ORNGE: Star’s ORNGE Investigations Nominated for Michener Award

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The Toronto Star has been nominated for a 2011 Michener Award for its coverage of Ontario’s air ambulance service, known as ORNGE.

The stories, written and reported by Kevin Donovan, “took readers into the heart of an unaccountable and arrogant non-profit agency,” according to the Michener Awards Foundation.

Read more:The Star’s investigation of ORNGE and the fallout

They “revealed a stunning lack of government oversight at a critical public service where managers benefitted over those people the air ambulance was supposed to help.”

Described as “tenacious reporting,” the series of stories led to the removal of ORNGE’s management and board. The provincial auditor general also expanded its probe into activities at ORNGE and a criminal investigation is underway.

The Michener Awards, founded in 1970 by the late Roland Michener, then Governor General, award excellence in public service journalism.

The other nominees include:

•  CBC Vancouver, for its work on systemic sexual harassment within the RCMP;

• The Globe and Mail, for an investigation into Ontario government policies for funding cancer drugs for patients;

• La Presse, for revealing the findings of two secret engineering reports that the Champlain Bridge in Montreal — the most heavily travelled span in Canada — was falling apart;

• The Times Colonist, for stories on a provincial government policy that forced people with developmental disabilities to move from group homes to cheaper accommodations;

• The Windsor Star, for exposing the beating of a local doctor by a Windsor detective, and the web of brutality, deceit and cover-ups within the Windsor Police Service.

Here are some stories from The Star’s ORNGE investigation that stood out:

January, 2012: “Marketing services” an ORNGE for-profit company did for an Italian firm is not worth the $6.7 million the ORNGE firm was paid. Click here to read ‘ORNGE’s mysterious $6.7 million payment’.

December, 2011: Health Minister Deb Matthews asked Ontario’s auditor general to step in after The Star discovered Matthews had been unsuccessful in solving the mystery of ORNGE executive salaries. Click here to read ‘Ontario auditor to dig deeper into air ambulance executive salaries’.

December, 2011: The Star discovered a series of mistakes that led to a 44-minute delay in dispatching an air ambulance helicopter from Toronto in a bid to save a 21-year-old cyclist, hit by a truck in Uxbridge. Click here to read ‘Why was ORNGE chopper delayed 44 minutes as cyclist lay dying in rural hospital?’

December, 2011: After two weeks of stonewalling by the air ambulance service, The Star revealed ORNGE boss Dr. Chris Mazza was paid $1.4 million, making him the highest publicly paid official in Ontario. Click here to read ‘ORNGE president was paid $1.4 million per year’

December, 2011: The air ambulance helicopter at ORNGE’s Thunder Bay base was grounded hundreds of times because no paramedics were available for emergency flights. Click here to read ‘Shortage of paramedics leaves ORNGE helicopter idle’


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