Impaired Driver Receives Life Sentence after 19th Impaired Driving Conviction.


On October 23, 1961 Anee Khudaverdian was born. During her infancy she contracted Polio and as a result, lost the use of her legs. Bound to a wheelchair, Ms. Khudaverdian continued her life. In 2001 she gave birth to her daughter, Hailey.

On October 23, 2008 56 year old Roger Walsh, who had had his share of troubles, decided to take his spouse’s motor vehicle (a Dodge Caravan) while she was incapacitated in the hospital. The court’s had ordered in 2005 that he could not drink, due to an impaired driving conviction.

Ms. Khudaverdian celebrated her 47 th birthday on October 23, 2008 and decided that she would take her dog for a walk, while using her wheelchair in Les Cedres.

While she was out with her dog, Mr. Roger Walsh, who was intoxicated behind the wheel of his spouse’s Dodge Caravan, ploughed into Ms. Khudaverdian’s wheelchair which ended her life. Mr. Walsh didn’t stop, he didn’t even brake, he just kept going, as Ms. Khudaverdian lay in a ditch. Mr. Walsh was discovered by police eight (8) kilometres away, when the Caravan he drove, also ended up in a ditch. When police investigated further, it was found that Mr. Walsh’s blood-alcohol level was over twice that of the legal limit.

As a result of the hit and run, Mr. Roger Walsh, a St. Lazare resident, was charged with several charges under the Criminal Code.

In December, 2008 in a Salaberry-de-Valleyfield court room in Quebec, presided over by Judge Michel Mercier, Mr. Welsh pleaded guilty to impaired driving causing death, leaving the scene of a fatal accident and violating a court order that prohibited him from drinking.

57 year old Mr. Walsh, who had been binge drinking, killed 47 year old Ms. Anee Khudaverdian on October 23, 2008 with the motor vehicle he operated and then had sped away.

The Crown, Mr. Joey Dubois, informed the court that Roger Walsh had eighteen (18) previous convictions related to impaired driving before this incident, as well his total of 114 convictions.  He asked Judge Mercier to declare Mr. Walsh a “Dangerous Offender” pursuant to the Criminal Code of Canada. Mr. Walsh’s defence lawyer, Mr. Jacques Vinet, objected to this request, reminding the Judge that this declaration is normally reserved for repeat Sex Offenders and that the psychiatrist that examined Mr. Walsh, noted that he only had a moderate risk of reoffending. Mr. Walsh’s defence lawyer, Jacques Vinet suggested a ten (10) year for a sentence for his client.

Yesterday, September 9, 2009 in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Quebec, when Judge Michel Mercier read from his seven (7) page decision, he rejected the Crown’s request to declare Mr. Walsh a Dangerous Offender, but instead, did what is believed to have never been done before in Canada, sentenced Mr, Roger Walsh to a life sentence.

Prosecutors have now tried on three (3) separate occasions – including in Ontario and Alberta – but no Canadian judge has ever been persuaded to classify a driver, convicted for impaired driving,  a “Dangerous Offender” under the 2008 amendment to the Criminal Code.

Judge Mercier looked at Mr. Walsh during the sentencing stage of the trial and referred to him as “incorrigible” and said that he should not have been drinking the night that Ms. Anee Khudaverdian died. Mr. Walsh is eligible for parole in ten (10) years.
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Hit and Run driver who killed a young, 13 year old girl, Carley Regan, while she was rollerblading near her Aldergrove home, in British Columbia on January 6, 2003 is prohibited from driving or possessing a driver’s licence for 10 years. See story.

Kingston, Ontario driver, who was convicted of five (5) impaired driving charges, loses driver’s licence for life, imposed not by the Courts, but by the Ministry of Transportation.

Update: January 5, 2010 – between Nov.27/09 to Jan.4/10 over 1 million (1,174,224) motorists were pulled over by the OPP’s R.I.D.E and 298 driver’s were charged with impaired driving and 5,031 other charges were laid during this passage of time.  See the O.P.P’s January 4, 2010 news release.

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