Mississauga Transit Suspends Bus Driver After He Takes Washroom Break


Picture of Mississauga Public Transit Bus - National Post file photo

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Mississauga Transit is being accused of violating a bus driver’s human rights after the transit worker was suspended for five days for delaying service by taking a washroom break.

The driver had to stand in line for about seven minutes behind two other bus drivers at the single washroom designated for bus drivers at the Meadowvale Town Centre.

He then spent about seven minutes in the stall, after which he went directly back to his bus to continue work, according to union president Nickolas Bye.

A passenger complained about the delay, saying the driver failed to explain the holdup.

But Bye said it is an invasion of privacy to expect bus drivers to tell riders they’re going to the washroom.

“They didn’t discipline him for going to the washroom. He took too long to go,” he said, adding that there is no formal washroom break policy at Mississauga Transit.

“This issue of the washroom has never come up before. This is the first time we’ve had a driver disciplined for using the washroom,” said Bye.

In a prepared statement, the city said it “does not agree with the manner in which the Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 1572 has characterized the nature of the discipline in this case.

“The City of Mississauga’s practice with respect to washroom breaks for transit operators is clear. Employees are permitted to use washroom facilities en route as required provided passenger safety is not placed at risk in the process.”

The statement said the city would not discuss the specific case, but said, “washroom facilities are provided at the end of most routes and recovery time is built in to operator schedules so as to minimize the impact upon service for customers.”

Bye said there’s a long-standing issue for the transit system in finding rest stops along bus routes.

TTC drivers are allowed to stop their buses to use the washroom, said spokesman Brad Ross.

Formal breaks depend on the route or the shift, he said.

But, said Ross, “If somebody has an upset stomach and nature calls … what we do ask is our operators communicate with our customers.”


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  1. Hi Lisa:
    When mother nature calls, mother nature calls and unfortunately, scientists have yet to invent a drug or product which can regulate our bathroom breaks to correspond with our scheduled breaks at work.

    It is understandable why a customer may feel a sense of frustration when he/she has to hang out in the bus for fifteen (15) minutes not aware of when the bus will commence the journey, but at the same time, when an investigation revealed that the driver had to line-up behind two (2) other drivers to use the washroom facilities and that was the cause for the additional delay, management should have said sorry to the customer who complained and left it at that.

    There was no justification for discipline in this case. The driver’s health and safety would have been comprised otherwise.

  2. “Uh Excuse me folks, I have diarherrea probably from my taco dinner last night and need to stop to use the bathroom”. or “I have to pee, so I’m going to stop here”

    Do I as a passenger really need to know this? NO – Too Much Information – come on now

    SERIOUSLY? Do people have nothing better to do? Really? is this what it’s come down to?.

    Maybe transit drivers should maybe start checking bags or telling them they can’t come on the bus if their child continues to cry….. How would you feel Mom with screaming child who is just trying to get home…….

    Stopping for a bathroom break is nobody’s business!

    Do any of the transit users annouce everytime they go to the bathroom? Unfair. I know this is a customer service industry and they are dealing with the transport of human beings. Remember it’s a human transporting a bunch of humans.

    The Knight Rider Bus is not out there nor are there any other self driving vehicles (for the public or that we are aware of)

    I honestly think if a transit drivers life was threatened and was forced off the vehicle, the driver would use the “bathroom” excuse. Think about things people!!!! Have some common ses

    And being repremanded for using the bathroom I’m sure is a violation of Human Rights, and not “allowing” a grown person to go to the bathroom is a health issue.

    People, get a hobby! why not go after those who are comitting actual, real crimes and not those who are tending to normal, natural bodily functions.

    Get off your high horse. They are REAL LIVE Human beings not Robots! and they’re NOT paid enough to take your whinning and abuse! Grow UP and fight for something real!

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