Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty Provides Election Promise to Expand GO

Update: see previous posts – August 12, 2011 McGuinty Provides Service Guarantees For GO Trains and Other Service Ontario Services, September 2, 2010 GO Transit Opts Out of Court to Increase Revenues

GO train engine

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty announced on September 7, 2011 that the Honourable David C. Onley, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, had dissolved the 39th Parliament of the Province of Ontario.

The Lieutenant Governor ordered writs for a general election be issued on September 7, 2011 and proclaimed Thursday, October 6, 2011 as the date of Ontario’s 40th general election.




In this second week of election campaigning, the Liberal Leader of Ontario, M.P.P., Premier Dalton McGuinty speaks at the only sold out event at the Toronto Board of Trade in September, 2011. Dalton McGuinty will highlight his vision for the business community and his party’s platform for the upcoming provincial election.

GO train leaving station

Part of that platform will be to improve transit, which includes improving the ecomony by reducing congestion and gridlock.

“Our goal is to build a high-skills, high-wage Ontario economy. To get that, you need to keep goods and people moving,” McGuinty said in a press release. “That’s why we’re expanding GO train service to two-way service, all day, on all corridors.”

The Liberals have promised to spend $6.8 billion over 10 years to lay down new GO Train tracks, expand stations and increase capacity in parking lots. They say this will create some 68,000 jobs over that period of time.

Row of GO buses, parked in GO station

“This is about making sure you can get where you need to go — on time and on your schedule. It builds on our record investments in transit in the last eight years and our recent 15-minute service guarantee,” McGuinty said. “But — above all — this is about strengthening the regional economy in the GTA, which helps strengthen our Ontario economy.”

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  1. I was disabled by my former employer.
    My life , my dreams collapsed, but I want to voice my confidence in McGuinty himself .
    He is the only genuine , credible with real compassion for average Ontarian . He is the only Leader in coming elections that we can count on!
    If Ontarians want to see continuity of Ontario’s recovery and success, then there is only one choice in elections and that is one more term for proven Premier- McGuinty!

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