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It was reported by the Toronto Star Newspaper Dec 7/08 TorStar that not all DriveTest Driver Examination Centres are the same, when reviewing the pass and failure rates of drivers who are being road tested for their G1 and G2 driver’s licences.  The G1 and G2 Road Test Failure Rates have significant differences in their pass/failure rates, depending on which of the DriveTest Driver Examination Centres you schedule your road test. The period of time in which the failure rates were examined was between the year 2006, up to and including, January 21, 2008.

There are approximately 300 examiners amongst the 55 DriveTest Driver Examination Centres and 38 Travel Point (these travel points are not open on a regular basis) locations that conduct the examinations and road tests.  The Knowledge Test ($10.00), the G1/G2 Road Test ($40.00) and the five year licence ($75.00) is expensive and costs the consumer $125.00.  In 2003 the Ontario Conservative Harris Government (under Premier Mike Harris) contracted out this work to a British Corporation (Serco DES Incorporated) on a ten (10) year, $138 million dollar contract. This means the McGuinty Liberal Government in Ontario, will have to wait until 2013 before completing a comprehensive review of DriveTest and deciding what to do with this very important work.

The worst place to go for your tests (because roughly half of all participants fail) is the DriveTest in Brampton, Ontario (located at 59 First Gulf Blvd – Unit # 9, Brampton, Ontario L6W 4P9) and one of the best locations, located north of Brampton, is the DriveTest in Kapuskasing (where only about 10% fail) Ontario (located at Model City Mall -Unit # 64, Kapuskasing, Ontario P5N 2E9). See Mapping of locations.

Based on the G1 and G2 Road Test Failure Rate chart, found within the Toronto Star story, here are the ten (10) DriveTest Driver Examination Centres where you will most likely fail the Road Test administered by Serco DES Inc:

Name of DriveTest                                   Percentage of those
Driver Examination Centre:                    who fail the road test:

Brampton                                                                51.2 %

Toronto – Morningside                                          48.5 %

Toronto – Etobicoke                                               46.9 %

Oakville                                                                    44.9 %

Windsor                                                                   44.4 %

Tillsonburg                                                              44.4 %

Downsview                                                              44.3 %

Toronto – East                                                         43.4 %

Smith Falls                                                              41.5 %

Clinton                                                                      41.3 %

To see the rankings of all the other Serco run DriveTest Driver Examination Centres, go to the following TorStar G1/G2 Road Test Failure Results and findout how the other DriveTest Centres rank in your area.  If you want to go to the Ontario Government website that will provide the names and addresses of all the DriveTest Centres that were ranked, you can access this information from the following Ontario DriveTest locations

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation stated that Ontario has some of the highest testing standards in the world.

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  1. I HAD A DRIVERS TEST in London ont. I was totally shocked to find out that I failed && I felt very competant as I was driving around. Now I have to take another test on June 14th in Orilla as I was told how fair they are. Can anyone tell me if I should be trying another city that is known for fairness. Thank you email breddoch @ rogers . com

  2. I am an 84 year old man, and have driven for 63 years, with only one speeding ticket.Last July, i had a small accident
    that caused $300.00 damage to my car , and about the same to the other car.The owner of the other car called the police
    and i was charged.Two months later I got a letter from the government, telling me that I would have to retry for my driving licence, because I was over 70, and most are caused by seniors and teens.I was a fire fighter for 35 years, and drove many large and small vehicles with no problems.
    I tried out in Simcoe Ontario in Oct 2015, and was told that I made 50 mistakes, and would have to try again. I tried again Nov. 10 which is to-day, and failed again, because I was driving too slow on curves ,and about 35 other minor
    I now have a G1 and can’t drive without my wife with me, because she drives also.I have not had a bit of alone time without my wife being with me, and it is getting to me.
    I think that the examiners have to fail a certain amount per month to keep their jobs, which is not fair.I have to try again in Jan. next year. In the mean time I am glued to my wife, which I have already been almost glued to for the past 64 years. I love her , but too much is too much ,thanks to our government and the M. T. O .

  3. hi Tharjinie mail give date please serco:Re:case#ser-15-03136 g1license practice free test passed Reference #M2013-7348 ministry of Transportation number 10831015 serco careers number 2015-731 license temporary driving license 4-6 date license give date please thanks Tharjinie

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  6. Continuing with my comment about Road Test On August 13th. I know my life was put in danger by this examiner named Gerry, I have mentioned this in several emails but still I haven’t heard anything about it. As stated before the response I got was not tailored to my complaint, it was nothing but a copy and paste lame apology. As I was trying to process the situation I kept thinking: why did I not stop the vehicle and call the police and press charges? My life was put in danger by the abusive behaviour this man exhibited the whole time. I feel that partially he decided to abuse me because he saw that I was from London and not local. However; citizens have the right to book their road tests anywhere they please and it should not be a factor. Today, I phoned the number I found on the DriveTest website to try and get some answers but as usual it got me nowhere… except that the supervisor will call me on Monday. I believe the Ontario Government should make it mandatory to have all examiners psychologically evaluated prior to a job offer, I also believe it should be mandatory that all road tests be recorded without the knowledge of the examiner; otherwise how will “quality control” be assured? It is obvious that in situations such as the Clinton DriveTest Centre it’s becoming a safety issue for the clients as well as anyone who may be on the roads on tests days, even for the examiners who seem to be suicidal by “making” people “go the wrong way on one way streets”. Quite frankly I am surprised nothing has been done about it.

  7. On August 13, 2015 I went to Clinton to do my road test. I had celebrated my birthday on the 10th and wanted to take my family to the beach and celebrate some more, so I booked the test for Clinton. And, oh my goodness! what a mistake I made. The examiner has an obvious power tripping complex. From the moment he got into my vehicle he started being abrupt. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt yet as we had left the parking lot the Gremlin named Gerry started yelling. I asked him if he was supposed to yell at me while he is to do my road test, with the hope that if he was a professional he would stop the abuse but instead it got worse. The whole entire time I was yelled at although I asked him several times to stop doing that. He kept saying he was “JUST RAISING HIS VOICE”. After all I endured which was about 7 minutes he takes me back to the test centre and gets out of the car. He starts doing the paperwork on the hood. I was shaken, upset and nervous after surviving all that abuse. Someone was walking in the parking lot and motions thumbs-up at me. I tell him no, this man has yelling at me the whole entire time. Gremlin Gerry tells me: “who are you talking to?” and “are you sure you want to do that while I am doing this?”. So the neophyte also threatens me. I asked to speak to a supervisor but supposedly the supervisor wasn’t in that day. I speak to the acting supervisor and let her know what happened. I filed a complaint which I was told someone would call me back in 24 hours but the supervisor never did. I called Clinton office the next day which happened to be a Friday but the person who answered named Matt said that the supervisor is super busy (how convenient) and can not take my call but will on Monday. I tell Matt that the DriveTest website states within 24 hours and that someone there told me I would be contacted within 24 hours but according to his supervisor policy states within 48 hours. It is now September 11th and I have emailed the Supervisor several times after receiving an email which obviously was cut and paste from else where just giving me a lame apology. I have emailed this so called supervisor several times but have received no response. In short, they have it seems to me a Mickey Mouse operation happening in Clinton. They are there just to absorb the money but they know nothing about courtesy nor customer service. Oh and yes, Gremlin Gerry’s personal hygiene was disgusting, or perhaps non-existent. I believe the Ontario Government needs to step up and remove any contract it has with this Serco Des. Abusing citizens is what this examiner is doing in Clinton. By the looks of it based on previous comments this centre should shut down.

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  9. I failed my Clinton driving test because the examiner made me go wrong ways and wouldn’t let me use the brakes cuz he was too scared we would have an accident. It was lame. Never go to Clinton!

  10. I think Mary-Todd is right. Yesterday I took a driving test, and it was my 3rd time failing… in Clinton!!!!! Today I took another test in Lindsay and I passed. It was really easy and to those who will take a drivers license, do NOT go to Clinton!

  11. I took a Clinton driving test like a few weeks ago, and I failed. The examiners were really mean and I made only 1 mistake ,but they said I failed They made me go wrong way, go slow, wouldn’t let me use the brake cause the examiner was scared he would have an accident. What stupid people. I think they should get new examiners in Clinton!>:(

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  13. Clinton – examiner told out of town driver to turn the wrong way down a one way street.
    It should not be too much to ask that an examiner test honestly and not take advantage of an out of town driver’s lack of knowledge of the streets. Trusting an examiner is not entrapping the student shouldn’t be too much to ask.

  14. I live close to clinton. We get so many people coming to Clinton from Toronto to try and get their licenses as it so much easier

  15. I read with interest the Toronto star report on drive tests centres and that all are not equal in their success rate. The other very interesting fact is that listed among the big cities fail rate are 3 smaller cities the one most hard to believe is the city of Clinton Ontario that probably has a population of about 4000 people yet they have a 41% failure rate for drive test centre. Another result of that could be that potential drivers hoping to get their licence have longer waits in bigger cities so book in smaller towns or it could be that the Drive test instructors use other underhanded tactics than their counterparts when doing road tests for G2 drivers. I think when you look at the high failure rates and compare it is little more believeable for a big city that has population of over 150,000 compared to 4000. Something wrong with that picture. Maybe would be G2 drivers should rethink where they take their road test as perception can be deceiving.

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