If You Provide Your Name, You’re Out of the Game

Crime Stoppers - You must remain anonymous or you will not receive a tipster reward
Crime Stoppers - You must remain anonymous or you will not receive a tipster reward


see source – Toronto Star

A 43 year old Ajax man, Brett Maynard feels cheated. Mr. Maynard restores historic homes. In December, 2010 while working in Cobourg, Ontario he came across a vacant farm.

While on the property of the vacant farm he noticed a tarp covering a large object.  When he pulled the tarp, he uncovered an expensive mini-excavator.  Although someone attempted to remove the identification stickers, Maynard was able to observe the name “Blake Construction” on the arm.

He phoned his partner to reveal the find and his partner recalled that the owner of a Cobourg construction company, Tim Blake, had been subjected to a theft weeks earlier and had in excess of $60,000.00 equipment stolen from him.

His partner told him to report his find to Crime Stoppers as there was a potential reward up to $2,000.00.

Maynard followed his partner’s advice and although he called, he experienced frustration, when after waiting on hold for fifteen (15) minutes he was disconnected. He thought that calling the police was the same as calling Crime Stoppers, so he called the police.

The police arrived and Tim Blake arrived and said that this was his excavator.

One of the police officers that had arrived, informed Maynard that the case was closed and after obtaining the officer’s badge number and information, he called back Crime Stoppers and was provided with a personal identification number and was told to call Crime Stoppers back in a week.

After a week, he called Crime Stoppers back and was given some unexpected and unwanted news.  He was told that because he provided his name, he wasn’t anonymous (the policy of Crime Stoppers) and therefore ineligible for a reward.

After receiving this news, Maynard told the Crime Stoppers operator, “Well that doesn’t make much sense. I don’t care if I remain anonymous.’ And she said, ‘I’m sorry, but that’s how the policy works.’”

There are many different Crime Stoppers locations across the country.

The Toronto Crime Stoppers co-ordinator, Darlene Ross said “Once you give up your anonymity, you are no longer a Crime Stoppers tipster”, “This program works on nothing but anonymity.” Ross said people who give up their anonymity “then become a witness, not an anonymous tipster.

Crime Stoppers Lorne Simon said “Once you give your name we end the call.”.

Maynard is upset about the principle of it.  On his own time, he made a discovery and reported it and had stolen construction equipment returned to the rightful owner and saved an insurance company, who would have to pay out, saved Blake from having to pay for a huge deductible and saved investigators time and money.

Maynard is the only one who didn’t collect a reward – see “millions in Crime Stoppers rewards go unclaimed”.

The year 2009 was a record year for tips for Toronto Crime Stoppers as more than 10,300 tips were received and over 30% of those tips were related to drugs. In April, 2010 Toronto Crime Stoppers introduced the ability for tipsters to “text” their tips in, rather than speaking to an agent; this will attract more tips from a broader range of society and will almost certainly mean that 2010 will also be a new record year for tips.

Toronto Crime Stoppers Who We Are

Toronto Crime Stoppers is a registered Canadian charity that partners the community, media outlets and local police services to provide community members a way to anonymously supply police with information about a crime or potential crime. TIPSTERS always remain anonymous and are never required to testify in court. CASH REWARDS of up to $2000 may be paid to tipsters.

Contact Information

Toronto Crime Stoppers

808 York Mills Road, P.O. Box 36002
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 1X8

416 222-TIPS (8477) or 1-800-222-TIPS(8477); or
Text TOR and your message to CRIMES (274637)

Definition of “anonymous” and “anonymity”:

anonymous adjective authorless, bearing no name, having no acknowledged name, incognito, innominate, nameless, of unknown authorship, secret, sine nomine, unclaimed, unidentified, unnamed, unsigned, unspecified, without a name, without the name of the author

an·o·nym·i·ty (n-nm-t)

n. pl. an·o·nym·i·ties

1. The quality or state of being unknown or unacknowledged.
2. One that is unknown or unacknowledged.

How to Collect Anonymous Monetary Rewards:

To be eligible for a Crime Stoppers reward of up to $2,000 in cash, you have to remain anonymous. Once you give your name either to police or to a Crime Stoppers call-taker, you are ineligible.

Once you phone in a tip to Crime Stoppers, you are given a personal identification number and it is your responsibility to check back with Crime Stoppers periodically to see how the case is progressing.

Once the case has been resolved, your information is taken to the next board meeting and the board decides what amount you are eligible to receive.

Once the payment is authorized, you (or a friend or relative) take that identification number to any TD Canada Trust branch in the GTA (the bank differs in various jurisdictions), present the number to a customer service representative, the amount is verified with Crime Stoppers and you receive the cash payment.

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