City of Toronto’s “The Daily Pothole” Website

Update: see previous post March 21, 2011 Potholes on Toronto’s Streets

Toronto City Councillor Paul Ainslie

City of Toronto’s Ward 43 Scarborough East Councillor Paul Ainslie wants the public works committee to hear him out on his idea to rid the city of potholes, one at a time.

Pothole on south side of Edward St, east of Bay Street

He will approach the public works committee on Thursday, with an idea that he discovered in New York City to rid New York City of its’ potholes.

He wants to create a website that:

  • is called “The Daily Pothole” and;
  • contains a “pothole” counter – displaying the number of potholes which are repaired and;
  • provided the amount of monies that the City was spending on pothole repairs and;
  • would allow the person on the website to report new (or existing) potholes that were in need of repair
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