Parking Ticket Cancellation Guidelines: Increasing the 5 Minute Grace Period to 10 Minutes

Update: see previous posts – July 1, 2010 Parking Ticket Cancellation Guidelines

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Many parking enforcement officers are overzealous and will ticket the same vehicles again and again and again. This change to the Parking Ticket Cancellation Guidelines will slow them down by about 10 minutes.

The Government Management Committee met on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 and adopted the following recommendation:

The Government Management Committee recommends that:

1.         City Council amend the current Parking Ticket Cancellation guidelines to implement a 10 minute grace period for all time-restricted offences, excluding major arterial routes during rush hour periods.

2.         City Council authorize the Treasurer or designate, in consultation with the City Solicitor, the General Manager of Transportation Services and the Toronto Police Service, to amend or update the parking ticket cancellation guidelines from time to time as warranted, to reflect and incorporate references to new by-laws or legislative requirements, new offences, amendments to existing by-laws or legislation, or new fines or fine amounts.

This 10 minute grace period, versus the present 5 minute grace period for parkers, will be considered and voted upon at the next Toronto City Council meeting on July 11, 2012.

Street signs can sometimes be confusing, especially if several contradictory signs (some bent) are all erected on the same post.


This report recommends changes to the parking ticket cancellation guidelines used by Revenue Services staff in assessing whether a parking ticket may be cancelled.  Additionally, this report recommends that authority be delegated to the Treasurer to amend or update the parking ticket cancellation guidelines from time to time as required to incorporate technical amendments such as new by-law references or legislative requirements, new offences, new fines.

Financial Impact:

There are no financial implications at this time.  While the implementation of a 10 minute grace period for time-limited offences (instead of the current 5 minute grace period for certain pay-and-display meter offences) could result in more tickets being cancelled, it is expected that these tickets (where a ticket has been issued within 10 minutes of the expiry of a time-restricted offence ) would likely result in a minimal fine or no fine being imposed by the justice of the peace, or in the withdrawal of the ticket by the prosecutor if the offence went to a trial, which would result in no revenue.  By cancelling the ticket without having to schedule a trial, court costs associated with such tickets are reduced, while court capacity would be preserved to hear more serious parking ticket or traffic offences.  This will streamline overall service delivery and provide improved customer service by having parking ticket disputes resolved in a more timely manner.

The Deputy City Manager and Chief Financial Officer has reviewed this report and agrees with the financial impact information.

Background Information:

(June 12, 2012) Report from the Treasurer and the City Solicitor on Review of Parking Ticket Cancellation Guidelines





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