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Update: See previous posts Nov.17/09- Idling Laws to become more Restrictive,, Nov.20/09-Drive-Thru’s to Fall Next in Anti-Idling War, April 26/10-Idling Law to be Reduced to 60 Seconds per Hour, May 2/10-Idling By-Law – 60 Seconds per Hour

The City of Toronto has finally voted in this month’s council meeting to reduce the allowable idling time for motor vehicles, from three (3) minutes down to 60 seconds or one (1) minute.

The City has yet to inform the public when this recently amended by-law ( Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 517, Idling of Vehicles and Boats ) will come into effect and be enforced.

When the Idling Law allowed three (3) minutes of idling (before it was reduced to 1 minute) in:
2009 – 88 tickets were issued to motor vehicle operators for idling their vehicles; and in
2008 – 70 tickets were issued to motor vehicle operators for idling their vehicles; and in
2007 – 50 tickets were issued to motor vehicle operators for idlingl their vehicles.

The City Council voted 24-13 to reduce motor vehicle idling time down to one (1) minute from the former three (3) minutes.

In addition to lowering the idling time down to sixty seconds,  before an operator of a motor vehicle can be issued a ticket with a fine for one hundred and twenty five ($125.00) dollars, the City Councillors eliminated some exemptions:

1. The exemption that allowed vehicles to idle (to keep the heater or air conditioner running) in the extreme cold (less than 5 degrees Celsius) or the extreme heat (in excess of 27 degrees Celsius) has been scrapped.

2. The exemptions for T.T.C vehicles has been scrapped and these vehicles can no longer idle for more than a minute.

The T.T.C has responded stating that they cannot comply with the one (1) minute idling law.

The next stage in this process is to outlaw “drive throughs” due to the idling of motor vehicles that line up for their coffees, food or banking services.

Chapter 517 - No Idling for more than one (1) minute
1 Minute Idle Law - Chapter 517
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