Opening of Doors of Motor Vehicles

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Watch for Cyclists, before you open up the vehicle door

The summer holiday season is at an end and many people are returning to work, school, college or university and as a result, many more cyclists will be riding on the streets, hoping to cash in on the nice weather before winter sets in.  It will become darker and wetter and motorists have to become even more aware of their surroundings and of others, who share the same space on the streets that they drive and park on.

Motorists have busy lives and as a result, motor vehicle traffic in most major Canadian cities, such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and others, force motorists to quickly park and exit their vehicles.

Operators of motor vehicles and the occupants in their vehicle often open up the doors to their vehicles to exit and bicyclists crash into those doors.  Often the cyclist is injured and their bicycles are damaged.

If a motorist is parking their vehicle, it is a good idea to pull up and park right beside the curb, this will ensure that a cyclist will not crash into a passenger door of that vehicle.  What it will mean however, is that anyone exiting the driver’s side of the vehicle, must open up their doors with extreme caution (look into the mirrors to see if any cyclist is approaching), before exiting their vehicle.       

Too many cyclists are injured when passengers in a vehicle or the driver of the vehicle don’t exit the vehicle in a safe manner.

The Ontario Highway Traffic Act is very clear on whose responsibility it is, to exit their vehicles safely:

Opening of doors of motor vehicles

165.  No person shall,

(a) open the door of a motor vehicle on a highway without first taking due precautions to ensure that his or her act will not interfere with the movement of or endanger any other person or vehicle; or

(b) leave a door of a motor vehicle on a highway open on the side of the vehicle available to moving traffic for a period of time longer than is necessary to load or unload passengers.  R.S.O. 1990, c. H.8, s. 165.


Offence and FinesOpen vehicle door improperly – two (2) demerit points165(a)

Set Fine = $85.00 + Set Fine of $20 + Court Costs $5 = Total Payable = $110

Offence and FinesLeave vehicle door open – two (2) demerit points165(b)

Set Fine = $85.00 + Set Fine of $20 + Court Costs $5 = Total Payable = $110

Section 6

6. Special Vehicles


Table 6.18: Bicyclists* Killed and Injured, 2002–2006

* Includes hangers on.

Table 6.19: Age of Bicyclists Involved in Collisions by Light Condition, 2006
Age Groups
Light Condition0-56-1516-3031-6061+UKTotal


Table 6.20: Selected Factors Relevant to All Bicycle Collisions, 2006
Driving Properly (Bicyclist)42
Driving Properly (Motor Vehicle Driver)51
Intersection Related68
Going Ahead (Bicyclist)87
Alcohol Related (Bicyclist)4
No Apparent Vehicle Defect (Bicycle)97
Clear Visibility91
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