or have to pay? Thanks.

  13. I recently received a parking ticket in Ontario because I was on the wrong side for the weeks posted which I did not noticed. I noticed the ticket on the windshield after a nice stroll and sun bathing on the beach. I am from Michigan. The ticket is $40. Do I need to pay?

  14. Hi ej:
    You have to look at any reciprocity agreements between Ontario and Connecticut.
    Connecticut is a member ofthe International Registration Plan, as is Ontario
    and nine (9) other provinces in Canada. Not every stateis a member of this plan.
    You must go to the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles at: http://www.ct.
    gov/dmv/lib/dmv/irp_manual_2010_revision_with_auto_toc.pdf to review it – see
    pages 11 & 12 and 76 (enforcement) and IRP information from:
    Contact the Ministry of Transportation (Mon-Fri – 8:30-5:00 p.m.) at
    416-235-3923 this is the IRP branch and will answer all of your questions.

    Remember to always

  15. hi there,

    I just visited from CT and got a traffic ticket in Ottawa for taking a right turn where I should not have. I will be driving back to CT soon. Do I need to bother paying this $65 ticket?

  16. Admin:

    I have a NY registered vehicle. Today, I got a parking ticket in the City of Ottawa where I am visiting friends for the next week. It was a stupid ticket as I was literally 7 minutes late getting back to my car because my girlfriend was feeling unwell and had to stop in the restroom before we left the restaurant (she ended up with some sort of food poisoning).

    It is a $90 ticket. Do I bother paying it or is the City of Ottawa in the same boat at Toronto in terms of collecting out of province fines?

  17. I recently moved from Ontario to BC and received a City of Vancouver parking ticket. I still have my Ontario plates and was planning on insuring my car in BC and changing plates in the next few days.

    I’m thinking since there’s no reciprocal agreement between Ontario and BC, the City of Vancouver won’t be able to hunt me down after I change my plate from Ontario to BC?

  18. Hi,

    I am from Toronto but I live in Indiana temporary traveling back and forth for holidays. I recently received a parking fine and was wondering if I should worry about it. My car is bought and registered in Indiana with Indiana license plate but with my Ontario driver’s license. Thanks!

  19. Hi Igor: Since Edmonton does not have a reciprocal agreement with Ontario regarding parking tickets, you won’t be affected. The City of Toronto loses money every year
    on vehicles that are registered in Alberta (especially Calgary) – given that Toronto cannot collect on these violations.

    Remember to always

  20. Hi,

    I’m a student studying in Alberta (Edmonton). I have Ontario license plates and and an Ontario driver’s license that I will be keeping for the duration of my studies. I received a parking ticket from the City of Edmonton. If left upaid, will it show up on my Ontario driving record? Also, there is a note on the ticket that says: “failure to make payment may result in a violation ticket being issued and prosecution in the provincial courts”. Would this have any impact on me? Thanks.

  21. Hello, Admin,

    I live in New Hampshire. While in Toronto recently, I received two parking tickets for $30 each, once when I parked my car, once when my friend parked it. We were unclear on how late into the evening Toronto collected parking fees, as the places were are most familiar with stop collecting after 5 or 6 p.m.

    Can I safely ignore them, per your advice to “not_me” in June of last year, or would that pose a risk to my credit rating? The tickets do mention collection agencies. (I did see your response to David from last February.)

  22. Thanks for getting back to me. I’m still kind of stressed about it. Should I try to contact the city of Toronto’s parking dept. or is that just a bad idea? Would we be better off just taking the train to Toronto for our trip?

  23. Hi Marc:
    Pay your ticket. If you do not, the car rental agency will charge you for the entire ticket (with the additional charge imposed by the courts), as well as the administrative charge imposed
    above and beyond the fine of the ticket. I have seen some rental car agencies charge over $50.00 as an “administrative fee”. Unfortunately, when you rented the vehicle you signed a
    contract which included contractual language which states that as the driver of that particular vehicle, during the rental period, if there are any traffic tickets applied towards the vehicle
    (ie- parking tickets, red-light tickets, photo-radar tickets, etc.) while it is in your possession, you will be held responsible for the ticket. The car rental agency will simply charge the credit
    card that you used for the rental. If you are prepared to go back to Montreal to fight the ticket, then do so and inform the rental agency that you will be doing this, as the Notice of Trial is
    sent to the registered owner of the vehicle, and not the renter of that vehicle.

    Remember to always

  24. Maybe you guys can help.
    Two summers ago, my wife and I moved to upstate NY. We visited Toronto a few days after we moved and picked up a couple of parking tickets. We decided that, since we eventually were getting NY plates (the tickets were given to us when we had CA plates), we wouldn’t pay the fines. Since then, we have indeed gotten NY plates.
    Now, we have tickets to see a concert in Toronto and I am worried that the outstanding parking violations are going to bite us in the butt even though the car has a different license plate number and state. Should I be worried?

  25. I got a parking ticket in Montreal for a rental car (from Toronto) with Ontario license plate. Should I pay it or not worry about it? Will the Montreal municipality contact my rental car company regarding it? I know if they did I would have to pay fine plus an administrative charge, which I don’t want to.

  26. Hi Ruth: You don’t have to pay yet, as the City of Toronto does not have a reciprocal agfeement with the Province of Alberta.

  27. I see that my question is probably answered but I want to make sure that it hasn’t changed. I got a ticket for parking a vehicle on private property without consent… the ticket is $30. The ticket is issued from the City of Toronto and I have Alberta license plates with alberta registration. Do I have to pay it? What happens if I don’t? Thanks.

  28. Has Toronto made good on its threat to start chasing down parking fines for cars registered in other provinces? It was reported in June 2010 that the city could hire a company to track addresses down, then it would go to a collection agency.

  29. Hi Konstantin: I have searched for a reciprocal agreement between the City of Vancouver and the Province of British Columbia and the City of Portland and the State of Oregon and cannot find any agreements regarding parking tickets.

    There is no way to find your personal information and therefore the ticket will not stay “attached to your licence plates” and in fact, the City of Vancouver will most likely write it off as uncollectable.

    There are 44 States which are part of the Non-Resident Violator Compact, which may apply under the set of circumstances that you have described.

    You have to look at the Non-Resident Violator Compact. Under this agreement, certain offences are not enforced and one of those offences are parking tickets.

    All states plus the District of Columbia are members of the Non-Resident Violator Compact, except Michigan, Wisconsin, California, Montana, Oregon, and Alaska.

    I wouldn’t worry about it – you’ll be able to sell the car without any concerns about liens or other problems if you decide not to pay the parking ticket you received.

    Remember, always

  30. Hi, I’m currently living Portland, OR and I’ve been in Vancouver B.C. over the weekend. I received a parking ticket with a $50 fine by the city of Vancouver. It says if I don’t pay it till the end of January it’ll increase to $100 than $150 and so on.
    I will be moving out of the states the end of march. I will sell the car then. So I’m wondering now if I should pay the ticket or not? Will the ticket stay “attached” to the plate tickets? Will they try to get the money even after I sold it? Thank you.

  31. Hi SC:
    When you rented the car with a New York licence plate you signed a contract that stated that you would assume responsibility for any tickets
    that were associated with that particular vehicle during the passage of time that the rental was being driven or rented by yourself.
    New York State does not have a reciprocal agreement with the Province of Ontario or the City of Toronto regarding parking tickets, but in this
    case it doesn’t matter, given your contractual obligation with the rental car agency. This type of contractual responbility is very common in
    rental agency contracts.

    If you decided to ignore this ticket, the ticket would be processed in court and the owner of the vehicle (the rental car company) would have the
    conviction notice (with an additional amount of about $20.00) and fine sent to the owner of the vehicle (the rental car company) demanding payment.

    The rental car company would review their records in an attempt to identify the rental of the vehicle at the time of the parking offence. They would
    identify that you were the renter and the driver that signed the contract which allowed them to automatically deduct the fine and the administrative
    fee from the credit card that was on file during the period of the rental. The rental car company normally charges in the neighbourhood of $50 – $100
    for the administrative fee (they would have to devote time and human resources to conduct an investigation regarding who was in possession of the
    rental car at the date and time that the parking ticket was issued).

    The rental car company would add the fine imposed by the courts, with their own administrative fee and promptly charge your credit card with that
    amount. Some rental car companies have a policy where they send you a notice advising you of the action that they have taken (charging your
    credit card) to prevent a situation where you ask your credit card issuer to conduct an investigation into a charge you did not authorize.

    You would be better off either contesting the charge or paying it off – you can go onto the City of Toronto website and use the Parking Ticket Cancellation Guidelines
    at . The small ticket that you received will end up costing you a lot more if you choose to simply
    do nothing about it at all.

    Remember to always

  32. Hi, I was in toronto when I got a parking ticket, the car I had was a rental car with a New York plate, do I have to worry about paying the ticket? Thank you.

  33. Hi Gary:
    Don’t worry about the ticket, it will be added to your rental car charges. The contract that you signed with the rental car agency provides them with the right to take the monies from the
    credit card that you utilized to rent the car. This will of course happen at a later date.

    Remember to always

  34. Hi, I got a $35 parking ticket while vacationing in Richmond, BC when I forgot that I parked on the street one morning because the hotel parking lot was full. The car I was using was a rental car with Washington State plates. Just wondering, Should I worry about paying this ticket?

  35. Hi Joel: It won’t make any difference at this point. The vehicle that was ticketed, is registered in your name, with BC plates.
    Impark and the City of Vancouver have access to the database that identify owners of vehicles and more specifically,
    the licence plates that are affixed to the vehicle that was ticketed. Changing your plates at this point won’t help, they
    already know who you are and all of your particulars.

    Remember to always

  36. Hi, I’m an international student in Vancouver and I just got 2 parking tickets. 1 from Impark and the other from City of Vancouver for over parking at a metered lot. The car belongs to me and I have not gotten my BC driver’s license yet. Should I change my license plate? Will that make me untraceable?

  37. Hi Stef:
    If the vehicle that you parked in is from B.C., with B.C. licence plates I wouldn’t worry about paying, as the Town of Richmond Hill has no way of collecting from the Province of British Columbia, as there is no reciprocal agreement between the two.

    Remember to always

  38. Hi, I was wondering if the same thing about out of province applies to the Town of Richmond Hill. I am from BC and parked in Richmond Hill and received a ticket for in excess of 3 hours. Should I pay this?

  39. Hello, I was visiting Quebec city with my car from Toronto and was ticketed for parking in a spot that required a permit (didn’t see the sign). In my ticket it says that the car remains to be parked in a parking meter zone after the specified time limit has been disposed. I live in another city in Ontario. Will the City of Toronto be able to come after my driving record in Toronto if the ticket is unpaid? Thank you.

  40. Hi VFXtd:
    As long as the vehicle that the tickets are placed on have California plates your ok and there will be no consequences, given that there is no reciprocal agreement between the City
    of Vancouver and the State of California with respect to parking tickets.

    Remember to always

  41. I’m in Vancouver on a work permit driving a car with California plates and have received two parking tickets. I will be here for a minimum year and a half with the possibility of getting permanent residency and was wondering of any implications of not paying these tickets.

  42. Hi Bronx Girl:
    You can simply contact the City of Toronto – see Parking Ticket Cancellation Guidelines at

    The City of Toronto has promised to resolve these types of issues within a day or two – you could PDF the temporary parking permit to them and I am sure
    that they will appreciate the effort you have made to clarify a simple oversight and that they will dismiss the ticket. See the “dispute system” below:

    The new system is timely and effective and it will allow the City to deal with disputes instead of the provincial courts.
    This is a service enhancement that will benefit approximately 40,000 ticket holders per year.

    How it works:

    1. Download a copy of the Dispute Application Form or visit any of the First Appearance Parking Ticket Counters.

    2. Complete the form and include any relevant information or supporting documentation to support your claim.

    3. Submit the form and the proof by e-mail at [email protected] or by fax at 416-696-3652.

    4. After we receive the fax/email/mail, we will conduct the investigation and advise the sender/registered owner of the results of the investigation either by mail/phone or email.

    There is no reciprocal agreement between the City of New York and the City of Toronto on parking tickets.

    Remember to always

  43. I’m an NYC resident who got a parking ticket while visiting friends in Toronto. The irony is that I paid for a temporary parking permit; my husband got confused and put the wrong paper in the windshield one evening so we got a ticket.I was ready to send a photocopy or PDF of the temporary parking permit receipt but I guess I can’t since you have to go in person and we’re back home in NYC. I understand from this site that there’s no reciprocity between Toronto and NYC. Is that correct? If so, can the Toronto authorities track me down?


  44. Hi Deli:
    You rented a car. The rental agreement contained a clause which states that the renter (that’s you) are
    responsible for any tickets that are applied to the vehicle that you rented, during the rental period.

    After you return the vehicle and the $100 parking ticket is processed and a conviction is entered;
    the rental agency will receive a notice to pay the fine (along with the victim fine surcharge and the court
    fee). The rental car agency will investigate and review their computerized records to find out who was
    renting the vehicle when the ticket was issued. They will discover it is you and will promptly resurrect
    the credit card information and will charge your credit card for the full amount of the total payable fine
    including an administrative fee which won’t be less than $60 and will probably be more.

    You will then find a notice in the mail, from the rental car agency, which will put you on notice that they
    have applied the charges on your credit card (more than likely – over $200.00).

    You are best to challenge the ticket in court – see

    Remember to always

  45. Hi Admin,

    We’re French and rented a car in Toronto from a rental agency. The licence plate was issued in Quebec. On the very first day, we got a parking ticket (less than 3 meters from a fire hydrant…. only this does not exist in France, never heard of that… there was no sign and no marking on the sidewalk). We parked only 10 min to get out luggage out of our hotel and got fined in the meantime.

    You said that licence plates from outside Ontario couldn’t be prosecuted. Moreover, I’m not a resident, no sign was telling me about fire hydrants and now I’m back home and I have no easy mean to contact the authorities about it (we tried the phone number but nobody answered). This is the only ticket we got in our whole travel.

    So could you tell me how that works?


  46. Hi Toronto:

    In March 2008, the City of Toronto increased the fine for the offence of Parking in a Disabled Parking Zone, from $150.00 to a whopping $ 450.00!

    When your parents rented the car from the car rental agency, they signed a contract which stated that they would be responsible for any tickets and that if the car rental agency received a fine for the period of time that your parent’s were renting the vehicle, that your parents would have to pay any fines associated with such a fine, as well as an administrative fee.

    If convicted of this fine, there is no doubt that you will be looking at a total loss of approximately $600.00

    Turn the ticket around and proceed to the office, to request a trial date on behalf of your parents.

    The Notice of Trial over this offence is sent to the registered owner of the vehicle, which in this case, would be the car rental agency. You would then have to contact the car rental agency and instruct them to send you the Notice of Trial upon receiving it in the mail.

    Yes you can represent your parents in court over this extremely expensive parking ticket.

    When you show up, the prosecutor will offer to substantially reduce the fine on the ticket if you enter into a plea bargin.

    If the reduction isn’t sufficient enough, you can pursue this and fight it – which I would recommend. If you don’t fight it, your parents will be convicted in absentia and the fine will be sent to the car rental agency. In turn, the credit card that was used for the rental, will be charged the entire fine and a hefty administrative fee – over $600.00.

    Remember to always

  47. My parents came into to Toronto for a visit from Alberta and rented a car that had Quebec plates from the airport (not sure why it did). They got a parking ticket for parking in a handicapped spot that was $450.00! The sign was not easily seen and there was no marking on the pavement and they were only about a foot and a half encroached on the spot. They are wanting to know if they can fight it (if I can represent them) or if they need to worry about it at all seeing how the rental plates were Quebec.
    Thanks for all the great info.

  48. Need some advise. We got a parking ticket in New York. We live in Toronto, Ontario. I heard from US citizen that we should not pay and not worry about it…Should we?

  49. Hi Ed:
    The ticket carries with it a $155 fine (no demerit points). Alberta’s laws regarding distracted driving (Bill 16) ( are much more severe than Ontario’s and Aberta’s distracted driving laws go into effect on September 1, 2011 and will result in a ticket with a fine for $172.00. Alberta’s distracted driving law Applies to all vehicles as defined by the Alberta Traffic Safety Act, including bicycles This isn’t a parking ticket, this is a ticket in which the officer who pulled you over and in which you had to produce your Alberta Driver’s Licence, with your name and address. The Ministry can simply transmit that information to a collection agency in the event that you do not challenge it and are convicted in absentia, with a fine attached to the conviction.

    I would fight it – see Non-Resident Fighting an Ontario Ticket at – this mechanism allows someone in your position to dispute this ticket in writing, without having to attend the Ontario court for the trial. It may well be that the prosecutor or the JP dismisses the ticket or that the JP lowers the fine in the event of a conviction.

    Remember when a fine can’t be collected, the entity collecting the unpaid fine, can place a derogatory remark on your credit rating, which can affect you in ways that you cannot imagine, until your in position where you rely upon your good credit rating.

    Remember to always

  50. This might be the wrong place to ask but here goes..
    I’m from Alberta and rented a car here in Toronto for a few days.
    I was caught holding my phone at an intersection during a red light. I got a ticket, and rightfully so.
    Question is should I pay it seeing as how I’m leaving on Sunday back to Alberta?
    FYI, the officer said not to worry about it and not to pay it! Just want someone else’s opinion.

  51. Hi Melody:
    Unfortunately, you have rented a car with a car rental agency and signed a contract that allows the car rental agency
    to charge your credit car in the event that the City of Toronto or any other city for that matter, sends a charge for
    the parking ticket to the rental car agency.

    If you don’t contest the ticket or pay it, when the ticket proceeds through the courts and a conviction is registered,
    and the courts will send the charge to the registered owner of the vehicle (the car rental agency). When the
    car rental agency receives the bill, they will investigate and find out who rental that vehicle, during the date/time
    that the parking ticket was issued.

    Upon discovering that you were the one that rented the vehicle, the rental company will send you notice that
    your credit card will be charged for the total payable fine, along with an administrative processing fee of
    anywhere between $50 – $100 on top of the fine.

    You can fight this without showing up – see:

    You can’t avoid this one – if you do you will pay for it – eventually.

    Remember to always

  52. Hello, I was visiting Toronto with a rental car from Ottawa and was ticketed for parking in a spot that required a permit (didn’t see the sign). I live in another city in Ontario. Will the City of Toronto be able to come after the rental company in Ottawa if the ticket is unpaid? Thank you.

  53. Hi Bill:
    You don’t have to worry about it. The City of Vancouver does not have a reciprocal agreement with the Province of Quebec and therefore, Vancouver has no way to collect enough information to pursue you over a parking ticket or the fine associated with it.

    Remember to

  54. Hi Admin,

    I from Quebec and visiting Vancouver. I received a parking ticket because i was parked past 3 pm in an area where there is a lot of traffic on rush hours. Should I worry about the city of vancouver comming after if I don’t pay it?

    Thank you!

  55. Hi Jack:
    This is not the typical example of someone receiving a parking ticket in their own vehicle; in this case you are dealing with a car-rental company, which plays by a different set of rules.

    It is very cumbersome and I am glad that you are aware that in the event that you do not challenge it, the car rental company will probably add another $50-$70 on top of the fine (as their internal administrative charge).

    Under the circumstances that you have described, if you did decide to challenge it, and you are unsuccessful, the arbitrator will tack on another $25.00 as the administrative fee.

    If you are not inclined to fight this and do not want to have either the car-rental company or arbitrator charge you an additional administrative fee – you are better off paying the small fee now, rather then wait and have it grow later.

    You can still fight this parking ticket (I would); see the process at

    Remember to always

  56. Hi,

    I’m from Ontario, and while visiting Vancouver I received a parking ticket in Richmond, BC for parking too close to a private entrance, yet I really think I was further than the 1.5m. I received a $45 ticket for a BC-plated rental car, which normally I would challenge in my hometown. I would like to challenge it, do you know anything about the process for which one can do so from out-of-province. It is really cumbersome – should I just pay it or is there anyway to frustrate the process before my rental company pays it and dings me for an admin fee?


  57. Hi mINX:
    You have 15 days to decide whether or not you want to challenge these tickets or not. If you want to fight them all, then
    you have to go to 137 Edward Street (located at University Avenue and Edward Street – Edward is one street north of
    Dundas Street West) to the second floor, grab a ticket and wait for your turn. It is best to go to this location at 8:00 a.m. and be the first or second person in line, as it opens at 8:30 a.m. and it you are amongst the first few people entering this location, you will be in and out in 10 minutes.

    When you go in, you will be provided with a Notice of Intention to Appear.

    If you request a trial date, you will have to fill out a NOTICE OF INTENTION TO APPEAR sheet (Form 7 – Provincial Offences Act – Regulation 950 ). See section 17.1 of the Provincial Offences Act.

    The NOTICE OF INTENTION TO APPEAR form will ask you the following questions:

    Name, Address, Phone Number and the Offence Notice Number or Parking Infraction Notice Number

    A question will be posed in the next section of the form:

    At trial I intend to challenge the evidence of the provincial offences officer who completed
    The Certificate of Offence or Certificate of Parking Infraction ___ No/Non _X_ Yes/Oui

    ( see PROVINCIAL OFFENCES ACT Section 5.2 (1) “Challenge to officer’s evidence”)

    Always check off YES. The reason you do this, is to ensure that the Officer (Police Officer, Ontario Provincial Police Officer, RCMP etc) who issued the ticket is:

    * Compelled to be present at the Trial.
    * Compelled to have their log book or notepad in their possession at the trial.

    If you fill out “NO” you have already lost before you begin.

    After you fill out a Notice of Intention to Appear for all of these offences, the clerk will advise you that if you have not heard from them in a couple of months, with a NOTICE OF TRIAL for all of these incidents, then you should contact them. See

    Due to the fact that you are not a resident of Ontario and a resident of the Province of Alberta, there is a way that you can challenge these charges without having to return to Ontario from Alberta (you can dispute the charges without having to appear in an Ontario court) – see Non-Resident Fighting an Ontario Ticket –

    The charges:
    1- Driver Failing to Properly Wear a Seat Belt – section 106 (2) of the HTA and a $240 fine and two (2) demerit points – you can simply explain that
    you removed it upon being pulled over, in order to be able to lean forward and to the right to retrieve the documentation from the vehicle’s glovebox.

    2- Expired Insurance – normally this is very serious, but given that it is a rental and that car rental companies aren’t always organized with respect
    to their paperwork and documentation, this is simple to rectify. Talk to your car rental company and ensure that they provide you with up-to-date
    insurance documentation with regard to the vehicle that you were operating at the time you were pulled over. Photocopy the rental agreement,
    proof of ownership and the insurance paperwork and secure this, as it will be needed at your trial. If you choose to dispute this charge, without
    appearing at the trial, simply send it with your explanation of the events on the day in question.

    3- Hand-held devices prohibited

    Wireless communication devices – section 78.1 (1) of the Ontario Highway Traffic Act(HTA):

    78.1 (1) No person shall drive a motor vehicle on a highway while holding or using a hand-held wireless communication device or other prescribed device that is capable of receiving or transmitting telephone communications, electronic data, mail or text messages.

    In Ontario, the fine has been established at $155.00 and you don’t receive any demerit points. Notice that the language of the this section of the HTA states “holding or using” . As you’ll know, Alberta has passed the harshest distracted driving legislation (Bill 16) in the country, which comes into effect on September 1, 2011 (following a public awareness campaign).

    The new law (Bill 16) bans the use of hand-held cellphones for talking or texting, watching DVDs, reading, writing and grooming while driving. This law applies to all roads in both urban and rural areas of the province. This new law is applicable to all vehicles as defined by the Traffic Safety Act, including bicycles. The fine for this new offence is $172.

    The existing legislation, already in place, which will remain in place to compliment this new; Traffic Safety Act 115(2)(i) – allows police to charge a driver who permits anything, including a pet, to occupy the front seat of the vehicle such that it interferes with the driver’s access to the vehicle controls and the safe operation of the vehicle. Further, Traffic Safety Act 115(2)(j) – allows police to charge a driver who permits anything, including a pet, to cause any obstruction to the driver’s clear vision in any direction. See

    This should be enough to start you off. Remember to always

  58. Hi there,

    I’m here visiting Toronto for vacation and i got pulled over today, the officer issued me 3 tickets: 1-for not wearing a seat belt (to which i was he saw me taking it off when i went to reach for the insurance/registration. 2- Expired insuance ( the car is a rental) 3-for talking on the phone. Now i’m from Calgary alberta and i just want to know whats going to happen i want to fight them all.
    Please help.
    Thank you

  59. Hi there.

    My girlfriend has visited me a lot over the last year. She’s American and has collected a LOT of parking tickets in Toronto. She was told by a clerk that she could pay them ‘voluntarily’, but that they were essentially discarded because she had American plates. In the clerk’s words, “Toronto’s lack of organization is your good luck”. Honestly, I wouldn’t have paid them after being told that either.

    She’s never gotten any mail regarding tickets – should she now be worried?

  60. I am a student and live in Mississauga driving a BC-plated car. I recently got a ticket for parking in a fire-lane ($100) and plan to not pay it. But if I plan to register my car in the next 4-5 years, will this ticket follow me? Will Mississauga Parking enforcement tow my car in the future?

  61. Hi Anon:
    If you are ticketed for parking within 3 metres ($100.00 fine) of a fire hydrant, the City of Toronto cannot collect on this parking fine, if your motor vehicle bears an Alberta licence plate.

    Remember to always

  62. I have alberta plates but got a ticket for parking within 5m of a fire hydrant in toronto.

    Does the principle with simple parking tickets apply to these tickets as well?

  63. Hi Ilya:

    You can come to Canada’s beautiful Vancouver, in the Province of British Columbia and enjoy your visit.

    Don’t worry about the City of Vancouver going after you with respect to one expired meter parking ticket, they cannot and will not pursue you, if your vehicle bears a California, U.S.A licence plate.

    Remember to always

  64. Hi!
    I was visiting Vancouver, Canada for a day and received a parking ticket because the time paid for on the parking meter has expired… I live in California, United States and just wondering if I should pay the ticket or not worry about it. If I decide not to pay the ticket, can they go after me when I come to visit Canada again?

  65. Hi Joe: I wouldn’t worry about it, until Alberta negotiates a reciprocal agreement with the Province of Ontario,
    with respect to parking tickets, there will be no way that they will be able to access your personal particulars
    and therefore will have no way of collecting on the unpaid fines.

    Remember to always

  66. Help please!!

    I am living in toronto, I have an alberta driver’s liscence and a car with alberta plates. I have been here for almost a year and plan to leave in a few months.

    In this time, I have collected a little more than half a dozen parking tickets, which I haven’t planned on paying. I just found out very recently that I should have registered the car 30 or 60 days after arriving in toronto, which is what I am mainly worried about. What is the worst that could happen if between now and summer, i get pulled over? i.e. when the officer sees the parking tickets on record to show that the vehicle has been in the province for longer than 60 days?

  67. Hi Than:
    I have combined both of your questions and will answer both of them together.

    There is no reciprocal agreement between the City of Toronto and the City of Montreal or other Quebec cities with the City of Toronto with respect to simple parking tickets. This means that the information about the registered owner cannot be shared and therefore the parking ticket fines cannot be collected and will not be enforced by either the City of Toronto or the City of Montreal.

    If you move to Montreal and receive Quebec licence plates, this information will not follow you. You will not be required to pay for old outstanding parking fines.

    The only reciprocal agreement between Ontario and Quebec allows for the collection and sharing of driver information for the following (as far as traffic offences are concerned):

    3.1.2. Traffic Offences

    – Offences relating to driving over a prescribed or posted speed limit under Section 109 of the Highway Traffic Act of the Province of Ontario and under Sections 328 and 329 of the Québec Highway Safety Code (R.S.Q., c. C-24.2);

    – Offences relating to the failure to obey a red light or a stop sign, under Sections 116 and 124 of the Highway Traffic Act and under Sections 359, 360 and 368 of the Highway Safety Code;

    – Offences relating to the failure to stop at the approach of a school bus with its flashing lights in operation, under Section 151 of the Highway Traffic Act and under Section 460 of the Highway Safety Code;

    – Offences relating to dangerous or careless driving under Section 111 of the Highway Traffic Act and under Section 327 of the Highway Safety Code;

    – Offences relating to the failure to report an accident to a police or peace officer under Section 173 of the Highway Traffic Act and under Sections 169, 170 and 171 of the Highway Safety Code;

    – Offences relating to the failure to remain at the scene of an accident under Section 174 of the Highway Traffic Act and under Section 168 of the Highway Safety Code;

    – Offences relating to driving a road vehicle in a race or a bet or wager under Section 148 of the Highway Traffic Act and under Section 422 of the Highway Safety Code.

    3.1.3. Other Offences

    – Offences under municipal by-laws or ordinances, an Act of Canada or a regulation thereunder which correspond to those offences listed in paragraph 3.1.2.

    3.2. Information reported under article 3.1 shall be transmitted in a manner mutually agreeable to both parties.

    3.3. For the purposes of driver licensing records, each jurisdiction shall recognize a declaration of guilt in the other jurisdiction concerning one of its residents as if the violation had been committed in the home jurisdiction.

    Demerit points shall be assessed or suspensions or revocations issued in accordance with the Appendix to this Agreement.

    Remember to always

  68. Hello Admin,

    Please help me.

    I got a City of Toronto parking ticket (that I did not deserve…but that’s another story) while using my dad’s car yesterday. The car has Alberta license plate.

    Should I worry about paying the ticket? I should mention that my dad and I are planning to move to Toronto – so my dad will need to get Ontario plates at some point in the next several weeks / months.


  69. I have an Ontario licensed plate, and I received two parking tickets from Montreal (They are $52 each) …. after i read your article, I decided that I will not pay for these parking tickets. However, let’s say, 3 years from now I move to Montreal and need Quebec License Plate? Will i be able to get it? Would there be a penalty (more than the tickets it self)? and Will Quebec province clear their unpaid tickets out of their record? If so, how long does the record last in their system? Thank you very much!

    Also, if i ever go back to Montreal with my current License plate….when the parking enforcement officer see my car and realize that my car has unpaid ticket history, will my car get towed?

  70. Hi there.
    I live in Toronto. My brother-in-law parked his Quebec-plated car in my driveway for a few months while he does renovations on his home in Quebec. The car will be driven back to Quebec in the spring. I drive the car occasionally, to keep it operating through the winter, and recently got a ridiculous parking ticket (I was visiting friends on Raglan Avenue on Sunday night and for some reason that street has 1 hour parking all the time, which is a simple money grab for the city, but anyway)… My question is this: I know I don’t have to pay the ticket, since it’s got Quebec plates on it, but if I am parked on a Toronto street in a couple of months will there be a possibility the car will be towed since its plates will come up in the Toronto Parking computers as having transgressed)? Do the parking cops have instant access to that sort of information when they’re writing tickets? Thanks!

  71. Hi Maureen:

    I didn’t know that a 1990 snowmobile had that type of a shelf life. It sounds like the person that you traded/sold your 1990 Yamaha to in 1991 should be paying the ticket, given that he/she never took steps to transfer the ownership.

    The problem is that you received notification of the ticket in June 2009 and it was during that time you should have addressed this issue, rather than avoiding it and hoping that it would straighten itself out.

    You could request an appeal, but in order to do that you would have to show up and plead your case in front of a Justice of the Peace in Toronto.

    You’ll have to pay the $66.00 now or later. It sounds like you’ll have to write this one off as a bad experience.

  72. My husband received a parking ticket notice in June 2009. The unbelievable thing is that this parking ticket was for a 1990 Yamaha snowmobile that we traded/sold in 1991. I don’t know why a snowmobile would be parked on a street in Toronto in June, but that was the fine & date. Apparently the new owner never transferred ownership. We have since cancelled the tag that was on the machine (we never thought at the time of sale that it should be done). The other unbelievable thiing is that we live in Northwestern Ontario and were no where near Toronto on the offence date. The nightmare now is that we cannot register any of our own vehicles unless we pay this outstanding fine. With surcharges the amount owing now is $66.00. The only way to dispute the fine is to pay it and attend in person at a court in Toronto to appeal it. That is just not financially feasible to do. What can you suggest. The other nightmare is trying to find a phone number to talk to a real person about rectifying this situation. All the ones given to us have been automated lines for “paying” the fine. Help please.

  73. Hi Jovunik:
    If you are driving in a motor vehicle from Quebec, that is plated with Quebec licence plates, then you don’t have to worry, as the City of Toronto and the City of Markham do not have a reciprocal agreement with the Province of Quebec and therefore can not take any action against you with regard to parking tickets.

    The province no longer places people in jail for unpaid tickets, this was done away with quite some time ago.

    The only way motorists are adversely affected by the non-payment of parking tickets, if that upon renewing their licence plate, they cannot receive their up to date validation sticker for their licence plate until they pay off their accumulated fines for outstanding parking tickets.

    Quebec and Ontario updated a reciprocal agreement on December 1, 2010 – see Regulation respecting a Reciprocal Agreement between the Province of Ontario and Québec concerning Drivers’ Licences and Traffic Offences – Highway Safety Code (R.S.Q., c. C-24.2, s. 631) @

    Remember to always

  74. Hi great site and info!

    So I visit from Quebec a lot and have collected several parking tickets over the years, from the city of Markham. On a recent trip I also got a ticket from the city of Toronto for parking on a fire route for $250.00!!! Shame on me I know for doing these violations and taking advantage.

    My question is, how long it takes for these tickets to be written as a loss to the city and cancelled from their systems? What about from Markham, same rules for cancellation? Lastly, if I ever get pulled over by Metro or OPP in the same car in Ontario, will this affect me? Will they be able to arrest me for unpaid tickets from years before? (I have heard this has happened to people)???


  75. Hi Laviet: Given that your vehicle and the licence plates are registered in Minneapolis, you will not be required to pay for your parking tickets; given that the City of Toronto does not have a reciprocal agreement with Minneapolis.

    Remember to always

  76. Hello,

    My car & plates are from MN (Minneapolis).
    I got 2 parking tickets, one downtown Toronto ON. I didn’t know I still had to pay for parking at 3am Sunday night Monday morning. & one downtown Hamilton ON. because the parking machine has change blocked in it.
    I got these tickets about 2 months ago. Do I have to pay these tickets?

  77. Hi Emily: the reasons that the tickets were cancelled were due to the fact that the vehicle which received City of Toronto parking tickets is registered in Nova Scotia.

    There is no reciprocal agreement between the City of Toronto and Nova Scotia; therefore there is no way for the City of Toronto to collect on these tickets on a motor vehicle registered in Nova Scotia.

    I’m surprised that the parking enforcement officer even bothered writing the tickets after seeing a Nova Scotia licence plate on the vehicle.

    Your Dad doesn’t have to worry about the tickets affecting him in anyway. These parking tickets would not affect him in anyway.

    Remember to always

  78. Hi Emily: the reasons that the tickets were cancelled were due to the fact that the vehicle which received City of Toronto parking tickets is registered in Nova Scotia.

    There is no reciprocal agreement between the City of Toronto and Nova Scotia; therefore there is no way for the City of Toronto to collect on these tickets on a motor vehicle registered in Nova Scotia.

    I’m surprised that the parking enforcement officer even bothered writing the tickets after seeing a Nova Scotia licence plate on the vehicle.

    Your Dad doesn’t have to worry about the tickets affecting him in anyway. These parking tickets would not affect him in anyway.

    Remember to always

  79. Hello there
    I have a novascotia registered car and currently in Toronto.
    I got many parking tickets since last year.
    I tried to pay a few of them but they were cancelled due to administrative errors and the payment didnt go through. I had no problem renewing the license plate on september.
    My car is undet my dad’s name and would all these parking tickets be left as a record on his license?
    My dad will be travelling to the states soon and would these parking tickets will have any effect when he returns to Canada?
    Thank you

  80. Hi there
    I have a Nova Scotia registered car on my dad’s name and I was in Toronto last year and got many parking tickets. I tried to pay some of them but it said they were cancelled due to admisitrative errors so the payment had to be returned.
    And I had no problem renewing the license plate on September though.
    Will all these parking tickets be left as a record on my dad’s license?
    And my dad’s travelling to the states soon and will these parking tickets have any affect when he returns to Canada?
    Thank you

  81. Hi there,
    A friend of mine got a bi-law parking ticket in the City of Orillia (Ontario), and the vehicle had an Alberta license plate. Is there any penalty if he does not pay?

  82. Hi Enid:
    You should fight the ticket. In March 2008 the fine for Parking near a Fire Hydrant, increased from $30.00 to $100.00 (this is offence #15- park within 3 metres or 9.8424 feet of any Fire Hydrant).

    If you live too far away and do not want to come to the City of Toronto to fight your ticket, you don’t have to.

    The Provincial Offences Act contains a provision which you may benefit from:
    6. (1) Dispute without appearance

    Go to the following page and it will explain the process in much greater detail:

    Remember to always

  83. Hi there,

    I got a $100 parking ticket in toronto while visiting. I live in another city in Ontario… do I pay it? fight it?


  84. Hi Eric:
    The City of Winnipeg, Manitoba does not have a reciprocal agreement with the Province of Ontario and therefore they cannot collect fines resulting from parking tickets issued in Winnipeg. You do not have to pay it.

    Remember to always

  85. HI there,
    I have a Ontario registered car and got a parking ticket in Winnipeg Mb, Just wondering if I should bother paying it.


  86. Hi Shannon:
    If you are driving a motor vehicle with Pennsylvania licence plates, then you don’t have to worry about the parking ticket. A parking ticket on Bayview Ave (close to Sunnybrook Hospital) happens on a regular and consisten basis to parked vehicles. The City of Toronto does not have a reciprocal agreement with Pennsylvania with regard to parking tickets. Of course, the same would apply if a Torontonian drove to Pennsylvania and received a parking ticket.

    The City of Toronto should take a page out of the City of Guelph’s parking rules, as they allow motorists to park free for two (2) hours a day at the downtown parking meters (see: ) or the City of Barrie which are allowing motorists to park for free in their downtown lot during the month of December, 2010.

    Remember to always

  87. Hi there
    I am a US resident (from Pennsylvania) and I am living in Toronto for med school. I received a parking ticket last night on Bayview Ave (for unknown reasons!) Should I appeal the ticket? Should I mention anything about living here for school? I am very uncertain what to do about the ticket! I am in the middle of an exam period and don’t have time for this! Please help :) Thanks!

  88. Hi Lucy: I wouldn’t worry about these two parking tickets that you received in Toronto, Ontario.

    There is no reciprocal agreement between the City of Toronto and the State of New York with respect to simple parking tickets.

    Remember to

  89. Hi Helen:
    Currently Ontario does not have a reciprocal agreement with the Province of British Columbia or the State of New York with respect to parking tickets. If you left Ontario now and went to BC or New York and renewed your licence there, the parking ticket would not show up on your record and would not affect the status of your driver’s licence.

    Parking tickets do not affect your insurance rates.

    Remember to always

  90. Hello,

    Both my dad and I are currently residents in Toronto, with Ontario driver’s licenses. I recently got a ticket in Toronto for parking my dad’s car illegally. Both my dad and I are moving out of province in the next week or so to BC and New York. What will happen if we don’t pay the ticket? PS – Both my dad and I are considering renewing our Ontario Driver’s License.

  91. Hi- I am a driver from NYC with NY plates, and recently got two parking tickets. Is there a recriprocal agreement with New York State? Should I pay these tickets? Will there be issues when I cross the US/Canada Border? Thanks-

  92. Hi Harold:
    I wouldn’t worry over a simple traffic ticket. Most municipalities in Ontario complain that they can’t collect from other Provinces. Currently there is no reciprocal agreement between Ontario/British Columbia which would allow for the enforcement of parking tickets amongst the Provinces.

    Effective December 15, 2010 the Provincial Offences Act is changing – see the following:
    Note: On December 15, 2010, subsection (1) is repealed and the following substituted:

    Authority to collect parking fines

    (1) A municipality may collect the fines levied for convictions respecting parking infractions under its by-laws if the municipality,

    (a) enters into an agreement with the Attorney General to authorize it; or

    (b) enters into a transfer agreement under Part X. 2009, c. 33, Sched. 4, s. 1 (28).


    (1.1) The Attorney General and a municipality may enter into an agreement for the purpose of clause (1) (a). 2009, c. 33, Sched. 4, s. 1 (28).

    See: 2009, c. 33, Sched. 4, ss. 1 (28), 5 (3).

    Remember to always

  93. I am visiting Richmond B.C. with an Ontario license plates car and got a by law parking ticket recently. Should I pay it?..Do the 2 provinces share info?

  94. Hi MJ- I think that you may have a problem. Unless the tickets have been abandoned by the City (given the
    Quebec plates that were on your vehicle at the time) this information may just “pop-up” at the time
    you register your Ontario plates with your Toronto address or if not, they may “pop-up” at a later date
    when you least expect them to.

    Remember to

  95. Hi Dimetri: You don’t have to pay these parking tickets. There is no mechanism currently in place for the
    City of Toronto to track down residents of Michigan and collect the outstanding fines on these parking tickets. There is no
    Reciprocal agreement between Toronto and Michigan currently in place.

    Remember to always

  96. Hey Admin,

    I am a Michigan Resident (MI Plates on the car), and I was in the GTA for 2 weeks. Within that time I got a Parking ticket (did not know you couldn’t park on the street after 2am) in Vaughan, ON (York Region), and one in Downtown Toronto. I read the above link about the city being able to find out your information if you are from the states. Should I pay these tickets? I here for about another week.

  97. I have a question… I am currently plated in Quebec and have been visiting Ontario quite a bit in the last year. I knew that the city of Toronto couldn’t convict me for parking offenses so I took advantage of it (shame on me, I know…) I moved to Toronto a few weeks ago and now I want to register my car in Ontario (because it’s SO MUCH cheaper!) Will I have to pay ALL my unpaid parking tickets (and trust me, there’s more than one…) before I can register my car in Ontario?

  98. Thanks admin! I was hoping that since the car has a Quebec license plate the city of Toronto won’t follow through with the ticket.

  99. Hi Hiro:
    When you rented the car from the rental company, you signed a contract.

    If you review the contract in which you entered into with the rental company,
    you’ll notice that you agreed that any tickets that were issued to the car
    during the passage of time, would be your responsibility.

    The rental company will not only demand that you pay for the fines associated
    with the tickets, but will charge you with a high administrative fee, above and
    beyond the cost of the fines.

    You can take a chance and hope that you won’t be held accountable for the
    fine, but most likely will. But, if you wait, you will be paying a great deal more
    than the fines related to the parking tickets.

    Rememer to always http://fightyourtickets.a

  100. Hi, I have a question, I recently rented a car in Toronto from a rental company that has a Quebec license plate, and I got 3 parking tickets, what is my best course of action? The car belongs to the rental company in Toronto, will the company be notified?

    Thanks for your help!

  101. thanks for your reply,
    So even I should not write a letter or call/ mail to explain it, in order to cancel the ticket?

  102. Hi Huda:
    If it is a parking ticket, it will not be pursued by the City of Toronto, and therefore I wouldn’t pay it.
    If the ticket is for an offence under the Highway Traffic Act offence, I would definitely fight it.
    Remember to always

  103. Dear Admin:
    I live in Toronto.
    I drove my dad’s car , and got a ticket in Toronto. My dad’s car has Quebec plate. My dad recently added my name and my address to the car insurence company in Qeubec. So what do I do with the ticket? shall i pay it or forget about it?

  104. Hi Lee: See the following post: and . These exemptions are very helpful to someone who is going to challenge their tickets in court.
    It was City Councillor Howard Moscoe who called for the City to make these secret guidelines public. After spending over 31 years in City Hall he announced last week that he is retiring and will not offer himself for re-election again. See:

    Remember to always

  105. Hi Lee: All that the City of Toronto has posted on their website is the following:
    Out of Province Convictions
    If parking infractions occur with a licence plate registration from most north-eastern states in U.S.A., address information is obtained from those state departments allowing the City of Toronto to send out the infraction notices under the POA.

    Revenue Services staff run weekly reports that list all infractions issued to vehicles with licence plates from these states. Ownership information is provided by each state department. Once validated, the parking infraction will be handled through all POA functions excluding plate denial.

    There has not been a recent agreement between Toronto and any city in Quebec.

    See the following pages:

    Remember to always

  106. Hi Doug:
    See the most recent post at where the City of Toronto’s auditor is complaining that this is the type of situation which is the City of Toronto’s second biggest loss related to parking tickets.

    The City has no way of collecting names and addresses from other Provinces and therefore cannot collect on unpaid parking tickets. I understand that it takes a full year from the date that the ticket is issued, before it is actually written off as a loss by the City of Toronto. Remember to always

  107. What happens to those parking tickets that are given to out-of-province drivers? I heard they are canceled. If so do you know how long before they are cancelled?

  108. Hi Gabriel:

    If you are a Quebec resident and received a parking ticket in the City of Ottawa, the City of Ottawa will not collect it, upon conviction.

    Ottawa has millions of dollars in uncollected parking fees. About half of these uncollected fees are from Ontario motorists (not living in Ottawa).

    Quebec residents are responsible for about a quarter of the entire uncollected amount and will continue to be.

    Unless reciprocal agreements are established between Quebec and Ontario with mutual consent, Ottawa will not be able to collect from Quebec and vice-versa.

    Remember to always http://fightyourticketsca

  109. Hi, you mention in this article that non-resident of Ontario cannot be collected by the city of Ontario for a parking ticket.

    I just got a parking ticket in the city of Ottawa but I’m a Quebec driver (my car is for Quebec too!). What will happen if I do not pay this ticket?

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