Ottawa: Cops Target – Tailgaters & Stop Sign Runners


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The new year will see police on both sides of the Ottawa River targeting tailgaters and stop sign runners.

Ottawa police and Gatineau police will focus on those two infractions throughout January as part of their Selective Traffic Enforcement Program.

And if history is any indication, it seems there will be no shortage of drivers behaving badly.

Yet their actions can have deadly consequences.

Between 2007 and 2011, following too closely led to more than 24,000 crashes, nearly 7,000 injuries and eight fatalities.

And between 2008 to 2012, drivers who ignored stop signs were involved in more than 3,000 crashes. Nearly 1,000 injuries, and six deaths, were attributed to those motorists who didn’t stop.

The Safer Roads Ottawa Program, a community partnership aimed at cracking down on road deaths, also includes the RCMP, OPP, Quebec provincial and Gatineau police.


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