It Costs Torontonians 50-60 Thousand Dollars for Every City Council Meeting


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Principles are great, but can be costly and don’t pay for any legal fees that you may personally run up, in a personal lawsuit that you may have launched.

Talk isn't cheap at City Hall, according to Toronto City councillor/Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday. in 1987 he ran Provincially as a progressive conservative and lost. In 2003, Now Magazine named Doug Holyday Toronto's worst councillor. Picture by Rene Johnston at the Toronto Star

According to the Deputy Mayor of Toronto, if City councillors add an additional day to all nine (9) scheduled meetings, it will cost an extra half-a-million ($500,000.00) a year.

Recently, the Toronto Council’s Deputy Mayor, Doug Holyday said that every extra day the Toronto City Council meets, the City staff inform him that it costs between $50,000 to $60,000 borne by taxpayers in Toronto.

This is the same Deputy mayor who sued the city to challenge a controversial 2008 council decision to use taxpayer money to cover two councillors’ campaign-related legal fees. He said he was willing to take a financial hit to stand up for an important principle.

That was then, but this is now.

He won. But now, more than a year after he filed the lawsuit, he is asking council to use taxpayer money to cover most of his own legal fees.

Holyday said that he had planned to pay for the lawsuit out of his own pocket until its cost ballooned far beyond the expected $40,000. The final bill was $124,180, according to a letter to councillors from his lawyer, George Rust-D’Eye.

Despite the financial woes of the City, Holyday has made this request of taxpayers, through city council.


City of  Toronto budget chief Mike Del Grande has already reported that the City of Toronto’s net debt will be – 4.3 Billion by 2014.




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  1. He needs to step down. We don’t need a deputy mayor who abuses the system and then accuses everyone else. He’s creepy looking.

    “Sinclair” was his predecessor…..he was an amazing man and we ended up with this guy in Etobicoke.

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