Newfoundland and Labrador – Corner Brook Woman Found Not Guilty of Illegal Parking at Broken Meter


Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador Photograph by H. Keats taken at James Cook park. Taken October 18, 2005

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A Corner Brook woman found that out Thursday afternoon, and so did the City of Corner Brook, when she successfully fought a parking ticket she found on her windshield in early February.

The woman told Judge Kymil Howe she parked her car on Broadway that morning and dropped a loonie in the parking meter.

No allotted time appeared on the meter and the woman, assuming it was broken, decided not to put any more money in and went about her business.

When she returned, she saw the ticket the municipal police had placed on her windshield.

The officer testified that he was doing his routine check of parking meters in the area and, when he saw what looked like an expired meter, proceeded to write the ticket.

He said he had no reason to believe it was not working.

A document pertaining to parking meter checks presented to the court indicated the meter was checked a week after the ticket was issued and was deemed to be in working order.

The city’s representative who prosecutes municipal legislation asked the woman why she never moved her car to another parking space, try the meter there and report the malfunctioning one to the city.

She replied she never thought she was obligated to do that.

Judge Howe ultimately dismissed the ticket, saying that the officer was just doing his job in issuing the ticket, but the woman had also done her due diligence in contacting the city about how to go about contesting the ticket.

Howe said sometimes court is not about proving who is right and who is wrong, but about settling such disputes when they arise.

City of Corner Brook Street Parking

The city has both metered and free parking throughout the downtown core. Metered streets are Broadway, Main Street, Herald Avenue and West Street.  Fees are $1.00 per hour. Meters are monitored from 9:00 A. M. till 6:00 P.M. Monday to Friday except holidays. Limited free parking is also available.

To contest a parking ticket issued by the City of Corner Brook you must complete and submit a traffic ticket complaint form  to the City of Corner Brook before the court date. Fines may be paid up to 24 hour before the court date noted at the bottom of the ticket. Failure to pay the fine within the prescribed time will result in provincial court prosecution.

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