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The City of Toronto is complaining that this secret book, which has been in existance for over thirty (30) years, contains parking ticket cancellation guidelines or enforcement protocol, which provides numerous exemptions. Because of the listed exemptions, the City of Toronto is losing millions of dollars every year. As it stands the City collects approximately one hundred and ten million ($110 million) dollars.

A secret 25-page City of Toronto booklet, containing a list of people, services and streets exempt from paying parking tickets, is costing taxpayers millions of dollars in unpaid fines and should be reviewed, says a veteran councillor.

City of Toronto City Councillor Howard Moscoe (Ward 15-Eglinton-Lawrence), Chair of Toronto’s Licensing Commitee, said he has seen the ticket cancellation book and is not pleased by its contents.

“This book is not available to the public and I am not allowed to speak about its existence,” he said.

70 year old Howard Moscoe, who has been a City Councillor since 1978 (with the exception of a few years), said the confidential enforcement protocol applies to a wide range of motorists including delivery vans, out-of-town visitors and even taxis and limousines.

According to Councillor Howard Moscoe, the City of Toronto’s “Government Management Committee” is meeting today and have agreed to release part of the 25 page Parking Cancellation Guidelines – Appendix “D”. This Committee has only agreed to release the user friendly version of these guidelines. These guidelines are written on “purple paper” which Mr. Moscoe stated signified that they are “confidential papers”. He said that he can’t speak to the “purple papers” or the confidential papers.

Councillor Howard Moscoe says that their are significant flaws with the parking ticketing system and that the 412 parking control enforcement officers are aware of them. Councillor Howard Moscoe stated that a number of fellow Councillor’s weren’t even aware of the existence of these guidelines.

City Councillor Howard Moscoe is concerned that if parts of this book become public – that the public would take advantage of the information in an effort to beat their traffic tickets. He believes that if everyone knows what the secret guidelines are published that anyone who knows the guidelines can twist, turn and bend these rules to their advantage.

City of Toronto City Councillor Adam Giambrone,  (Ward 18 -Davenport) has a different opinion about this subject.  He doesn’t feel these guidelines are secret, and the way that he describes the lack of disclosure is by saying that the book isn’t “shared widely” and that the guidelines are made available to the employees of a Corporation (The City of Toronto) when motorists bring their tickets to the different Parking Tag Operations Locations (Central, East, West & North) and have to be dealt with by the City of Toronto clerks that process the tickets. Councillor Giambrone says these guidelines are for staff at the ticket centres and sets out guidelines to write off or forgive a ticket, which he suggests are for the most part, common sense.

At the conclusion of the City of Toronto’s “Government Management Committee” this afternoon, the Committee made a decision to send this issue, about publishing parts of these guidelines to a vote to the entire City Council at its next scheduled meeting on June 8 & 9, 2010 .

Councillor Giambrone believes that these guidelines will be packaged up in an appropriate format for the public and will be shared with the public after the next regularly scheduled full council meeting in June.

City officials are prepared to release some information about the cancellation guidelines, but the politicians must agree when the issue arrives at next month’s city council meeting.

But that won’t include the guidelines for courier and delivery exemptions, said City of Toronto’s City Treasurer,  Ms. Giuliana Carbone.

“We’re recommending that at the current time the cancellation guidelines for courier and delivery vehicles not be made public,” she said. “The current guidelines would still continue but we’re working with transportation in changing the overall strategy” Ms. Carbone said. believes that the reason that Toronto City Councillor Howard Moscoe exposed the fact that this secret document existed and revealed some of its contents was to stir up the public to force the guidelines to be published. He hopes that once published there will be a public outcry and that the exemptions that have been in place for years, will be eliminated due to the public and political pressure exerted on City Councillors who will be running for re-election in the fall.

The City of Toronto will most likely announce on June 9, 2010, that the common exemptions found in these secret guidelines, will be published for public presumption.

Update: June 9, 2010 Ticket cancelling manual released

Update: June, 2015 Parking Ticket Cancellation Guidelines

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