Parked Cars Lifted By City Workers to Paint Double Yellow Lines and Then Put Down and Ticketed


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The parking ticket that Adam Weaver received on Lord Street after his car was lifted up to paint on yellow lines.

Drivers were stunned after their cars were lifted up and had double yellow lines painted underneath them before being put down – and slapped with parking tickets.

Traffic wardens swooped on the cars after road workers painted the lines during resurfacing work. Drivers thought it was a prank – and one said it ‘felt like something out of Beadle’s About’.

Now council chiefs have blamed the traffic wardens for the ‘unacceptable’ blunder – and agreed to rip up the tickets. Adam Weaver, 28, was one of four motorists who had parked on unrestricted Lord Street, in Manchester city centre and were given parking tickets.

Council workmen moved 17 cars with a truck-mounted crane to allow them to carry out the work, which included resurfacing. Mr Weaver, who is moving to Manchester from Leeds, was visiting his girlfriend. He parked his Ford Mondeo overnight and says the next morning a traffic warden told him he could park there.

But the following day there was a parking ticket on the windscreen. He said: “It felt like something out of Beadle’s About. I couldn’t see any signs saying they were repainting. “To lift up your car, paint lines underneath it and then immediately try to cash in on it by giving you a ticket is completely out of order.”

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The town hall says notices were placed on the car windows telling drivers what had happened and advising traffic wardens not to issue tickets. The council also says it put signs out warning of the works but residents say they did not see them. Coun Nigel Murphy, executive member for the environment, said: “The city council will be talking to NSL who deal with parking enforcement on our behalf to make sure they fully understand the process we use when we resurface roads in the city. “We find this totally unacceptable and are seeking assurances from them that this doesn’t happen again.”

AN NSL spokesman said: “These tickets have been cancelled, which will ensure that no charge is levied against these motorists. We apologise for this error and will ensure that this does not happen again.”

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