Greater Toronto Area is Worst Place to Drive in Ontario


The Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) in Toronto

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The GTA is the worst place to drive in the province, according to the latest Ontario Safe Driving Study.

The good news, in the survey conducted by Allstate Insurance Company of Canada, is that Ontario drivers have improved overall over the past two years, as evidenced by a 7 per cent drop in collision rates between 2007–2009 and 2009–2011.

The study examined collision frequencies in 45 communities in the province and ranked them based on Allstate Canada claims data for 2009–2011, and then compared them with data from 2007–2009.

Brockville and Northern Ontario are the city and region, respectively, with the fewest accidents overall.

“The study itself is not used to determine rates … but where you live is a factor, because you take into consideration that if you’re in the Greater Toronto Area you’re more likely to have an accident than if you’re in more of the rural communities,” said Lisa McWatt, spokesperson for Allstate Canada.

“We really believe that in GTA one of the key factors is population density and commuting distances — you’re driving a lot farther to get where you need to get to.”


Top 5 cities for accidents: Brampton, Thornhill, Toronto, Markham, Bolton.

Safest 5 cities for collisions: Brockville, Welland, Chatham, Amherstburg, St. Thomas.

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