Halton: Results of Annual Spring Seatbelt Campaign April 14-22/12


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Halton Regional Police issued 198 tickets to motorists during their Spring Seatbelt Campaign from April 14-22, 2012 and issued 186 warnings. Premier McGuinty raised the seatbelt fine to $240.00 on Dec.1, 2010. A conviction for a seatbelt violation is a fine of $240.00, along with the accumulation of 2 demerit points on your driving record and a potential increase in your insurance rates.

Spring Seatbelt Campaign Results

The annual Spring Seatbelt Campaign, which ran from April 14 to 22nd, has now concluded.

During the campaign the Service utilized a multi-faceted approach assigning all three District Response Units, uniform patrol officers and volunteers to both educate and enforce the importance of the proper use of seatbelts, child car seats and child booster seats.

During the year the Service focuses on traffic safety through enforcement, education and liaising with our municipalities on engineering issues. Halton typically demonstrates a high seat belt compliance rate, however there are still those who opt to risk their safety, risk their lives by not buckling up.

Chief Gary Crowell remarked, “our Police Service is committed to enhancing road safety and we will continue to educate and enforce seatbelt compliance in an effort to reduce personal injury and fatal motor vehicle collisions.”

Ontario’s mandatory seatbelt’s is over 36-years-old in Ontario.  The McGuinty government raised the minimum fine over 300% (from $60 to $200) for a seatbelt violation in Ontario to $240.00, effective December 1, 2010 as a result of Bill 126 theOntario Road Safety Act”.

Ontario’s seatbelt law celebrated its 35th birthday on January 1, 2011. A conviction for a seatbelt violation (pursuant to the Highway Traffic Act, Section 106 ) will add two (2) demerit points on the driver’s driving record with the Ministry of Transportation. You can view a breakdown of driving offences and the demerit points gained as a result of convictions of varying driving offences at the offence table found in Regulation 339/94.

Today, 92.8 per cent of all Ontarians buckle up – that’s up from just 17.2 per cent who wore seatbelts before the mandatory law took effect.                                                                                                                                              

A total of 198 provincial offence notices were issued during Halton’s Spring Seatbelt Campaign.

A Breakdown of the Area’s and the number of seatbelt warnings issued and the number of tickets issued:

Milton, Halton Hills – Seatbelt Warnings = 121 , Provincial Offence Notices Issued = 103

Oakville – Seatbelt Warnings = 43 , Provincial Offence Notices Issued = 63

Burlington -Seatbelt Warnings = 22 , Provincial Offence Notices Issued = 32

Total Number of Seatbelt Warnings = 186 / Provincial Offence Notices Issued = 198



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