Man injured by Air Canada trolley frustrated with airline’s response

Update: see previous post – July 27, 2016 Air Canada policy change urged after minor left alone to sleep on airport floor overnight

A trolley, like the one being used here on another airline, somehow got loose on an Air Canada flight early Thursday morning, hitting five passengers.

A trolley, like the one being used here on another airline, somehow got loose on an Air Canada flight early Thursday morning, hitting five passengers. (Shutterstock)

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Man says he didn’t notice the extent of thigh injury until he got off the plane

A passenger who says he was hurt by a runaway trolley onboard an Ottawa-bound Air Canada flight Thursday wants the airline to rethink the way it handles customer complaints about injuries, comparing the current process to reporting lost baggage.

Matt Hearn said he was hit in the thigh by a loose trolley on flight AC124, which was described as “a rocket shooting down the aisle” by another passenger.

“As the plane landed, it was usual noise in the overhead bins and there was a bigger noise and within a split second this thing flew by me, smashed me in the thigh,” said Hearn, who was returning home after a work trip.

Air Canada confirmed that five passengers were hit by the trolley, including a woman who was treated for a foot injury.

At the time, Hearn said there were other passengers who needed medical attention and he didn’t want to interfere so he got off the plane and went home. That’s when he realized his injury was worse than he had initially thought.

Directed to online form

Hearn said he called Air Canada Thursday night but was told to call back in the morning. In the meantime, he filled out an online form. The next day, Hearn said his wife called Air Canada back and was directed to the same form — which promised a response within five to 10 days.

“I got hurt, not a big deal, but I’d like to talk to someone and there’s just no way to do so,” Hearn said.

Matt Hearn

Matt Hearn says a runaway trolley hit him in the thigh during an Air Canada flight. (supplied)

Hearn said the injury to his right thigh makes it difficult to get around and he was forced to take the day off work on Friday to seek medical advice.

CBC sent an email to Air Canada media relations on Sunday morning to inquire about Hearn’s situation.

Less than an hour later, Hearn received an email response from the airline.

“We were sorry to hear about the difficulties you experienced on board AC 124 on September 21 st and do hope you are feeling better now,” the email said.

“Our records show that all other affected passengers received a letter of apology and compensation, however, as you did not make us aware until now, we are pleased to offer same.”

‘Figure out a better way’

Hearn said he received a promotional code for 20 per cent off the base fare on his next booking. But after the recent experience, he said he’s not interested in flying with Air Canada again.

“I just want Air Canada to figure out a better way to treat their customers, I suppose,” Hearn said.

“I would think just an email saying sorry it happened even if the people aren’t hurt. There was nothing. I find that just bizarre,” he added.

Air Canada media relations was not available to comment on the case on Sunday but said it would look into the matter.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing, according to Air Canada spokesman Peter Fitzpatrick.

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