Maryland: Possessing Fake I.D. Could Result in Loss of Driving License


Confiscated fake IDs. Credit: Patch file photo.
Confiscated fake IDs. Credit: Patch file photo.

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Howard County Police reminded students under 21 that if they’re caught using a fake ID, police can take away their Maryland driver’s license.

Police explained that “a little-known law” allows them to revoke someone’s driver’s license for up to a year if he or she is caught attempting to use a fake ID. The announcement comes as high school students begin winter vacation and local college students head back to the county for winter break.

“There are not many law enforcement agencies in the state that currently use it consistently,” wrote the department in press release issued Thursday. “Howard County Police want teens to know they plan to start.”

Police Chief William McMahon said in a statement county police seize more than 300 fake IDs every year, mostly form high school kids.

“They are trying to use them at liquor stores, concerts, bars and restaurants throughout Howard County,” stated McMahon. “We are hoping that the idea of losing their driver’s license will make them think twice and stop them from making a bad decision.”

If your caught once with fake identification, you can have your driver's license taken away for 6 months, a second time - a full year
If your caught with fake identification the first time, you can have your driver’s license taken away for 6 months, a second time – a full 12 months.

The Maryland state law allows police to take a person’s real driver’s license for six months the first time someone is caught with a fake ID. The second time, they can take it for a year, said police.

Police also reminded local youth that drivers under 21 can have their license suspended or revoked if they’re caught operating a vehicle with even a trace of alcohol in their system.

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