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EcoCabs in Toronto provides free rides (& paid tours) to pedestrians, supported by corporate sponsorship (in this case, PC Financial - Mastercard). The driver's seat is small, but the backseat is spacious and comfortable for the passengers in the EcoCab. Roof mounted solar panels provide electricity to the EcoCab's rechargeable batteries, which power the 7-gear, 21 speed transmission vehicle's front wheel motor, Halogen headlights, Interior lighting, LED turn signals and brake lights as well as the iPad display and audio player.

As I stood at the side of a building in the downtown core, shielding myself from the rain, I was speaking to a colleague and waiting for the rain to subside before I embarked upon my trip on foot to conduct business, several blocks away.

As we spoke, I noticed a weird looking vehicle (a 3-wheeled plastic capsule) driving on the street towards me.  It stopped in the rain and someone emerged from vehicle.  I looked at the roof and it stated that it was an eco cab.

I walked over to the eco-cab and asked the driver if he was free.  He said that he was.  I crawled it the back of the capsule and sat down.  I noticed that the light rain was being repelled by this vehicle and that I was still dry.  My colleague was laughing at the fact that I was sitting in this contraption and took out his phone and began to take a few pictures.    

The driver asked me where I was going and I informed he that I was going three short blocks and informed him of the main intersection in that area.  I thought it prudent to ask him how much the ride would cost me and he said it was free and added the President’s Choice was promoting their PC Financial Mastercard and pointed to the brochures which were placed on the back of his seat, facing me in the large back seat.

PC financial brochure found on back of the driver's seat in the EcoCab

He began to pedal in the direction of the destination with this eco cab.  The ride was smooth and quiet.  I was surprised to see all of the lights on this eco cab and to hear the sound of the indicator, when this driver indicated that he was  turning, using the LED turning signals.

The trip was quick, smooth and I remained dry, protected from the drizzle outside. I couldn’t help but notice, that the driver’s legs were being rained upon as both legs were used to pedal this bicycle.

Handle bars of EcoCab with turn signals, bell and brakes

I arrived at my destination and I asked the driver if I could take some photo’s of the eco-cab.  He said “sure” but got out of the cab, not wanting to appear in the cab as the driver in the photo’s. I took some photo’s of the cab that transported me from point-a to point-b in a dry, efficient and comfortable ride. By the time that we had arrived at the intended destination, the light rain that we had been experiencing has stopped.


The driver was young, energetic, well-manned and professional and I appreciated his accomodating style.

EcoCabs have two (2) seats – 1 small one for the rider at the front and a large one at the back and ride on three (3) wheels.  These “EcoCabs” are covered with recycled plasic and will keep out any light rain.  They are 21 speed electric assisted vehicles, but for the most part are pedal-powered by the rider and only utilize the rechargeable electric battery (roof mounted solar panels provide electricity to these batteries) when climbing small hills or carrying several or heavy customers.

Four Eco Cabs driving together on Dundas Street West
Halogen Headlights on each side of the front tire

These bicycle-cabs are only operated by specially trained “driver guides” who ride safely in the downtown core.  They are familiar with the cityscape and downtown hotels, buildings, entertainment attractions and special events.

In addition to providing paid tours, through their city tourprogram (which is subsidized by corporate partners), EcoCabs provide free cab rides to the public.  The free-rides are sponsored by different companies that are promoting their companies or products/services which their companies offer.

Seating inside the EcoCab, with a grip bar, anti-slip floor mats and interior lighting - the driver's seat is adjustable







EcoCab Features

1.Recycled plastic body
2.7-gear, 21 speed transmission
3.Adjustable driver’s seat
4.Front wheel motor
5.Halogen headlights
6.Parking brake
7.Front hydraulic disc brakes
8.Front suspension system
9.Passenger entry
10.Side windows
11.Anti-slip floor mats
12.Interior lighting
13.Grip bars
14.Passenger seat
15.Wheel reflector
16.Wheel covers
18.LED turn signals
19.LED brake lights
20.Roof sign
21.Roof flag
22.Rear view mirrors
23.Rear window (covered)
24.Rear hydrualic disc brakes
25.Rear suspension system
26.Battery compartment
Interactive iPad display
Audio player
Size9′ L x 3′ W x 6.5′ H
Weight135kg / 300 lbs.
Speed10 to 25 km/h
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