DriveTest G2 & G Driver’s Licence Road Test “Failure Rates”

Update: see previous posts – August 31, 2010 – Temporary Driver Licences Expire September 1, 2010, December 7, 2008 – “DriveTest” Driver Examination Centres.

Source – Toronto Star

The results are in. Not all DriveTest locations are the same and the results are dramatic with respect to the locations that have the highest failure rates for road tests versus the locations with the lowest failure rates for road tests.

Save yourself the aggravation, time and money and avoid the DriveTest locations that fail a majority of driver’s who conduct the road tests.

1. Brampton – G2 test failure rate = 53%, G licence test failure rate = 41% *
2. Downsview – G2 test failure rate=52%, G licence test failure rate = 45%
3. Etobicoke – G2 test failure rate = 51%,  G licence test failure rate = 47% *
4. Port Union-G2 test failure rate = 47%,  G licence test failure rate = 46% *
5. Tillsonburg-G2 test failure rate = 46%, G licence test failure rate = 34%
6. Metro East-G2 test failure rate = 44%, G licence test failure rate = 35%
7. Oakville     – G2 test failure rate = 43%, G licence test failure rate = 45%
8. Renfrew    – G2 test failure rate = 42%, G licence test failure rate =  30%
9. Windsor    – G2 test failure rate = 41%,  G licence test failure rate =  31%
10. Aurora    – G2 test failure rate = 40%,  G licence test failure rate = 38%
11. Hamilton – G2 test failure rate = 38%,  G licence test failure rate = 39%
*= Brampton, Etobicoke and Port Union DriveTest Centres are open on Saturday:
Brampton: 59 First Gulf Blvd. Unit #9, Brampton, Ontario       # 1 for failing students
Etobicoke: 5555 Eglinton Ave W (at Dixie) Etobicoke, Ontario # 3 for failing students
Port Union: 91 Rylander Blvd. Unit #109A, Port Union, Ont.   # 4 for failing students

It is important to remember that you can book a road test with any DriveTest centre in Ontario. The wait times for an appointment is approximately one (1) month. You can book a month in advance and take your road test at any of the DriveTest centres.

You can contact DriveTest to book your road test by going to their website at or by calling their toll free phone number at 1-888-570-6110. The fee for a G2 road test is $40.00 and the fee for a G road test is $75.00. This payment must be made at the time that you book the appointment for a road test.

There are a number of Toronto driving schools who are helping their students navigate through the graduated licensing system in Ontario, who understand that if they want their students to pass the road test, it is best to travel to DriveTest centres where their students are more likely to pass, then to fail at a Toronto based DriveTest.  Students understand this reality and will pay up to two hundred dollars ($200.00) to travel up north as far as Bancroft (a 3 hour drive) to take their roadtest, knowing that the odds are in their favour of passing the test.  Everyone wants to experience success.

1. Kenora – G2 test failure rate =  7%, G licence test failure rate = 16%
2. Sault Ste. Marie – G2 test failure rate=11%, G licence test failure rate = 12%
3. Sudbury -G2 test failure rate = 14%,G licence test failure rate = 11%
4. Espanola -G2 test failure rate = 21%, G licence test failure rate =   7%
5. Kapukasing -G2 test failure rate = 21%, G licence test failure rate =   9%
6. Dryden -G2 test failure rate = 19%, G licence test failure rate = 20%
7. Thunder Bay – G2 test failure rate = 20%, G licence test failure rate = 21%
8. Brockville – G2 test failure rate = 22%, G licence test failure rate = 13%
9. Belleville – G2 test failure rate = 22%, G licence test failure rate = 20%
10. North Bay – G2 test failure rate = 23%,  G licence test failure rate =22%
11. Sarnia – G2 test failure rate = 24%,  G licence test failure rate = 23%
Source: DriveTest G2 and G Road Test Failure Rate “NORMS” by DriveTest


  1. I am really upset that everyone agrees inner city drive test centres are harder(ufair), and all people say is go to Oakville or Orangeville it’s easier. This is obviously a cash grabbing scheme, a friend of mine failed 4 times at Downsview because of stupid reasons like she didn’t park straight enough when they got back to the parking lot, everything else she’s great at, all the harder manouver’s, this city is full of ___. Somebody needs to address this extorction method by these centre’s..

  2. I cant imagine right now i am sitting here writting commons on my G test experiences in Aurora. I thought with a clean driving record and good driving habit, there will be no problem passing a G. HOWEVER, yesterday i gave my G test in Aurora and i failed it. The examinor told me to drive faster while my speed was 40 even on a 40 limit road. Maybe it was the luxury car that i was driving, maybe he couldnt get use to soundless engine or whatever. He was rude and made me nervous since then, because i didnt know how to drive. He failed me. I think they just want you to come more , give more money and make your life harder than you think. I really wanted to complain this to the head office but i gave up after i have read the comments from previous experiences. ….. it is useless, waste time and hope. So next time i decide to drive up to Sudbury and take my G test.

  3. I’m going back to Port Union for a 4th time… apparently, I just can’t learn! The thing is… I’m more familiar with that area, having lived there for most of my life, and don’t want to drive all the way to Sudbury to pass my G test. I keep thinking that “next time” I will pass, because each time I’ve failed it was for an incredibly stupid reason… and not stupid on my part. Whenever I’ve failed, it was always because I was driving in an area I was less familiar with. The last time, I failed to remember that one of the entrances onto Highway 2 involved watching out for TWO lanes that end consecutively after one another. I ended up cutting someone off who I didn’t think I’d even remotely be in the way of. The fact is, you need to know the area like the back of your hand. I was able to predict exactly where my previous examiner would take me — except for that moment. Everything else went fine.

    It’s pathetic… I’ve been driving for 10 years and have never had an accident. I’m not a fan of parallel parking and backing-in parking, but I can do it. But still, I have problems.

  4. Hi Guys,

    In my Experience (inner city or out city) for licenses doesn’t mater because I failed 3 times G road test in Orangeville and my licenses getting expired. The examiner told me 3 time you did so many mistakes. First time reason I drive very slow and second time reason u drive very fast. Please advice me. What should I do?

  5. Hello Emily, did you take already G test at Sudbury? I am also interested in going there, I can pay half the cost for going there if you are ready to take me too.


  6. How To Pass Your G1 Road Test ( Getting Your G2 ) (WINDSOR,ON)
    You Will Need:
    – A booked appointment with your local MTO
    – To have had your G1 licenses for 1 year ( *You may go 4 months earlier if you attended a MTO certified training course [In Windsor, ON it is anywhere from $359 to $399 for Driver’s ED]
    – To have a road able car, if it isn’t road able you will lose your appointment and have to $40. (*If this is your first time doing your G1 Road Test then the $40 was included in your $125 you paid to get your G1, if its not then you will need to pay the $40)
    – To have a car that is legally documented to be driving on the road (*Insurance, Registered etc)
    – To arrive 30 minutes before your appointment is schedualed
    – Common sense
    Arriving At The Terminal:
    Once you arrive at the MTO Terminal, park in the back.
    Write down your plate number and take your drivers lisense inside (Make a left once inside to talk to the road test sec.)
    Explain you are here to do the road test, she will telly ou to wait in the car.
    Now Perpare yourself the most boring part of the whole experince, WAITING FOR THE EXAMINER TO GET TO YOU! You will wait about 30 – 60 minutes for this person, personally I waited for the examiner for about 1 hour and 15 mintues to the DOT!It was April 2012, so it was really hot that day.
    Preparing For The Test:
    Once the examiner comes out, they will greet you and ask you to turn on the car.
    Examiner will ask you to push on the brakes.
    Examiner will ask you to signal left and right and then come around the front and ask the same thing.
    Examiner will ask you to honk.
    Starting The Test:
    Examiner will now get in the car and explain a bunch of bullshit to you and then say “Do you have any questions?” ask now or forever hold your peace. This is important, if you have a really question then ask it.
    Examiner will say “whenever your ready, you may leave the lot”.
    Now you will get to the sidewalk and this will depecit your faith, weither they ask you to go left or right because they are two different courses.
    I personally went left. Make sure to take the RIGHT LANE onto Dougall.
    The Test Itself (Including streets):
    About 30 meters the Examiner will tell you your going to turn left on, Eugine St, change lanes while looking over your shoulder and blind spots.
    Slowly approach the intersect, stop if the light is RED or YELLOW! Make the turn while staying in the RIGHT LANE of the street.
    MAKE SURE YOU ARE VERY FAR FROM THE CAR INFRONT OF YOU, I know they say to stay about 2 – 3 seconds, but I did that and they still told me to “Make more room”.
    You will come to a 2 way stop at Lillan Ave. Stop just before the stop sign. WAIT for absolutley no cars coming down Lillan Ave, wait until the street is 100% cleared, then slowly speed up to 50KM
    Personally about 30 meters after passing Lillan Ave. we came to a red truck, the Examiner asked me to parallel park behind while ignoring the drive way behind it.
    Signal right, stop bumper to bumper, put it in reverse, while slowly turning to the sterring wheel to the right (HAND OVER HAND STERRING) make the wheels straight once the bumper is about to hit the curb, slowly turn to the left and come in slowly. IMAGINE THERE IS A CAR BEHIND YOU AND PUT THE CAR IN THE MIDDLE OF BOTH THAT RED TRUCK AND IMAGINARY CAR. POSISTION THE WHEELS STRIAGHT TO ALINE WITH THE RED TRUCK IN FRONT OF YOU!
    Turn off your signal, put it in park and throw the e-brake on as far up as you can.
    NEXT, the Examiner personally asked me to “Pretend like I was parking downhill with a curb” So I took the eBrake off, put it in drive, turned my sterring wheel all the way to right (FOOT WAS ON BRAKE WHOLE TIME) put it in park, and pulled the ebrake again. REMEBER “DRUL & Everything Else to the Right” RULE:
    “Downhill with a curb, turn to the Right” “Uphill with a curb, turn Left” “Everything Else without a curb is to the Right”
    The Examiner asked to me to proceed when ready.
    I backed up slowly to give my self room, looked over my shoulder and in my mirrors, signaled left and moved out slowly.
    We moved forward to S. Pacific Rd and made a left, come to a complete stop before the sign and slowly creep up to see if any cars are coming. This is a one way stop so make sure the road is 100% empty.
    Then slowly make a tight right turn and move forward at 50KM.
    The Examiner will ask you to turn right on Waverly Ave. No stop sign so slow down and make a right turn slowly and pick up speed again and signal about 30 meters away and turn tightly.
    We drove down to Langlois Ave and there was a stop sign and we turned right. Follow the samethign I said about Waverly Ave. ALWAYS WAIT FOR THE ROAD TO BE EMPTY BECUASE IT IS A ONE WAY STOP.
    Drive up all the way to Capitol Ave. Make a left. No stop sign so your making a left turn signal 30 meters before. slowly turn left.
    Drive down to Parent St. Stop at the sign. It is a 4 way stop be catious of whos turn it is. FIRST COME FIRST SERVED RULE. IF YOU GET TO A LIGHT SAME TIME AS SOEMONE ELSE, LET THEM GO FIRST NO MATTER WHAT!
    You will drive up to Capitol and Lillan and follow the 4 way stop rules above.
    You will then ake your way to edinbourh and howard ave. make a tight right turn, if red watch for cars.
    And you will be asked to go down to McDougall, make a left, if red or yellow stop. If not slowly turn make a tight right turn after that down to mcdougall and your back on Eugine Street.
    Eventually you weill drive straight down to dougall (stay ing the f’n right lane don’t follow cars to close)
    Make a tight right turn onto dougall, drive down to the dmv, make a right, signal, and go to the parking lot.
    How To Tell If You Passed:
    If you passed, they will ask you to go to the back and reverse park, simply find a parking spot and reverse park where their are no cars around, if they pick the spot to park in then do your best, but dont feel bad if you didnt do well on it, you passed!. if you failed they will ask you to just “park anywhere” once you get to the DMV parking lot.
    The Akward Moment When You Fail:
    They will tell you what you did wrong, and if you passed they will still tell you what you need to work on essentially. Don’t feel discouraged, just wait 10 days and you can redo it. Hopefully you get the same course again.
    If You Passed:
    Grab the yellow sheet, go inside to the ocunter, tell the sec. you passed, get processed and go back outside and stare at your 2300 pounds of freedom. Wait 10 – 14 days business days for the card to come in the mail, maybe more depending on your area. In windsor it took me exactly 14 days to get mine, personally.
    If you went right instead of left and went on a different course, sorry but I can only telly uou what I personally did. But write your own course route so people can know, cause Driver’s ED classes are charging 399 for this shit, and we can give it for free!
    – If the Examiner asks you if this is your second time say yes, their are rumors going around saying the fail everybody first time as a money grab, personally, I think its true, but who knows.
    – Make it clear that its your second time, if they ask you before the test if you have any questiosn say “Yea, after the test can you compare my yellow sheet from the FIRST G1 ROAD TEST I DID AND TELL ME IF ITS IMPROVED IF I FAIL THIS ONE?” this will make them sympathatic of your condition.
    -Book your appointment earlier, if you go the end of the day like after school, your screwed right off the bat cause those Examiner’s are tired and wanna go home and been around damn teenagers all day.
    – Be nice, roll down the windows, turn on the ac, ask them to move the chair if they want too.
    – Book an appointment as early as possible like 8:45 (The first appointment of the day)
    – IF YOU GET A MALE AS A EXAMINER, YOU FAILED. JUST THE WAY IT IS, PLAIN AND SIMPLE only a couple guys their so don’t feel nervous if you get a guy.
    I have about 20 – 25 friends that did it at this location, every….single….person….that got the male examiner, failed the test! If you get a woman, your better off.
    – look in your blind spots
    – come to a complete stop
    – stay in the right lane
    – signal before changing lanes
    – observe the intersection carefuly
    – stay on 50KM
    – stay about 5-6 seconds away from the car infront of you
    – brake slowly, never suddenly
    – make sure not one car in the opposite street from where you stopped
    – shut the fuck up and drive, no talking, no music, no cell phone, no nothing.
    – chekc your mirrors randomly ever 10 seconds or so, ust to make the Examiner aware you are looking, no real reason behind that but EXATRATE IT ALOT WITH THIS.
    Good Luck, and remeber:

  7. Hi,
    I just thought I would put in my two cents about these test centers. I failed twice taking the G test in Oakville which really annoyed me the first time because it was all over the way I did my parallel park. The examiner told me I failed because I hit the curb although I did everything else correct. The last time was in Orangville because my driving instructor told me it was easy to pass there. (Note: I live just outside Toronto) So I go up to retake my G again (Third time) and I found the examiner rude to me during the entire test. When I tried to do my parallel park on a busy street, I was driving a small hatchback and I was slowing backing in and checking for traffic and he told me that I wasn’t parking a big truck. When we got back he told me I failed because I cut someone off which I don’t recall doing. My driving instructor told me that I probably failed because I’m from out of town. But I’m really tired of paying all this money out everytime I fail a test. I never had a ticket and I was told by my driving instructor that I’m a good driver, follow rules, obey signs/lights. I do the same on my G but I still fail. My G2 expires this summer and I’m not sure if I want to pay all this money out again just to fail over someting stupid. So yeah, I really do think it’s a ripoff.

  8. Hi Chris,
    Very nice of you to write every detail of your Road test experience here. I wouldn’t personally remember each detail because I would be busy calming myself from nervousness!LOL. I will be taking my G road test tomorrow. I do hope to pass it with your tips above in mind. Thank you. You are right about sharing your personal experience here or anywhere. I never went to a driving school. I just read the handbook and people’s tips online. So hang on and wait for my blog here about my experience. I promise to remember every move I take. Wish me luck!

  9. Hi Everybody my name is Michael i fail my test three time because i did it in port union and i notice it top 4 in toronto the worst place to take your g2 test then went somewhere else then that day i pass which i was so happy like was saying to myself why im i failing all the time then i fine out that i was going to place that was high at failing students

  10. Put me down for someone who failed at Port Union. Had an old asian guy. Instant failed me on something I knew I had the right of way for…If you have him get out…

  11. In Windsor if you get the older blonde looking cougar wannabe your all screwed. When I went for my road test she was such a horrid woman. When I went for my G I personally requested that I did not want her back in my car. After my G course was finished (I passed that the first time around) the examiner looked at me and asked me why I did not want that particular woman. I replied that it was because she failed me and I didn’t appreciate they way she spoke to me in my car. I had already passed G so I didn’t care what I said.

  12. hello there,I took my G1 road test exit(to get G2 license)in Etobicoke.I FAILED!Apparently,I know exactly,I’m going to failed already.The examiner who is a lady seems tired.The fact that yesterday was raining.When I hit the break.She over exaggerated like she got dizzy.I was so nervouse but I tried not too.I did everything right except in the intersection.SHe made do left turn.When the van goes left first the light becomes already.I tried to go behind the van or else I will be stock in the middle of the intersection.The examiner hit the break and that cause the other car behind me to honk his car.I did everything right and for me its not my fault if the light turns red already.My instructor said if your part in the intersection,no matter what happens if the light turns red you should go or else you will be in the middle of the intersection.

    I change my driving centre and it will be in DOWNSVIEW.Any advice if that is a good idea?

  13. I wassss sooo upseett and disappointed on what happened yesterday.Even my instructor too.He thinks I pass coz he saw me leaving in the centre and arriving in the centre.And yea I think Its not my fault if the light turns red already while turning left.The examiner hit the break and said its too late…I was thinking well I have to go after the van right away coz I will be causing traffic?

    Any suggestions if DOWNSVIEW is a good idea??

  14. had my G test done today and failed big time! pedestrians walked out infront of me as I was to make a left turn and had was to slam on the breaks. reason for failure? failing to yield for pedestrian/dangerous driving. don’t think I’ll be going back to this centre again!

  15. I will be going for my G license test sometime in the near future. I am anxious because I do not have any good memories of my attempts at the G2 in Aurora. I am not a lucky person at all, and the test examiners I had in Aurora were HORRIBLE.

    1ST ATTEMPT: Once I saw the examiner walking towards me, I knew I was screwed. She was in her early 40s with dirty blonde hair and with a stern look. Before we even got into the car, she asked me if I was okay. I said I was okay and her exact words were, “Well, you don’t look okay”. Excuse me? Then when we got into the car, she asked if I was sick and asked for my past medical history. What the eff? I was not sick or anything, and who is she to have the right to ask for my medical history? During the test, she was very straightforward with the instructions and kept them really short. Then when it got to parallel parking, I did not do very well the first time, so I asked her if I could do it again. She allowed me to do so, but when I was to exit the spot, she said I was too close to the car in front. Mind you, it was already tricky enough when she told me to parallel park in front of a driveway! That caused me to get an automatic fail.

    2ND ATTEMPT: I could not read the examiner from afar. He was a man in his early to mid 40s and he had sunglasses on, so I could not really tell. It was going well until he told me to parallel park, soon after I did a left turn. It was close to the intersection, so it was quite nerve wrecking since if I car came flying around the corner, we could have gotten into the accident. Once again, the parallel parking is fine, but when it came to pulling out, he said I was too close. Not only did he slam on the break, but he also swerved the wheel all the way to the left! My car went onto the other side of the road, so if there were any cars parked on the other side or coming from the opposite direction, it would have caused an accident! As a result, I failed. But seriously? What he did was completely not safe. Slam on the break all you want, but you do not just reach over and swerve the wheel! & I later found out from my instructor about this examiner. He told me he knew I was going to fail once he saw the man headed towards me because.. he is RACIST. He fails every single person who is not Caucasian. There are tons of complaints against this man, but they are obviously keeping him so that they will meet that daily fail rate thing they have! What the eff…

    3RD ATTEMPT: Gave up on Aurora and went to Downsview. Practiced there once and passed! I passed even when the man told me to head back to the test centre on a road I have never been on.

  16. i just received my g at etobicoke first shot…was really nervous, and my examiner made me more nervous, only had marks deducted for merging.

  17. I’m so happyyyyyyy!!!I pass my road test on etobicoke.Examiner made me do parallel park on a cone(I made it nice and smooth)uphill parking and 3 point turn.

  18. I just wrote the g2 road test in Woodstock, aced the test, not one mistake this woman could hit me with, I even got my 15 foot f150 parallel parked in what seemed like a 9 foot space… This was the last part of my test, there was only a few more feet before I was back at the test centre and she asks me to turn right and there is a Brinks truck with hazards on Unloads some cash which took up the turn lane, I told this to the instructor she says turn here so I turn and she LOOSES HER MIND! Screams you can’t turn from this lane!

    Fail because the instructor made me turn with no turn lane available

  19. I also failed my G2 road test at Aurora twice! I live in Richmond Hill and was wondering if anyone know of a good testing location that’s not too terribly far.

    The first time I did my G2, I failed because of two big mistakes since I wasn’t observing properly so that was completely my fault. I knew I wasn’t going to pass the test halfway through, but I practiced a lot more and a month later, I went to Aurora again to take the test for the second time.

    On my second attempt, the examiner lady was just plain scary and horrible. She didn’t even properly tell me all the safety procedures before starting the test. She literally said 2 sentences before asking me to start driving. Everything was going okay until the parallel parking, she told me to make a right turn and parallel park behind a car that was already super close to the intersection. After I did that she told me I parked too close to the car in front, but if I didn’t pull in so close, my car would be hanging out in the middle of the intersection. Therefore, I failed but when I asked her to help explain all the mistakes I made during the test, she angrily told me there were too many, never bothered explaining anything and just left. When I looked at the examining record sheet, it honestly made me look like I was the worst driver ever, there were so many markings. Of course I do think there are some small things that I could improve on, but I felt the markings were way too harsh. Plus, when I took my G2 test for the first time, I didn’t even get so many markings, of course I made 2 big mistakes but I didn’t really get marked down for anything else.

    So now I’ve completely given up on Aurora, I’m going to practice with an instructor again and hopefully pass the third time.

  20. Hi Everyone,

    I passed my G2 roadtest at the centre near Scarborough on my second attempt. First time I got an African American man with huge braids in his hair wearing a hat. I failed while making a left turn because when I was about to turn, there were no on-coming cars, then right when I tilt my wheels to turn a white van comes cruising down with at least 70Km/H to the coming plaza of where the test centre was! I failed because my wheels were a bit turned.

    I went to the same location for my second attempt at G2 and passed with this friendly Asian man, even though it was slightly raining!

    I now have to go for my second attempt for my G at Aurora again, but am nervous.

    The first attempt I was at Aurora with this very rude white lady during the Summer, who had dirty-blonde hair, not exactly chubby but not thin either, probably in her 40’s with an ugly coloured flower/heart tattoo or ‘tramp stamp’ better to say tattooed on her lower back, as I noticed when she was getting out of the car. She failed me because I hit the curb while making a 3-Point-Turn and kept implying throughout the remainder, that I smashed the car, although when I got out after the test, I only saw one tiny scratch on the bumper, not even a dent after looking very closely! Funny thing is, the car I was in had the spare brake on the passenger side, shouldn’t she have braked for me instead of letting me hit? She saw I was getting close, because she kept looking at me and looking back. Obviously I didn’t notice because of being nervous, but if she knew, why not do anything?! I’m fine with being failed for that, but what angered me was that she did not use the brake, let me hit and kept repeating how I smashed the car. Well excuse me, if you’re in the car to examine me and be safe as well, why not use the extra brake when needed?!!? She was aware the car had a brake because when she first got in, her foot kind of hit it, tugged under it while I was in park mode, about to drive off at the start.

    Anyway, I’m nervous now, my exam is tomorrow at Aurora again and I only pray I pass because I can’t afford the money or the time since my license is expiring soon!

    Any comments would be appreciated, thanks!

  21. I am wondering why many examiners have no consideration and they just failed many people during the road test, and it will cost a lot of money if you take road test many times?

  22. It’s a money grab; a scam. They just want as much as they can get. I’ve failed the G2 exit test 10 times already due to minor errors like going slightly faster than the speed limit (105 on the highway), and “not looking around enough”, even though I’m looking everywhere all the time. I’m one of the safest drivers on the road though- no tickets, speeding, parking, or otherwise. I’ve driven all the way to Kingston from Toronto. And now I have to restart the process all over again because they just kept failing me over the past 5 years.


  23. I live in downtown Toronto. I’ve had my G1 for a few years now and because I don’t have a car to really practice in I haven’t gone much further. I’m currently looking into driving schools though. But hearing all the stories of people failing for such little things is making me nervous. Which centre or centres would be best for someone like me living in the GTA core?

  24. I took my g2 drive test in Lindsay which is pretty easy area but its a horrible things happened to me. Examiner lady with number 209 very very rude to me , I admit if I made mistakes so then had the reason to fail me but the worst thing she did is not totally fair and inhuman . This lady examiner left me on the middle of the road intersection and tell me I’m leaving you here and threatening me that I can’t drive by myself coz I’m only holding g1 , so what happened cars behind me hunks many times so even I’m not allowed to drive by myself I did my best to bring the car to the safe parking lot where in front of the mall. I’m very upset and almost cry why examiner cannot even stay on the car until I park the car safe and not just left me like shit .. Examiner 209 of Linsdsay ! I hope you are happy peace of mind of being very rude . I pray to God that one day you will realize how person you are.

  25. Took my G2 exit test at Oshawa yesturday and passed.

    First time i took it at Aurora and failed. Got this chubby women with brown hair. Apparently i failed for doing dangerous actions. One apparently was when i was approaching a traffic light (around 25-50m away) and the car ahead of me was braking even though it was still green (although i knew this was because he saw that the pedestrian walking signal was under 5 sec and so it was going to turn amber soon). So i start slowing down, and wat does my examiner say? Honk your horn. I say what? Then as we’re almost at the intersection she yells honk your horn again and then exaggerates how hard i was braking. So right then i probably failed for not listening to her. But then at the next light she tells me to turn right so i do but a sports motercycle behind me goes directly into the left lane while i went to the right. However the lane i’m in is ending (almost immediately) so i have to change lanes. But as the motercycle went directly into the left lane and obviously is accelerating faster than me i decide to coast and let him pass before changing lanes (other alternative was to gun it, which is wat i normally would do mind you but i assumed i should be driving defensively). However unlucky me he ends up braking and waiting for me to switch lanes. So the examiner goes that was dangerous. You are impeding traffic. I’m like (in my head), fuck you.

    IMO, its not really the place you go that matters. It’s who you get and what mood they happen to be in.

  26. Just want to know exactly – if you were to get your G at Etobicoke in Eglinton branch – which highway to they take you??? Kindly advise


  27. Hi April. Good question. I don’t know, but perhaps someone who was
    tested at that site will know and answer your question.

    If no one answers your question shortly, I would call the test centre
    and ask them. It would be really helpful if you knew the entire route
    in advance. To prepare, you could actually drive it prior to the road

    Remember to always

  28. Hi, Angel,
    I had my G test at Lindsay yesterday and unfortunately like you I also got the same examiner lady number 209(browned eye woman). I completely agree with you…she was very very rude to me as if she did’t like me at all, may be coz I am brown skinned. Like you she almost make me cry.

  29. I failed my G test the first time at Port Union. The lady examiner was very rude and told me that I was impeding traffic on the highway when changing lanes. I know that there is unmarked police cars cruising around test centers to see if driving instructors are allowing students to practice and get familiar with the area. Apparently it’s against the law for driving instructors to do this. We got caught once but luckily we did not get a ticket. On my test day, that same while Honda Accord(unmarked police car) prevented me from making a lane change to the right on the 401 going east bound forcing me to either to speed or slow down and go behind him. I chose the latter and made sure there was no cars behind me. I slowed down from 100 kim/hr to 88 km/hr to safely make the lane change and I failed because of that. I was setup big time. I complained to the supervisor, to the manager and was willing to go the the ombudsman. The regional manager offered to rebook the test earlier than the 10 day waiting period. I countered that I will be installing a dash cam on my car for the test which will record both video and audio. He replied that I was not allowed to do that. But I know that it’s not against the law to have it in your car. Some high end cars have it built in cams for front, back, side etc.
    Suffice to say the second time the examiner was very curteous and I passed my G test.

    A lot of people don’t realize that the Ontario government(when PC was in power) outsourced the driving test to a company called Serco. They are a huge international company that does drive tests in many countries such as Germany and England. They signed a contract with the Ontario government and give the government millions of dollars in exchange for the exclusive right to control driving tests for Ontario. In other words, they are business company to make profits and have certain quotas to fail driving tests.

    In Germany and England it has become so bad that they have to allow the driving instructor to be in the car during the test(3 people in the car).

    My recommendation. If you have a car already, install a dash cam. A decent dash cam can be bought for around 60 dollars. It will help you with insurance claims anyway if there ever was an accident and you were not at fault and there was no witnesses. The examiner will be surprised if they recognize the dash cam and will ask you to turn if off. Tell them it’s hard wired(I recommend professional installation) and cannot be turned off.
    You will be pleasantly surprised how professional and curteous the examiner will be during the test.

    Good luck to all with your G2 exit driving test.

  30. I had my G2 road test passed on my first attempt at Oakville in 2009, a month after I came to Canada as an independedt immigrant. Since then I have been procrastinating to take my G road test until this last Friday – 04/11/2014. My G2 license is about to expire next month so obviously I got no other choice but to do my G road test. I took 6 hours of in car refresher kind of crash course for 3 days just to catch up with anything new about driving rules & regulations about 3 weeks into my road test schedule in Etobicoke (Eglinton) . As usual I listened carefully to my driving instructors tips (this time it is a different driving instructor). I made sure I was well rested the night prior to my road test day just like I did on my previous test, came to the testing center an hour before the test, relaxed and waited. I hit the road at 11:40 am with the examiner, did a parallel park using a car parked on the side of a residential road, did an emergency stop, then right away did a 3 pt turn, headed to 427 exiting on Holiday dr, then instructed to go 427 again exiting Eglinton going back to Test Center. Was told to park on one of the numbered spots and was told “per Ministry standard you passed the test”. :))

    I guess it’s all about focus, following instructions and confidence when you are behind the wheel that can make a big difference. Of course prayers and preparation are indispensable factors too.

    My point is, I guess it is not entirely about the driving center it is more about YOU being prepared both mentally and physically to react and follow according to driving standards whatever the examiner would tell you to do during the test.

    Good luck to all who are trying to move out of G2!

  31. Extortion at its best. I was failed 2 times at Port Union, and the only ultimatum I was given was slip 200$ to the examiner. It is a scam and they are heartlessly ripping the public off. The government should step up to the plate to monitor it and protect society from unsafe drivers. How do these examiners sleep @ night?

  32. Having read this I believed it was extremely enlightening.
    I appreciate you finding the time and energy to put this article
    together. I once again find myself spending a lot of time both reading and leaving comments.
    But so what, it was still worth it!

  33. can any one advice me about doing G test in Orangeville ?
    is it really easy to pass it there ? I could not find it in the report above . thanks

  34. Nadia:
    Although late reply but if you haven’t taken it yet (or perhaps for others who may stumble upon this thread), Orangeville G is easy. The highway is 80 KMPH with less traffic. Problem is that there is some driving in residential streets which may get tricky but overall I would rate it high on passing as its simple with less traffic on the road.

  35. Hamilton is horrible as well. I got this old white guy who didn’t even look at me or seem to care what he was doing. AHe failed me because when I was making a right turn the light (which was green when I started) turned yellow. Apparently I should’ve stopped halfway through my turn instead of finishing on a yellow light. WTF?!?! That’s not safe. And he told me this was why I failed AFTER he told me I was a super safe driver and didn’t make many mistakes. Then he told me that I could go and pay for a sooner test date, because there’s none left in 2014 Hamilton unless you pay extra.

    Total money grab.

    Does anyone know what it’s like in Orillia?

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