City of Toronto Is Considering Licensing Cyclists

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On January 4, 2012 the City of  Toronto’s Public Works and Infrastructure Committee met to discuss the harmonization and enforcement of different City by-laws with respect to bicycle’s with wheel sizes that exceed 61 cm’s, riding on sidewalks.  The Public Works and Infrastructure Committee has referred this item to an official or other body without making a decision.

Cyclists can walk their bicycles on sidewalks, but cannot ride their bicycles on sidewalks. Cyclists cannot ride their large bicycles (wheels larger than 61 cm’s or 24 inches) on the sidewalk – violators will face a $90.00 fine

At present there are seven (7) by-laws covering the City with fines for riding a bicycle on a sidewalk, ranging from $3.75 in some areas to $85.00 in others.  These fines are based on pre-almalgamation by-laws of the former cities and boroughs.  As such, these by-laws and associated fines regulating sidewalk cycling across the City need to be updated, clarified and harmonized to permit effective enforcement to improve pedestrian and cycling safety.

In addition to simple harmonization/enforcement of sidewalk cycling by-laws and the reporting and cataloguing of these incidents, this committee is now looking on a licensing regime for cyclists. City Councillor David Shiner, a member of the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee, has requested that the General Manager of Transportation report back to the March 2012 Committee meeting on the licensing regime.

Councillor/Committee member David Shiner moved this motion in response to the concerns raised by Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair wherein, in response to questions by the Board, Chief Blair described the challenges that police officers experience when trying to enforce the provisions of the Highway Traffic Act that apply to cyclists. Chief Blair also said that, as an example, there is no licensing regime for bicycles which makes it difficult for police officers to identify cyclists as opposed to their ability to identify drivers of vehicles given that drivers are required to have a licence. Section 218 of the Highway Traffic Act (Cyclist To Identify Self) was enacted to deal with this:

Highway Traffic ActSection 218 (1) Cyclist to Identify Self A police officer, who pulls over a cyclist, whom he/she believes has contravened the Highway Traffic Act or a section of the Municipal Act, has the right to ask the cyclist to identify themselves. All the cyclist must do, is to provide their name and address. No affirmative obligation exists for a bicycle rider to carry identity documentation. The bicycle rider meets his/her obligation under this section of the Highway Traffic Act, by simply providing their correct name and correct address. If the police officer wants to generate a ticket, it should contain the same name and address provided to him or her, by the bicycle rider. Section 218 (2) states:

Cyclist to Identify Self

218. (1) A police officer who finds any person contravening this Act or any municipal by-law regulating traffic while in charge of a bicycle may require that person to stop and to provide identification of himself or herself.

(2) Every person who is required to stop, by a police officer acting under subsection (1), shall stop and identify himself or herself to the police officer.

(3) For the purposes of this section, giving one’s correct name and address is sufficient identification.

(4) A police officer may arrest without warrant any person who does not comply with subsection (2).

The Public Works and Infrastructure Committee referred Item PW11.1, together with the following motions by Councillors Perks and Shiner, to the General Manager, Transportation Services, with the request that he meet with the appropriate Toronto Police Service staff to develop a strategy for effective enforcement of the sidewalk cycling by-law and report back to the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee on or before the June 2012 meeting on the recommended enforcement strategy and the status of the harmonized set fines for the sidewalk cycling by-law:

Here is what happened at the January 4, 2012 meeting:

Motion by Councillor Gord Perks:

That the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee request the General Manager, Transportation Services, to create a database that allows the public to report and describe pedestrian and cycling conflicts and map conflict spots; and further that the database be hosted on a City web site and publicized to encourage reporting.


Motion by Councillor David Shiner:

That the Deputy City Manager, Cluster B, be requested to report to the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee on:

a.         including a referral information service to callers on how to report cycling incidents; and

b.         how 311 can log and report cycling incidents.


Motion by Councillor David Shiner:

That the General Manager, Transportation Services, be requested to report to the March 2012 meeting of the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee on a licensing regime for cyclists.


Motion by Councillor David Shiner:
That City Council request the Toronto Police Service to enhance its enforcement of the current by-laws regarding illegal cycling on sidewalks.










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